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  1. So sad, that family needs our prayers and Gods love to get through this tragidy. An old friend of mine had a towing company and was at his best friends house for lunch and while leaving the couples 2 year old ran behind the truck while backing out and killed that little boy. That happened about 10 years ago and he has never been the same. The family and him are still close and are this day trying to heal together.
  2. Dude it's a sticking game and you have some serious issues. I hope you can find happiness. Enjoy the weekend.
  3. Seriously you have to be 12 year old because you act like a kid. You play the games on your schedule. Dallas has one of the toughest schedules. Beside the last few years they have played better on the road.
  4. We'll their schedule doesn't do them any favors. We'll see who comes out ahead this year.
  5. According to Profootballfocus.com this will be the third year in a row for Dallas hosting Giants for week one. I wish Dallas would have a noon or 3:00 game on the opening week of the season. They always have Dallas playing more primetime games then anyone else in the league every year. Dallas sells.
  6. Accually Im glad this whole saga is over now. The media coverage is crazy over Romo and a lot of it just isn't very positive. Hey I understand he was a Dallas Cowboys QB that was not sucesful in the playoffs. Time to move on and let Romo do whatever he decides to do. It wouldnt surprise me to see him play again even this season. Its Dak's team now so time to focus on another great draft. Go Cowboys
  7. Yea I know but sometimes you just have to call out being stupid.
  8. Wrong, Dallas OL was not what it is now for the biggest part of his career. The whole team really didn't come together until 2014 which was his last year. Romo was a very good QB, not great but really good. He was one of the toughest players in the league even compared to Farve. We'll see how he does with CBS but I wish him all the luck.
  9. See that's what I can't figure out. These media sources know what kind of personalities would be a good fit for the booth during primetime games. Maybe he does turns out to be good but looks like we'll know by the end of the year.
  10. I have a hard time believing that his personality fits the booth. I may be wrong and he received 3 offers. I never thought Aikman would be very good either but i really like him and Joe Buck. They are the top team at Fox. I wish Tony all the best with his new career. He was a model teamate and had a close relationship with JJ and the entire organization. He took so much criticism from just about everyone but always handled himself with class. When you decide to play QB for the Dallas Cowboys you will be judged more then any other player in all of sports. Fair or not the rewards can be huge though. I read a story a few years ago about Tony and his wife. It never made main stream media because it was such a positive story. He and his wife are strong in their faith and so involved in help so many in their comunity.
  11. These teams that trade for a number 2 QB that played well while the starter was out doesn't pan out well for them. The best way to find your franchise QB is to draft a QB and if he missesdraft another. With the depth of this draft I would stay out and grab as much talent as I could. Best player available is the best way to build a team. Teams continue to build through FA every year but it has proven to be risky. With the Browns cap space and picks the next two years you would think it they are in a great place to improve but that doesn't always happen. If they make the trade with Pats QB they give them more quality picks to improve and Cleveland would most likely loss again.
  12. And we wonder why we haven't won in 30 years.
  13. No kidding that was as bad of a performance as I've seen in a while. I'de say I feel bad for him but not for the money he's making.
  14. Yea we should have cut Romo and Dak. To get rid of them in a trade we would have had to give our 1st round pick like Houston did this year. Let's trade Zeke too and see if we could get a 7th rounder for him. I hear national media talking about Eagle trading up this year for maybe the RB? Has there been any talk around philly media?