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  1. Howie liked Vinny Curry too and gave him the worst contract for a defensive lineman in the league. IN THE LEAGUE. The dude doesn't even start and he's got like the 6th best DL contract. Good lord, how does Howie have a job?
  2. This, even Kaep had a good year when things were going well. This comparison is a 5-10 year out deal.
  3. Hahaha, gift wrap ending
  4. Lol, you're such a wuss
  5. Score a td, go for 2...so I can go to bed
  6. No TD, out of bounds when caught. Wow, didn't look like TD to me.
  7. Cousins sucks
  8. Wow, you predicted a coach not succeeding with an NFL team. How difficult that must have been with most coaches staying with the same team for a decade...
  9. Has it started?
  10. Agreed, by the time he did he was in the air out of endzone
  11. Ball was moving all over the place
  12. When he finally got control he had no feet in