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  1. Id be absolutely stunned if Johnny is in the NFL this fall. Yeah sure, it would be an interesting story but the team that signs him, signs the priviledged, immature, drug addicted, woman beating, idiot who was never that good in the first place. The media backlash won't be kind. It also wouldn't be worth it. His only contact with the NFL was breakfast with Sean Payton way back during Super Bowl week. This is actually old news that's being reported the same time Sean Payton is holding private workouts with Patrick Mahomes. Free agency has come to a halt for the most part until the draft is over and the NFL media is desperate for a story.
  2. Nah... Manziel's NFL career is over. Sean Payton merely had a conversation with him and in NFL downtime, media outlets try to make something a story when it's not. Kaepernick will get a backup gig probably after the draft. Guys like RG3, Cutler, and Fitzpatrick are looking for work too. They're in the same boat. Of course, media pundits are only focusing on Kaep because he protested.
  3. Nassib is a bum. He never looked anything better than average in preseason and even got deactivated towards the end of the season. I liked him coming out of Syracuse too. He was probably my favorite QB of that draft but he's nothing more than a low end back up
  4. You opted to serve your country instead of yourself. I wouldn't call that moronic. Thank you for your service.
  5. Yeah that would have been downright absurd
  6. Way too much money. I like JPP but good God.... That's a lot of lettuce tied up on the Dline..
  7. Hey now.... Let's not be so pessimistic.. The Giants still have enough cap space to pick up franchise LT. Oh wait... they don't. You're right. Whole season is going to come down to Flowers protecting Eli's blindside
  8. Good signing. Terrific backup.
  9. Unreal. I can't believe that Pryor wasn't offered anything better.
  10. This is exactly right. The Browns have no shortage of cap room. They actually need to start spending. Paying $16 million for a 2nd round pick would have been absurd for every other team in the league but for the Browns, it's exactly what they want. They still can go on monster spending spree this offseason even with taking the salary dump and next year, with Brock presumably cut/traded or in some way mostly off the books, to go with another rise in the cap, they can sign/trade for more dudes to go along with their truckload of draft picks.
  11. I dont think it was just drinking. Supposedly the guy was a piece of work to deal with and had to leave the team to, in his words, take care of his family when his 100 year old grandmother expectantly passed. Still, the skins let the drinking issue leak out via Chris Cooley and such which is ridiculously unprofessional and instead of just firing him, they defamed the ish out of him first. Truly disgusting.
  12. They're probably expecting raises/extensions. I have a feeling that they'll be disappointed
  13. Oh I agree. My comment was meant to me light-hearted and I was including the giants in it. Howie is doing a hell of job
  14. Well to be fair, Chase was brought in to back up a guy that had an extensive injury history and to help mentor Wentz. Then Bradford got traded and Wentz ended up beating Daniels in camp. I don't see much of Foles in Wentz. Same size and build but Wentz has far more moxy, toughness, deep ball skills football IQ and overall athleticism than Foles. Foles would still be an excellent backup to Wentz though
  15. It's all about winning that offseason paper championship title.