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  1. cool - drop tu us cb's
  2. Not a good OL draft and hoping for them to get taken now to drop players to us and keep them away from the rest of the NFCE
  3. Crap but expected. Hope it doesn't start a run
  4. They were just talking about him not having given up his druggie "homies". He's been telling teams he's not bringing them with him. If he hasn't given them up yet he's trouble, we have druggies here in Philly as well. Take Kamara if they want a RB now, personally would like CB rd 2
  5. If we go RB in 2 just take Kamara, who could easily have been mid 1st.
  6. Caf ( a phenom in this area ) 182 touches/fumble Fournette 77 Cook 59 and he cost them games. Add in the off field stuff and I just have a hard time taking him, esp w/ all the drops this team has had the last 2 yrs - we already have guys that can drop the ball.
  7. Yep, all the usual suspects so just waiting till 7pm, which seems to be taking forever so going to eat
  8. NP, did make me read up on him a bit, saying he'll project to DE if he improves his footwork - a project who may turn out well with an attitude adjustment. If we were talking about a 4th or later, but there are going to be some better players, better fits available tonight.
  9. Didn't say anything because my right wrist is iced, having to hunt and peck w/ the other. Don't see why you'd want a DT over CB or RB. That other guy said if out DL was good enough we didn't need to improve the secondary. When conversations go like that I just save myself the pain and frustration of typing
  10. I had Barnett in my 2nd of my only 2 mocks when the DE rumor started. Had him ranked over Garrett and some say Barnett will be more successful in the NFL. As for tonight, hoping a lot of OL goes early as did the QB's and WR's last night. Drops guys closer to us and keeps them away from the rest of the NFCE, some whose OL's took hits this OS.
  11. I liked what was offered on NFLN this am. Do something like what Mixon did and there's proof, you're undraftable, may be picked up udfa. Mixon would not be on my board so it's a non-starter for me. If you're going to have morals, you have to support them in your actions. Otherwise it leads to acceptance.
  12. The Chicago Masochists
  13. Tom Brady in the 4th would have been a reach, in the 6th he's a draft gem
  14. Was it Ross or Davis came down the red carpet and said he "looked like money coming down the stairs"? Epic fail, glad he's not here, gonna be a prima donna, me guy.
  15. Spuds should be working on getting himself a guest spot on NFLN
  16. The reason we pass on Kamara would be for a CB
  17. There were others wanting to move up to that spot senhor
  18. NP trini - we grew up w/ morals, values, to repect others and to earn respect
  19. Where'd you see B- ? That Marmaduke sound went off again, I'm seeing solid A for Barnett
  20. I was on when both of you made the pizza bet and should have gotten in - you'd both owe me! Intersting on Kamara from that Cynthia Frelund, he broke tackles the same % of carries as Cook, just didn't fumble as much. Just interesting
  21. If Jones is still there and we don't take him, it'll be due to the medical. Talent wise he's much more better.
  22. Expanding on that Wrang, he doesn't have to come off the field, good in both run and pass
  23. Douglas did mention about Barnett being a clean player and healthy as separate criteria
  24. I'm still picturing Howie trying to reach for the phone to make a trade w/ Joe sitting on him
  25. They don't have closed captioning on the press pass and GB was curious what was said. THEY SHOULD AT LEAST HAVE A TRANSCRIPT FOR THOSE WHO ARE HARD OF HEARING - GOT THAT SPUDS?