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  1. hold on I will look for you . I really will try hard , I promise you. But it seems hard fought to find anyone who cares ...
  2. Dont be mad you're that guy thats still living with Mom ... sure seems that way
  3. Did you notice the in the Marines they were all PFC's and LNC CPL's . THe Army was what 1 SGT rest Pvt's ?
  4. I do it just for you my friend .... Screw starting a new one . This will be the thread of all threads
  5. Seems like a lot of these top guys are having issues early .... It would be our luck that we got Mike Williams and this happens .... Im starting to like our draft more and more each day Is the Chargers' No. 7 overall pick Mike Williams already behind the eight ball? Head coach Anthony Lynn sounded a tiny bit concerned about his first ever first-round pick in Los Angeles, who injured his back two weeks ago and still remains sidelined during organized team activities. "I'd like to see him out there next week because he's getting behind right now, and we've got to get him back out on the field," Lynn said, via "If he wasn't a rookie it would be different. But he has so much to learn, and some of this you can only learn on the field." Added Philip Rivers: "Obviously, it's nothing he can't catch up on. But this to me is valuable time, especially at his position. With all of the things we ask for from our receivers formation-wise and all of the things we do like no-huddle, it would be good for him to be out there doing this." Each year we seem to have at least one frustrating, nagging injury to a potentially explosive skill position rookie with vastly different outcomes. At this point a few years ago, then-Giants head coach Tom Coughlin was agonizing over a recurring hamstring injury in Odell Beckham that eventually cost him a few games of his rookie season. He turned out to be worth the wait. Lynn now has to find the balance between getting his rookie's feet wet and keeping him in bubble wrap in case the back injury sprawls into something more serious. It underscores the tenuous situation the Chargers have with their pass catchers at the moment. With Williams falling behind, the spotlight turns to Keenan Allen, who played in just one game last year following an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tear (the season before, his year ended prematurely following a kidney issue). Should they both make it to the regular season in football shape, this has to be one of the scariest offenses in the division. If Lynn has to go free agency-diving for pass catchers this early, the coach of the trendiest team in football all-of-a-sudden has a big problem on his shoulders.
  6. LOL its reported Jonathan Allen is practicing with the 3rd team .... Oh Yeah he will be a force to worry about in the East John KeimESPN Staff Writer Redskins first-round pick Jonathan Allen worked with the No. 3 line in the 11-on-11 work. Do not read too much into it: the Redskins rotated their linemen throughout the session. Share
  7. He was the one last year .... Im wondering if he was driving and the swapped spots . You can still get a DUI from drinking the night before .... and Zeke at a club would not surprise anyone . The guy needs to slow down and make better choices . Hopefully Jerry steps in and get him a babysitter and a driver
  8. Only the browns ... so what are they trying to hide with not saying what the injury is Much like an expensive vase, or a major award, first-round picks tend to come with "handle with care" warnings. But we wouldn't consider Myles Garrett fragile, even if he's spending a day of OTAs on the sideline. The first-overall pick is dealing with an undisclosed injury that isn't believed to be serious, per the Akron Beacon Journal. Garrett could be seen laughing and smiling while off to the side working with kettlebells alongside a group of offensive linemen on Wednesday, according to The Plain Dealer. Coach Hue Jackson told reporters after practice that Garrett will be fine and that the team is being cautious. Garrett went one step further afterward, saying he will be "full tilt" next week after taking it slowly as a precaution, per the team. Browns wide receiver Corey Coleman exited the field slowly after landing incorrectly after a catch, The Plain Dealer reports. Jackson said he thinks Coleman will also be fine. It's also worth noting that Joe Thomas, a player who has never missed a start, was in the group with Garrett, and it's May. Jackson said it's nothing serious with him, wide receiver Kenny Britt, or safety Jabrill Peppers, with each also missing Wednesday's activities. Don't panic, Cleveland. Other injury news we're tracking on Wednesday: 1. Panthers linebacker Luke Kuechly is being held out of team activities with lower back tightness, and wide receiver Devin Funchess also rolled his ankle, according to the team's website. 2. Chargers rookie wideout Mike Williams remains sidelined with a lower back injury, which head coach Anthony Lynn is concerned is causing the receiver to fall behind.
  9. right , gives you Training and on Job "real life" experience . It far outweighs reading books and a peice of paper saying you passed a test but have 0 experience in that field of study . Thats just 2 of many ... Hmm another is you get pushed to the top of most companys hiring trees as they give extra points most times. List goes on
  10. This dude seems to get in a lot of crashes ..... He needs to grow up and smarten up otherwise he is going to have a short career . He crashed last year going to practice Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott did not practice Tuesday or Wednesday after he suffered a head injury in a "minor car accident" on Sunday night, the team announced. Elliott will workout off to the side of practice Wednesday as a precaution, NFL Network's Jame Slater reported. At the moment, the head injury does not seem significant given that Elliott is present and accounted for at the team facility. Due to the hands-off nature of offseason training activities and Elliott's stellar grip on the offense, it makes sense to take all the precautions necessary. The No. 4 overall pick in the 2016 draft, Elliott rushed for 1,631 yards and 15 touchdowns during his Pro Bowl rookie season. With the club already envisioning an expanded role for Elliott in 2017, there is no reason to risk his well-being during a spring walkthrough. Around The NFL will have more information on the story as it becomes available
  11. ... I went to college after but its ok you miss the point . Not suprised coming from you .
  12. We called those types crap birds and would say birds of a feather flock together. Because they seem to find each other in the military. If a turd is a turd , you cant magically turn it into gold . Military is just like a 9-5 job so of course they cant always weed out bad apples . But its also what you take from it , just like anything in life . The military just makes it easier for you to choose the right path and be a better person
  13. Riiight I eat so dam fast . My wife just does not understand.
  14. VSTroops not sure when you were in ... The thing I remember the most was trying to get that bootcamp lingo out of my vocabulary ... Like Good to Go was the worst
  15. they beat that into us even before our fresh a** boots selves touched a rifle LOL