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  1. Don't know why some want to rush Jones onto the field. A few extra weeks could reduce re-injury. He also needs 6 regular season games to accrue a yr. Calm down, there's no rush as we're not built for this yr.
  2. Good morning Stine. About the last thing anyone needs to do is feel sorry for NE! In case you haven't noticed, they don't play the draft like anyone else, constantly trading for young, promising players using their unproven, yet to play an NFL down draft picks. Still absorbing some snippets from OTA's. I would like to see a required day or 2 for everyone, not for taking reps but to get physicals ( mentals ), nutrition/training "recommendations" and heads up on playbook changes. Then they're free to stay or go. What I don't understand are guys on the bubble like MS2 not showing up, unless of course if he's already been told he won't be on the team and we save the 1.5 mill, which with his improvement last yr I just don't see happening this early. Show you want the job!
  3. Saw that too NJ. Unlike the others who got injury settlements, they're keeping Orlosky and he should be ready by camp. Will be a strange yr w/o the mid cut down, straight to 53, will be a mad rush as every team will have scouting files on every player.
  4. Good morning Ham. We? You mean Lubes as nobody else I know bothers playing that anymore. Always good to hear from TJ.
  5. TD - if we're going to have an extra "blocker", why not make it someone substantial but who is now trained to be more than a blocker? No matter who's there - a 200 lb WR/RB or a 300 lb OL who's also now a LB, they are going to have to bring in extra D, creating one - on - ones plus size advantage at the line.
  6. You got part of it Stine - Wentz and Pedey. I'll throw Schwartz in there as well - rigid and predictable or take a few pages from JJohnsons' book. Wentz did well in blitz drills the other day - in shorts and T's. Thought he was ok there last yr. Probs are mechanics, footwork, moving up in the pocket, getting thru his reads and re-setting his feet. That and being a rookie. That was the story I read TD "natural"
  7. I've been wanting that for yrs. I can understand keeping an extra guy in to help block for plays to develop downfield, help open holes for the RB etc. Then drive me nuts by using a 200 lb WR or RB when there are a few 300 lb guys keeping the bench warm. Those guys love getting the ball! Why send those squiggley guys like Sproles between the tackles so often? I can see some against the grain stuff from those guys every now and then. We now have WR's at every level, TE's, several types of RB's. Using guys in different ways is a necessity
  8. I had a hug negative going in as I smoked for 40 yrs. When the doc told me the non-adhesion probs associated w/ smoking I did my research and quit cold turkey. A lifetime of risking cancer and all the other stuff and I didn't quit until immediate reality hit. Getting the knees shot up in 2 weeks and I'm 59 going on 40 again - only better!
  9. Love that Pedey is training in several linemen to move the ball. FB on the 53 is a luxury. Have to have the b/u linemen, why just have them getting splinters?
  10. Thanks TD, the staples didn't hurt at all, actually never bothered me at all. A Bone growth stimulator greatly increases the success of the operation by increasing cellular growth and adhesion at the site. This is the one I use ; http://spinestimulation.com/doc/Spinal_Stim_Instruction_Manual.pdf Nausea vs such an increase in success - I'll take the nausea, drinking my ginger root tea as we speak.
  11. Up half the night, nauseous as hell from this bone stimulator. Turned on the dvr and it's Favre's miked up stuff, telling the refs to take 2 weeks off then quit, asking for left handed footballs and all the other stuff - still laughing! Who says this is the No Fun League? That is some of the funniest stuff ever! Some just have to be ignorant, push things too far - self centered bums . Liked the news of Lane maintaining weight - please be natural! Wish more of the OL depth was at T. I still maintain V is not ready, it's one position a pipeline would be nice.
  12. Last I read - still not sitting up a lot so it hasn't been much - is the Giants are going to have a tough time protecting Eli and they can't run the ball. All that money on their D getting wasted if they can't do those things.
  13. Love the "catching everything thrown his way" reference - was that saved from last yr and the yr before? As I said this am, he does it this yr if he wants to get paid, on the field, consistently in real, honest to goodness NFL football games. Never met him, sure seems like a concentration/mental thing. As for Washington, wouldn't be able to rent a locker if I had a choice. There's a big diff between what he's done and Lane. While we're there, some competition for future RT would make me happy as it doesn't seem V's improved from last yr.
  14. Sympathies Stine. Last I read some studies have shown symptomatic relief. I happen to have a BS from PSU in Dietetics and know quite often studies simply aren't published because there's nothing definitive to report. Spuds, glad to hear your positivity on Ag. Camp was never his problem, which for me makes it so frustrating as we know he has the talent! I understand it takes some players longer to develop and I hope this is finally his yr, or it will be his final yr of getting paid. He's costing resources not just for him but for who we needed to pay while he's developing, resources that could have been used elsewhere. Hope he can earn his keep this yr - rooting for him.