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  1. I think it is impossible to predict a football draft. I would be shocked if someone got 75% picks right. I think I get around 6 correct picks and that was probably my best ever. Of course guess often enough and you are bound to get 6 out of 32....
  2. Welp, I think Tankersly is who we target round 2. Round 3 I would like to grab Reynolds, but if Jones is there I would not complain about that selection either. RB I like Mixon, but I doubt he is on their board so I am all in for Hunt if they decide to go RB, but prefer they address that position in round 4. Mack or even go after Pumphrey and sign a Vet for the goal line carries....
  3. I am not unhappy. Just surprised so many people passed on Foster. But I like to wait before judging picks if I can. I doubt I would be able to judge talent better than most anyone lol
  4. Well I figured we would most likely go Defense. I wasn't too worried about the RB. It did surprise me all 3 WR's went before our pick though. I was glad to see Ross go. I did not want him! Stine-I'm sad-I had a "hankerin" for a loaded pizza-AH well such is life Want to bet Round 3? I say WR... what say you?
  5. How about this: We draft either Tankersly, Wison or King in round 2. Round 3 we draft Josh Reynolds. Dude is a big Receiver and can score.... Similar build to Williams....
  6. Well I figured we would most likely go Defense. I wasn't too worried about the RB. It did surprise me all 3 WR's went before our pick though. I was glad to see Ross go. I did not want him!
  7. Thinking here is Douglas drafts either Tankersly or Wilson round 2. Both fit his requirements and could start day 1. If Jones is available at 99, snatch him up.
  8. More I think about it(which is always dangerous), The more I like the idea of moving back 10 spots or so. Maybe trade with TB or Denver Swap 2nd round picks and 3rd round picks plus give us their 6th rounder. Moving up in the third round would allow us to grab a starter where as staying put has no such guarantees. Plus we get a 6th that we could use to move up in the 3rd OR 4TH...
  9. Agreed MJK! If we want a starting CB and RB, we need to address CB round 2 and RB round 3. Others may see it differently and that is fine. I wonder what the Eagles Board looks like today. I would love to be a fly in their war room....
  10. Wow, lost my whole response so have to type it over! Problem is all of these so called "Experts" do not look at the big picture. Coaches do not want someone who cannot hold onto the ball. Cook will be lucky to be drafted in the third round, unless some coach thinks he can correct his fumbling issues. Take my word, NE does not have him on their board.
  11. Tankersly is one I would draft. Runs a 4.4 40 and has mad ball skills. 6'1".... Not sure King meets Swartz's requirements, but if he does he would match up well with the tall WR's...
  12. GM MJK! Hope your back is feeling better. Only issue with Jones is he won't be ready until Mid season at the earliest. I like him, but who do we play until he is ready. We do not have the luxury other teams do, where you can draft a player and let him heal.... I do love him though! Kamara is an interesting pick. I guess we will see who Douglas has when they pick. Kind of like the idea movin back a few spots to grab another pick also. We will see.
  13. BG93, Cb is one of the toughest Positions to adjust to on the pro level. That is why I want them to get one in round 2. We need a starter and not so sure there will be a starter at 99. I know there will be a starting RB at 99 so much rather take care of CB first...
  14. At Least Mixon can hold onto the ball. If they do go RB, I am OK with Mixon. Not sure he is on the Eagles board tho...
  15. I like King as well would be fine with him as our pick might be my top guy right now not sure he is there at our pick though We will see how Douglas has the board. I highly doubt the Eagles draft Cook, so if any of you guys are looking forward to it, curb your enthusiasm. Cook is a fumbling machine in college and it will only be worse in the pros. I do not want anything to do with a RB that cannot hold onto the ball. Please do not give that crap he can be taught to hold onto it! I am certain his college coach has been trying to a few years..... Much rather grab Kamara, Mixon, Perine, Hunt or Foreman and most will be available at 99.