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  1. I think with this release there are no 2013 drafted players remaining on the Dolphins. We thought we drafted bad sheesh.
  2. one and doneeee. damn that must hurt. homefield advantage through the playoffs and gone. so glad they didn't feed Elliot a ton.
  3. Dallas fans the draft is April 27th... welcome to the offseason.... bwahhahahaha.
  4. he did that ish on the run
  5. damn that was an amazing clutch play sheesh
  6. damn what a catch this is the Cook we thought he could be
  7. Montgomery sux a blitz pick up wow
  8. There's your screen I stand corrected
  9. Kick returner has been doing dumb ish all game hope he doesn't F it up
  10. left Rogers with 35 seconds
  11. hell they may score a TD too easy
  12. let's watch this prevent defense blow it again
  13. Lee has been eating those screens up. We are going to OT