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  1. Its sad when you have to explain the simple things .... They missed chance of getting Foles , They didnt get QB they wanted in FA , Miss guy in draft , Injury , they decide they want him , they saw he singed for so cheap and it works out good for them . I can go on
  2. Which is why I could see us tade Foles come draft day . Id hate that because I think he is the perfect guy to win games if for some reason he needs to fill in a couple
  3. not worth a 7th round .... maybe if Pokes trade Zeke and a mid round pick then would be worth it to take on that horrible contract
  4. Dallas made a huge mistake not keeping him . He was the best QB the Pokes had and its not even close
  5. Its funny its so hard for them to find anyone that is considered decent for the job ..... being as there is only 32 positions in the world . Nothing will change until Snyder is gone , maybe Cooks ghost haunts him
  6. how and why Mike Glennon has company in Chicago's quarterback room. The Bears have agreed to terms on a deal with Mark Sanchez, NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport reported, via a source informed of the situation. Sanchez tossed two interceptions on just 18 attempts with the Cowboys last season, appearing in just three games as Dak Prescott's backup. The eighth-year veteran has started 72 career games, posting a 56.7 completion rate, 86:86 TD-to-INT ratio and 73.9 passer rating. He's among the most turnover-prone quarterbacks of his era. Glennon is due to earn $16 million this season, suggesting he's locked in as John Fox's Week 1 quarterback. That said, he's an inconsistent passer and an unproven commodity as the starter. After watching three different quarterbacks start games in 2016, Bears fans shouldn't be surprised if Fox is forced to turn to Sanchez at some point this season.
  7. The teams that might take Kap dont need him ..... The rest dont want the PR crap storm it would bring . Johnny will get pushed through by NFL to get a chance because its a good story "IF" he really changes his ways
  8. I like the fact fans calling Kirk All-Pro now it seems ...... except they forget the fact he was a alternate for Matty ice also during a record high of players turning down the game 37 in fact
  9. THe part that was stupid was I should of went to school first then the Marines. Marines is and will always be one of the best things in my life . Thank you for your support of Vets and troops
  10. Age catches up to us all . Up until 2 years ago I had a six pack that just beer curls and pizza kept strong . as soon as I hit 35 it was not so easy ..... I was pretty active guy . Lacross , football , baseball and had scholarship for wrestling ..... but instead was a moron and went into the Marines . From that life I feel the effect daily that asprine dont always do the trick
  11. as long as he does not owe teammates money and keep his mouth shut
  12. with Allen running the show the Skins went 28-52 2010 , 2011 , 2012 , 2013 , 2014
  13. you could say that with a lot of the teams including the Eagles aka Yellow Jackets aka Steagles .
  14. On another note .... not one talks about these girls Fathers ..... Zeke did this to my daughter he would have broken hands . My daughter would have a broken tail bone so she could not shake that a**
  15. even if the browns had a god QB ... they would never give him time to develope