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  1. Sounds like Long wants to be used more, Belichick didn't think he was capable. Alright for Kelly Green!
  2. Why not see what Groh can do with these guys before condemning these players? It's worth a shot for camp at least, if they don't then cut them. Yeah - even Ag, eat the cap hit but fill the roster spot, they're valuable and not to be waisted on someone w/ no future.
  3. I liked the leaper. Was waiting for a C to grab one in mid air, slam him down to the turf a basically kick the living crap out of him, would have been fun!
  4. http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2017/03/28/owners-approve-8-new-rules-4-new-bylaws-1-new-resolution/
  5. Sounds like the Vet. You've all heard the stories - potholes in the fiels, leaky press boxes, etc. I used to go through the tunnels, leaks everywhere. Listening to the stuff I DVR'd while out, the owners get the revenue from the boxes, so yeah - they want LOTS of boxes.
  6. Except for their QB Carr getting injured last season, thought Raiders were doing really well. In the end Oakland wouldn't appease them. What I'm hearing is that stadium wasn't just outdated, it was falling apart. Interested to see how they do this yr as they'll still be in Oakland.
  7. I used to have part ownership in 9 Domino's, haven't tasted theirs' or Pappas' in over 10 yrs. Did read Domino's recently greatly exceeded Wall Streets' expectations. Chicago syle? To each their own, not in this house!
  8. Don't know what Pappa's tastes like. Think there's one in Hyannis, not sure. There aren't any chain restaurants past there except a Burger King and a Wendy's - the towns all voted no more chains, keeps things local and nicer imo. Then again, lobster at 5.99/lb can actually become less special than it was in PA @ 18.99.
  9. I don't see how the salary cap keeps going up by so much each yr, not sustainable but it keeps happening. Salary bubble?
  10. Trini - I would love Hankins, just don't know where the money would come from - he's asking a lot, most of which he deserves. Good, young, hasn't reached his ceiling, basically everything we want. Being broke sucks!
  11. Thanks GB, just back and back op is May 3rd, earliest. Yeah, not doing a regular mock this yr as there are too many options. Zeroing in on a range of players in the 1st 3 rds that would make me happy. Think next draft is the last one for need - we need starters! Go Vegas Raiders! Idiots in Oakland.
  12. Unless one of the players I have pegged to be taken before us - ie Williams - should drop to us, the ones I have available are so closely ranked that I go to my next criteria which are need and depth of position. We have an immediate need at CB - have to take the highest probability of a 1st yr starter. Have to get ready to go see the surgeon, have a good one.
  13. Sorry TLaw, although I could see us going WR in the 1st, imo it would not be a wise move and Ross even less so. Willis in the 2nd is interesting after BPA/CB in the 1st
  14. The number of commercials will be relatively the same, the frequency will be lessened. No more scoring, commercial, pat, commercial, kickoff, commercial - very aggravating! They've already experimented with it and the advertisers are ok w/ it. We'll have time to get another beer and take a leak, lol! They may also go split screen during reviews.