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  1. Late post R.I.P Bill Great DC, DC for 6 SB teams, first to win it with a 3-4 defense before Ryans 46 D, Arnsparger ran the famed 53 defense
  2. QB- Bert Jones WR- John Jefferson S- Kenny Easley OLB- Ted Hendricks DE- Reggie White
  3. He won back to back SB's, he was the OC for the Niners when they won the SB in 1994 IIRC, he took a Skins team to the playoffs with a rookie QB
  4. I don't know the stats on their Offense that year, but IIRC they had a good OL, then add in Jamal Lewis (almost 1.400 yds rushing), Shannon Sharpe, and decent WR's and the QB's their D faced that year, none of them went to the pro-bowl
  5. 3 things to think about: 1- chemistry with a new QB, & WR's, and Murray with the OL 2- Bradford's knees 3- 3 new starters in the Sec
  6. I used to live almost across the street where that bar is, god I miss Tampa
  7. It's right off of N. Dale Mabry going north (on the left) before you get to Fletcher Ave IIRC. It's kinda hidden in the back in a cluster of shops, and restaurants, etc...
  8. There's a bar in Tampa on Dale Mabry called Bilmar Station, it gets over run by Eagle fans on Sundays
  9. Great talent,......lousy team player, cough 5 teams 3 in one year stints
  10. Really, can you show us?
  11. The PM feature needs to go, and bring back the one that dropped down when someone sent a PM to you. All this one has is a red dot the size of flea and is hardly noticable
  12. Billy Sims played for the Lions, not the Eagles