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  1. Like I said its been a long time since ive seen such bad play calling. And what about down field passes. I just dont get it. Let this kid wentz play. Run throw do whatever it takes. But its been our defence and special teams that have been winning our games. Or at least keeping us in them
  2. Dave I have been an Eagle fan ever since they played at Franklin Field. I have seen the worst and the best of my beloved Eagles. I bleed Eagle green. But I must say this by far has been one of the worst offensive play calling I can remember in a long time. Granted some players made mistakes that cost us a game if not two. But explain to me why when your in field goal range and you throw two sideline passes both for losses, which take us out of field goal range. When if he makes it. It becomes a two Posstion game with time running out. And my other problem is you have a quarterback with a big arm. And all you can throw is quick outs and short 5 to 10 yd passes. Are they affraid to go deep do they not trust there receivers. I know they drop a lot of passes but please throw some deep passes. Please get back to me and give me some answers. And I don't want to hear there young. It's bad play calling period.