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  1. Lane will get to play against all 3 the 1st time this season
  2. Here's the rest of the Giants leaked schedule and it's brutal..
  3. Wow that's insane, there is like 10 rare cards and i believe none are football cards and i wish it had the babe Ruth or the Honus Wagner card .. i would sell in a heart beat
  4. Yup very rare like the card is named up there 1908 T206 Honus Wagner card is worth nearly 3 Million because there is said to be 50-60 made. It's crazy the next card that in value is a 1914 Babe Ruth card and its worth 517,000
  5. the rarest card is T206 1909 Honus Wagner card there's like 50 or 60 made .. wish I had 1 it's called the Holy Grail of sports cards... It's worth 2.8 Million
  6. With gronk getting hurt a bunch probably
  7. Kyle Juszczyk FB signing a 4yr deal worth 21 mil. 10.6 million guaranteed with San Francisco
  8. Nope Patriots get Allen and a 6th and colts get a 4th
  9. Lol nobody wants Cutler and that contract
  10. Everyone thinks Williams will be there is crazy, Tennessee,Arizona,San Deigo, Carolina all could use another weapon
  11. Green bay is coming to Philadelphia were Eagles have straight up dominated there opponents by 104-48
  12. That would be petite has **** Retiring cause you have to play for bad team
  13. Why would denver completely shelf there 1st round pick be stupid..And romo won't have a Say if bears offer a mid pick for him. Chicago,New York Jets, Cleveland, Could be the top contenders for Romo, i don't think Denver will not let Paxton play next season
  14. Bears could be a potential destination for Romo bext season