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  1. The journey continues for the journeyman backup.
  2. They have the best defense in the division...
  3. Atlanta is going to suffer a major super bowl hangover and they lost their offensive coordinator. The Giants own the Cowboys and Green Bay has no defense.
  4. Super Bowl hangovers are real for losing teams. With the historic choke job the Falcons pulled I think that hangover is going to be especialy brutal this season.
  5. Every team has holes in this league. It is a deep RB draft and they can still target oline in free agency and the draft.
  6. Scoring and actually doing anything on offense was their problem. Now having the best trio of WRs in the NFL is sure to help with that though. They already have the best defense in the division. They grt some oline a d a RB in a deep RB draft and they will be set. Brandon Marshall is a HoF WR.
  7. Best team in the NFC East and possibly best in the conference now.
  8. Giants have to be the favorites in the division now. That is a really good signing for them.
  9. Also good to see that the Cult of Foles is as desperate as ever. He keeps failing where he goes and you people keep believing the world is against poor Lil Nicky Foles and he is actually a great QB.
  10. Oh god there is no way we could be that lucky you have the Redskins sign Foles to be their QB LMAO. That would be an immediate fix to our inability to beat them.
  11. Incredibly unimpressive.
  12. It's not a baseless opinion such as you thinking Foles is not a garbage QB. It is something that he is hearing likely through the Chiefs organization or agent or others directly involved.
  13. I'm talking about besides this thread. And also I didn't post a link to an editorial where someone who works for NFL Network was just pondering how it would make sense for the Chiefs to cut Foles. Clearly the word is getting out there that the Chiefs will be getting rid of Foles.
  14. When is the last time I have made a thread about Nick Foles?
  15. What? Click bait article? Reporter is reporting that he is likely to be cut.