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  1. The Browns have a stupid amount of cap room, but they must hit the NFL's cap floor, which is 89% of the salary cap I believe. I mean, they had like $92 mil to spend before FA started. Even signing Britt, resigning Pryor, and those two deals they gave to those guards, they still have an absurd amount of cap room. Taking on Osweiler's contract ensures they hit the cap floor and they get the 2nd round pick as a consolation prize. Plus, as somebody else pointed out, they could turn that 2nd rounder into more firepower if they pursue Garroppolo
  2. The Patriots FO is just Fing savage. They trade Malcolm Butler and a 1st rounder for Brandin Cooks, but it's all good because they replace Malcolm Butler with Stephon Gilmore and actually get a HIGHER first because they are likely trading Garroppolo to the Browns for their 2nd 1st round pick plus a 2nd rounder. So, essentially they move up a ton in the draft and get Brandin Cooks for free
  3. Probably soon. Apparently we should sign Jeffery, Peterson, Byrd, and Revis all this offseason
  4. Remember how many people were butt hurt that we signed Malcolm Jenkins over him?
  5. The Browns are such a terribly Fing run organization. I know we all hate fair weather fans but I can't really blame someone who is a Browns fan if they switched allegiances. Just pure garbage
  6. I like seeing guys like Brady add to his legacy, so I'll be pulling for New England
  7. Butler great coverage on Brown...just like their commercial
  8. Taylor Gabriel's story is pretty funny. Gets cut by Cleveland, signed by Atlanta. Cleveland finishes as one of the worst teams in NFL history, Atlanta goes to the Super Bowl
  9. This Ripkowski guy blows
  10. Will the Eagles draft WR Mike Evans like your sig suggests?
  11. That is hilarious
  12. This game sucked
  13. What is there to get? I'm pretty sure both Eagles and Cowboys fans are very happy with their respective rookies