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  1. Read the report from prior to the draft. Fully consistent to where the information on the story stands today.
  2. Per the link I posted the story from those within his camp since prior to the draft was that she has performed oral sex on Conley. Now it is being reported that Conley did have sexual activity with the accuser but it wasn't intercourse. Seems like everything is falling in line with that investigative report from prior to the draft. Conley has maintained from before the draft to now thst he never had sex with her. Nothing has changed.
  3. The story hasn't changed at all though. And yes when this news dropped before the draft about a player many had the Eagles drafting I absolutely did read into it. To choose to be so ignorant isn't an excuse of ignorance, especially when you still try to speak on the topic that you have actively chosen to remain ignorant on.
  4. lol. About the level of elementary school immature response to you being proven wrong that I have come to expect from you. You don't care yet you have posted in this thread then returned again to it to quote my original post in an excellent example of your own ignorance at work only for it to blow up in your face.
  5. So let's take a look at the Ian Rapoport tweet that Mike "click bait" Florio based his story on: Consensual sexual event. Not consensual sex, consensual sexual event which oral sex can fall under. Even that yahoo link clarifies this point that consensual sexual event doesn't necessarily mean intercourse. Again you really aren't the sharpest tool in the shed. A tool in the shed nonetheless though.
  6. Consensual sexual activity is what ia being reported all over but you aren't exactly the sharpest tool in the shed so it isn't too surprising that you haven't been able to comprehend the reports correctly.
  7. Where do you see intercourse? Sexual act does not automatically mean intercourse.
  8. Nothing changing. The story from before the draft was she blew him.
  9. Yo make a prediction of your projected 51 players and create a thread about it.  It will be great.  

  10. Jury was led in a direction by a prosecution team that chose to pin it on the high profile guy in the case amongst the 3 involved. Make deals with the others if they pointed their fingers at the big fish
  11. Feel bad for his daughter. Who knows if he ever even killed Odin. There was never any evidence to show that he did, just thst he was there with the other guys involved as well. Now this makes you really think about that.
  13. Texans were able to trade Brock and his contract. If the Chiefs reallt thought that Foles was better than Alex Smith then they wouldn't have cut Foles lmao. Nick Foles better than all those QBs in your delusional head yet literally none of the teams in the NFL think so. He is a journeyman backup QB that teams have no interest in whatsoever of starting for their teams. He sucks.
  14. Jared Goff. He has potential to possibly become a good QB in the NFL. Nick Foles is who he is at this point in his career, and that isnt a good QB.
  15. Who said anything about Chase Daniel? The only people that wouls take Foles over Garappolo are delusional Foles fans. No team in the NFL has the slightest bit of interest in Foles as a starting QB.