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  1. Bucket of water? I will just toss it out the window and save time!!
  2. Well, I just tried to do a mock draft and computer locked up. Am depressed....
  3. Sproles or whomever we draft plus Smallwood from the back field. May even draft another WR which would make a 4 WR set pretty tough to defend....
  4. I feel that they might rank 1-20 or even 1-30, but after that I am fairly certain they have groups of players equally graded in tiers. Maybe 1-30 would be as it is, than have a list of maybe 8 players next tier and 12 in the following etc..... I also feel that the Eagles will stick to this board, but grab a Position of need within this tier if one is available. Just have a hard time thinking every NFL team ranks players 1-280....... Does not make sense and is impossible to do IMO...
  5. It will be nice to see how Wentz does with some decent weapons this year. 3 Legit options at WR and 2 at TE, plus a O-Line that can protect him. Should be a much better year for him..... At least we can hope it will!
  6. HAM, I normally agree with you. Just not this time. Anyway, it matters what the Eagles think.
  7. Couldn't you apply this to any position? We should just trade all our first two days of picks for third day stud sleepers. Ham, Howard is just one example. You mentioned McCoy (2nd round), Duke Johnson (3rd), David Johnson (3rd), Jay Ajayia (5th), Jeremy Hill (2), Carlos Hyde (2nd), Devonte Freeman (4th), Bernard (2nd), Leveon Bell (2nd), Jamaal Charles (3rd)... The list goes on and on. Not to mention multitude of players drafted round 1 as SURE things that flopped! No RB in First round! They are on your roster for 4-5 years if you are lucky. Get me a stud DE, CB or even WR before a RB. 2nd round or up, I have no issue....
  8. Well, there is no Elliott in this draft. Also, you seem to forget that this draft is full of talent at the RB position. Maybe no Elliott, but a bunch of backs that could be another Howard that Chicago drafted in the 5th round last season. No to a RB in the first. But I see no reason to ignore RB afterwards. Depends on who is around when you pick I guess...
  9. here is the report on Hill
  10. Well, if Williams, Howard or Davis is there, I have no issue drafting them. If not, I would go BPA for defense. Just my opinion. Not right very often, so They probably will draft someone none of us talked about and leave us scratching our heads.....
  11. RB is one of the least worrisome positions this year but still could use an upgrade. A team should always be looking to upgrade every position,especially RB with the majority of 'em havin a reduced shelf life. If not then they're not too interested in winning a championship. That doesn't mean that you take one in 1st or 2nd Rd. Just that you should always be lookin for an upgrade,the less $$$ invested,the better. Not sayin you are wrong,just stating my opinion & you have every right to yours. RB is a very punishing position to play and most teams if they get a good one they'll ride him 5-6 yrs.till the wheels fall off & look for a replacement. Before we presume the position needs an upgrade, we should allow the three rookie backs already on the roster the opportunity and find out what we have with them. Why anyone would think that who's in this draft is a better prospect makes no sense. Not any back, even Fournette, was better in college than Smallwood, Marshall, or (especially) Terrell Watson. We had a better than average running game last year even with all the instability on the offensive line. Given the fact that LJ will be there all year, the experience the two rookie linemen gained last year, and the addition of Womack without the loss of anyone else on the OL (at this point)...and the experience all three of last year's rookie RBs gained as well, our running game will be good enough at worst. If after next year the need becomes obvious then address it in the following off season, but right now it's fine (and maybe much better than just fine). No way we do not address this in the draft. Most likely mid rounds 3-5. You cannot go into the season with Sproles, Smallwood and 2 unproven backs that may not even be good enough to make the roster. We need 4-5 on the roster...
  12. Two surgeries in 2015 for Ross, who is under 6 foot. Do not want to draft a Player with injury history in the first round! Too many times teams do this only to see that play on the DL his rookie season. I may throw a brick at my TV if the Eagles do this...
  13. I'm not making any assumptions at all, for one. I don't want Cook and I don't think the Eagles will be drafting a RB in the first round, I also never suggested they would take a RB in the first round, so I don't know where you got that from, for two. Even if Cook, Davis and Williams are gone, that still wouldn't stop them from going offense in the 1st round. While you may not agree with this, they very well could take TE O.J Howard at 14 if he's there. Before you scoff at the idea, go look at Celek's contract, plus his age, it's very likely he could be done with the Eagles after this season. Celek will be 33 in January and will save the Eagles $4 million against the cap if he's moved next year. Though, I wouldn't take him at 14, there's also John Ross, whom the Eagles have met with several times and have held a private workout with. I highly Doubt Howard will be there at 14. It has been said he is the Best TE in the draft for over 10 years. Can do it all, Block, catch, run tight routes and is fast. I do not want Ross in the first round. I want a tall WR who can contest 50-50 balls. We already have a speedster. Ross is what- 5'10" maybe....?
  14. 2 guys have gotten hurt, 2 guys and one them will likely not play this season (Jones) I wouldn't necessarily call that depleted, especially when you have Mayock saying, this class is so deep, you can get quality starters through the first 4 rounds, granted he said that before Jones and Moreau were hurt, but even with 2 injuries, it should still stand. I'm still of the belief they go offense in the 1st round and take a CB in the 2nd and was always of the belief they would end up drafting 2 CB's anyway. If Cook, Davis and Williams are not there, do you still go offense? You are making assumptions 1 of the 3 will be there. This may not be the case. We are all making assumptions for that matter. RB is so deep no reason to draft one in the first round. Since AP was drafted in 2007, the best 3 RB's taken round 1 were Elliott, Chris Johnson and Steve Jackson. All of the other great Running backs were drafted Round 2 or later. This draft is supposed to be the best RB class in at least 10 years, so why draft one in the first round? I just don't get it.
  15. All of a sudden, CB is not the Deep Position this draft. These injuries are really depleting the stock. Thinking we need to address CB no later than round 2 now. We may want to address it again in the 4th or 5th too...