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  1. Jury was led in a direction by a prosecution team that chose to pin it on the high profile guy in the case amongst the 3 involved. Make deals with the others if they pointed their fingers at the big fish
  2. Feel bad for his daughter. Who knows if he ever even killed Odin. There was never any evidence to show that he did, just thst he was there with the other guys involved as well. Now this makes you really think about that.
  4. Texans were able to trade Brock and his contract. If the Chiefs reallt thought that Foles was better than Alex Smith then they wouldn't have cut Foles lmao. Nick Foles better than all those QBs in your delusional head yet literally none of the teams in the NFL think so. He is a journeyman backup QB that teams have no interest in whatsoever of starting for their teams. He sucks.
  5. Jared Goff. He has potential to possibly become a good QB in the NFL. Nick Foles is who he is at this point in his career, and that isnt a good QB.
  6. Who said anything about Chase Daniel? The only people that wouls take Foles over Garappolo are delusional Foles fans. No team in the NFL has the slightest bit of interest in Foles as a starting QB.
  7. Just because Foles is a garbage QB that no one wants starting for them doesn't mean Garappolo os going to be one. Only the delusional Foles fans are talking themselves into the idea that Foles is better and isn't garbage.
  8. Foles looked similarly bad in 2014 as he did in 2015.
  9. I could not care less about Foles as the backup QB here except for the fact that delusional Foles fans like you will be thebfirdt to jump ship in Wentz if he goes through a prolonged struggle while you call for Files to stsrt. But my point? Ny point is you're completely delusional about Foles to think that Wentz/Foles is better than Brady/Garappolo.
  10. Unlike those other QBs Jimmy was drafted high to be groomed to be Brady's successor. And if he is traded, then guess what? He will be starting for a team while Nick Foles will continue to be a backup.
  11. Keep on with the delusional thinking. The only people in America that would say Nick Foles is better than Jimmy Gorappolo are delusional Nick Foles fans. Jimmy is going to get the chance to be the centerpiece of a frqnchise, likely the Patriots, while Foles will continue to bounce around the league as a backup QB.
  12. Continue to provide nothing of any actuap substance. Keep living in your fantasy world where Wentz/Foles is better than Brady/Gorappolo and Wentz is getting secret job offers to be a starting QB which ue decides to turn down for backup jobs on teams that he has no chance to win a starting job.
  13. You have literally no ground whatsoever to stand on.
  14. Unlike your outlandish claims there actually is evidence for this, it is the evidence of what has actually occurred and what has been reported. Keep on being a deliriously delusional Foles fan though.
  15. Because he wasn't offered a starting job. He would have taken it for starters and even if it was a situation that he would pass on a starting job (he wouldn't) then you can bet his agent would have let it be known that he was receiving starting job offers to try to drum up interest in Foles amongst other teams. No NFL team wants Nick Foles to be their stsrting QB. He has been available to sign for two years now i a league filled with teams desperate for a starting QB. He isn't good.