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  1. That's exactly what I've been saying for awhile now Top running back, top deep threat, top oline, a new offensive system that DCs had not figured out yet, and a relatively unknown player. Add it all up and you've got a one wonder. It's not all that complicated
  2. Possibly but I doubt it. That first game was so unwatchable that I turned it off halfway through the 3rd quarter. I was beyond disappointed. I didn't watch again until that stunt about going into the cheerleaders locker room since I was a just a horny and naive teenager at the time and actually thought I might get to see some nudity on basic cable. Due to the product having been much improved in that game, I stayed tuned in till the end of the season and then looked forward to the following season. Too bad that stunt only worked on young horny naive male teenagers. The XFL didn't know what it wanted to be coming out of the gates. That was the biggest problem of all. Way too much crossover. At the time I liked the WWF and worshipped football. Yet I hated seeing the two combined It initially felt like watching some early filming of the remake of Longest Yard
  3. I'd say it really matters for QBs Centers and MLBs. It's nowhere near the be all end all but when we look back at some busts, especially at QB when everything else looks the part, we often notice a low wonderlic score. Even then, there are plenty of exceptions. Blaine Gabbert scored a 42 while Christian Ponder scored a 39. Ryan "Harvard" Fitzpatrick scored a 48 I'd say, if a QB scores between 20-40 he should be fine in terms of decision making abilities
  4. *Sigh*
  5. I'm going to agree with this.
  6. The people who are seen as "anti Foles" (myself being labeled one) don't hate or dislike Foles. Foles is a good guy who carries himself well and is a decent backup QB. We acknowledge that What it is, is that we had to eat ish sandwiches for daring to criticize his play in any way shape or form. Disagreeing with the notion of Foles being the next Tom Brady was seen as hate speech on here. Just a few months ago, I was still catching flack for declaring that he was a low end starter high end backup and nothing more. So yeah... We're getting in a little "I told ya so" jabs here. Wouldn't shock me at all if Reid brings Foles back on a lower deal but still, Foles since his 2013 season has been injured, traded by the guy who made him a star, benched, and cut twice(most recently by the guy who drafted him) High end backup low end starter. The "anti Foles" people have been saying this for awhile. Just now it's tasting bitter for those who thought otherwise to admit to it.
  7. I'd much prefer to give that 2nd and a late pick to Cleveland for Joe Thomas which would probably give Eli new life
  8. It's just a question of who's bench he's going to warm next. Cleveland is my guess. He may actually start there.
  9. I'll personally be much happier if they upgraded at TE. A real all around TE. OJ Howard is on my radar. While there isn't really any true caliber tackles available at the moment, it wouldn't shock me if Clady becomes available or preferably if Joe Thomas can be traded for. Not with you on King. He looks the part and had a few plays but I'll probably prefer Harris over him as a 2 and that's saying something
  10. Yep. It's what theyve been doing at FS and MLB with not so good results. Have a handful of JAGs battle it out for who gets injured/benched first.
  11. Agreed. I'd much prefer the giants keep him on.
  12. I have this really bad feeling that the giants are gonna drop the ball here and have the #2 spot be a camp battle between the likes of Robert Lewis and Tavares King.
  13. Nah... Cruz will return to pre injury form. I'll eat my hat if he does. Cruz blew out his knee in OBJs second NFL game. That's how long it's been. ..
  14. The only issue with DRC is that despite the fact that hes coming off a fantastic season, he's become increasingly injury prone. He always seems to be a little nicked up and he's 32 if I'm not mistaken. He's also making big bucks as a 3rd corner at this point. I'd much prefer a restructure of some sort than a release but it's not my call. Vareen and Thomas getting the ax would be more than fine with me.
  15. It wouldn't shock me if Cruz was brought back at a lowball deal with little to no guaranteed money but my guess is it won't happen. Even in camp, it was reported that if it were based on "merit", Cruz probably wouldn't have made the team. The injury, coupled with overcompensation injuries have taken away his pop. He's simply not the same player. Shame. As for Jennings... Yeah the running straight into the pile on every carry only to get about a yard or 2 was getting old. Especially when it became rather apparent that Perkins had far superior vision and overall running ability. Another note: Giants just cleared $10 million in cap space by cutting 2 guys who are on the wrong side of 30 and may never get full time starting roles again