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  1. imo, the most shocking things about that video are: 1. he's wearing a shirt 2. he likes girls
  2. dawk was a liability his last couple years as an eagle...especially against the pass. i love the guy...but it's true.
  3. 1 - i'm not so sure about that. 2 - no's just a regular kickoff. 3 - it's still a touchback...just like it would be under the current rules. just guessing...but i think that's how 2 & 3 would be handled.
  4. what do you think??? could be fun.
  5. Hey, 

    Just saw you tried to post something in the EMB group on Yahoo back in May.  I haven't visited Yahoo in a year, so I apologize.  If there was something you wanted posted, you can try again and I'll make sure it goes through. 

  6. as far as i can see, no tv scheduling conflicts between eagles & steelers this season. yeah, nepa!!!
  7. GTL ALL DAY, BRO!!! go birds!!!
  8. welcome back, jeff!!! 

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. mr_hunt


      it's ned.

      and i thought your name was jeff...are you sure it isn't??? 

    3. mr_hunt


      that's kewel, man.  some bro-ads dig shy doodes.  

    4. mr_hunt


      becky sounds like a wonderful gal.  congrats. 

  9. did you try using a new henway???
  10. yeah, they somehow managed to ruin this.
  11. on now but it kinda sucks. too much of the "expert" panel talking about the game & not enough of the game itself.
  12. boris becker!!!

  13. maybe they could edit together a "super bowl" game to make it look like the eagles won.