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  1. Have to look at the whole player Weaknesses Doesn't make many defenders miss with open field shake. Aggressive, take-on style could lead to shortened career. Struggles to elude sudden traffic at line of scrimmage. Lacks looseness of hips to jump-cut from gap to gap. Struggled with a bad ankle for most of the season. Plays through a straw. Excitable runner in need of more patience. Too quick to hit the accelerator and slam into defenders when there are still cuts and yards left in the play. Runs to obvious daylight but needs to learn to anticipate and finesse the crease in traffic. Doesn't see cutback lanes developing as outside zone runner and prefers to keep runs play-side. Throws half-hearted, grazing shoulder as chip blocker. Pass protection and routes need extensive work. Hey, he would be a great addition if the cost isn't too prohibitive, that includes the picks we'd have to give up in order to get him and how much it weakens those positions we could have filled with those picks. A few spots would be ok, a big move is simply not wise. That's as far as I go with this.
  2. True that wrang
  3. Not at his price, but Murray would fit really well now.
  4. Hahaha - we all have it figured out
  5. I'll defer back to the Lou Costello quote
  6. 1st Fournette has to make it past the Jags @ 4
  7. Mixon's not on my board so it's a non-starter for me, esp that high in the draft
  8. I had Kamara in the 2nd or Perine in the 3rd, it's a deep RB class
  9. If Fournette drops to with 3-4 it's possible, anything more it destroys our draft.
  10. I simply have more faith w/ Douglas & co there, not an atty who thought he was a talent evaluator. More points of view, more inputs - this should be a quality draft. May not meet every need, the quality will be there.
  11. We'll see what we see when we see it - Lou Costello SAID that mos ago too My cursor keeps jumping on me
  12. I could see Caf as a JMat replacement, said that mos ago. We'd still need a grinder
  13. They took Caf n the show, still a pop fan pick
  14. NFL teams will be interested in his medical checks, though, because of the hamstring issues he had throughout the 2015 season and the three shoulder surgeries he's had since high school. Cook tore his rotator cuff in high school, then tore the front part of his labrum in 2014, and the back part of the labrum in 2016. He's also had run-ins with the law, starting in high school (robbery in 2009, charges dropped; firing and possessing a weapon on school property in 2010, charges drooped) and then again in 2015, where he was charged with misdemeanor battery outside a bar (found not guilty). Injury and off field concerns are too much for me at 14 on Cook