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  1. LOL you are the only one doing any name calling ..... Being a idiot is not... its a statement of your delusional posts . But thank you again for proving me right ....
  2. Stupid is, is stupid does? God, you just prove my point even more .... even if I wanted ... you are too stupid to insult ..... There was no name calling, but being a delusion Foreskins fan you see what you want. This is not the Extreme Skins MB ... You won't be coddled/ babied and protected like you are over there ..... You realize on that MB they ban other teams Fans for posting anywhere but the Around the NFL ... the reason they state ... that the members are too sensitive and get upset. Again you have proven this to be correct
  3. I see egos flying with B marsh and Odella . Marshall might talk a good game but he is full of ish . Just last year he lost a bet ... cost him 100k porche
  4. .... Why are all redskins fans that come here the same . They make stupid comments based on nothing ... then when you respond they go into hiding for weeks until hopefully people forget
  5. Yes those years his crappy yards of 912 , 961 yards sucked ...... only 2 years in his career did he have horrible yards 2012 where he only played i thik 10 games he got 700 yards which also was The worst year eagles had in a long time .... same year Andy got fired before end of season .... Then his worst season Ever ... what a suprise as a redstink 500 yards but it was also 10 games but to make matters worse he only got target 49 times ... that was also a career low . So if you count those two 900 Yard pluses agaisnt him you really are an idiot . Try actually knowing something about a player instead of just reading the Exterme Thin Skins MB
  6. trying to explain something to a Redskins fan is like asking what women want . .... Who the F knows and why bother wasting time
  7. Jerry wants a big war daddy for his glory hole .... I feel bad for whoever he makes give it his way
  8. we had a early a** bye week which was BS . They need to do away with Thursday night games , hell I wouldnt mind losing Monday nights either
  9. With the Addition of B Marsh, their offense became quickly something that could be deadly. I would even dare to say has chance to be the 1# offense this year .... but I can't when Eli is still there QB. The Defense is really really good and now major changes besides Hankins. Hopefully they draft a bust for a RB , but this draft can be huge for them . Without any glaring needs after a running back. They can destroy this years draft . Maybe Im wrong but its been awhile since I team went into draft so well off
  10. Looks like Pokes start off with a big L in 2017 season
  11. We came close to the same thing with our 2nd child ..... THey even brought a priest in the baptise him . Only 2 weeks old , after the priest came in the next day he started getting better . Best belive there is a higher power in this world . Im sorry for your loss I cant imagine :(
  12. should change name of the thread to Not guilty since he found a loop hole in his death
  13. I couldnt top that if my life depended on it