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  1. Probably will be available soon, as the 2017 parking option is now showing up in our accounts, but can't be selected/purchased yet.
  2. As far as view of the field M is exactly the same as the Club Level, only without the access to the SCA club lounge on the visitor's side of the stadium (Sections C15-C27.) So Club Level, without the Club. And instead of ~$180-$280 per ticket like Club seats, they are priced about the same as 200-level sidelines ($105), face value. The M sections have access to basic food and drink: Hot Dogs, Pizza, etc. M14, specifically, is right next to C15 and if you "accidentally" go up the steps on the C15 side, you will have wandered into the club lounge and the more upscale food options. Otherwise, you have to go down to the 100 level for more variety. The M sections are usually used for group sales tickets, visiting team's allocation of tickets, etc. There's no SBL's there, and I don't think any of them are held as regular season tickets, either.
  3. There's a difference between no options and not convenient options. If you were in 201, the escalator down and walk to 109 or 134 (where Quick and Carmichael's BBQ is) would be less than if they had other options on the 200 level that you had to walk to the opposite side of the stadium for. And a few years ago, you wouldn't even have been able to walk to the other side up there, before they connected the west, south and east parts of the upper level. The north part is still isolated (and you really have limited options there, if you're not walk down to the lower level. They sometimes run out of some food items up there, before the 4th quarter.) If you're just looking to grab something quick during the game, yes, your options are going to be limited to a not great selection. In Atlanta, you can't even get to the lower level food options unless you have lower level tickets. So upper level there means no premium options like the club/suite levels AND no access to decent options from the lower level. At least The Linc doesn't shut you out, and has the Headhouse Plaza food options you can take to your seat (Atlanta's version is outside the stadium gates and Washington has no food options in their version.)
  4. It's definitely not gourmet, but this is not true, by a mile. I was down at Fed Ex field the week before and that was really bad. And when I was at the Georgia Dome last year, I was equally unimpressed. The club level has really good options and I like that they at least have 2 or 3 new stands on the 100 level every year. I do wish they would have more food trucks in Headhouse. It's usually just Prime Stach and Fry Guys (which now has a stand inside.) A hidden gem is the Asiago Cheese Meatball Sandwich at the Market Street Deli behind section 109. And the chicken waffle fries at Wing Zone (114) are new this year and delicious.
  5. Most are there because the Eagles pick random season ticket members for each game. Then there's also corporate sponsors that get them and give them out. And different contest winners. I also think some of the really premium seats/suites come with passes for each game, too.
  6. Lot P and Lot Q are the quickest. The exit routes to the Walt Whitman are in blue: Lot P: Lot Q: Q is a cash lot so unless they don't open it until the others are full, you should be able to head straight for that one. It's also part of the Citizen's Bank "no tailgating" lots which means you can't set-up tents and grills in other parking spots but can set-up some chairs by your trunk and chill. Not sure how much they enforce it, though. P allows tailgating, but I've never parked there and not sure if it's a cash lot or semi-reserved like M/N and the Wells Fargo lots where you can buy parking ahead of time as a season ticket holder.
  7. Yes, steal of a deal for the price and a must-do for any Eagles fan visiting from out-of-state.
  8. For Cav's, did you already buy a ticket, or do they sell them day of?
  9. Last year times for 1pm games: 6:00am - FDR Park, Wells Fargo A-H and Lot M,N & P 8:00am - Lot K 10:00am - Citizens Bank Q-X 10:30am - Lot L & J This year (at least for season opener): 6:00am - FDR Park, Wells Fargo A-H and Lot M,N & P 8:00am - Lot K, J, L 11:00am - Citizens Bank Q-X Citizens lots are technically designated as "no tailgating." Even though people set-up in there, it opens later because there isn't supposed to be tailgating and they try to time it so traffic goes to those lots for cash parking, after the others fill up.
  10. 107 goes back to Row 48. Rows 1-27 is the original section of 107. Rows 31-48 (there is no row 28, 29, 30) were added in 2014. From a vantage point perspective, that new part of the section is actually alongside the height of the lower suite level that runs along on the sidelines, but instead is in the corner (and right above the Eagles tunnel.) Definitely not an obstructed view and with it being a preseason game, there will plenty of empty seats in and around your section to move to, if you want.
  11. If there's a particular section you want to sit in, get there by 8 when the outer and inner gates open. If not, no rush. There will be plenty of seats in the lower level. Autographs are easy for Eagles alumni. They will have autograph booths set-up around the stadium with different players rotating in. They usually give you a map when you walk in of where to find all the activities. There are other things for kids like face-painting, photo booths and last year they had 4 or 5 inflatable bounce houses and obstacle courses. Autograph's from current player are rare. Maybe if you're by the Eagles tunnel or something, you might be able to get some players coming over to sign for a few people. Will be there, too. Already was going but my son won a Kids Club contest and he'll get to catch a TD pass from one of the QB's after practice and we get sideline passes to be on the field during practice
  12. I wouldn't even mind the prices if the variety were a little better. By the 7th home game, I feel like I'm eating leftovers.
  13. Last year it was food and drink, a draft board and an Eagles cheerleader to assist with putting names on the board, etc. It was also taking place during the last preseason game, in NY, so you got to watch the game on the TVs in the suite. This year's date is not during the game (because the last game is at home.)
  14. If you already have an account with the Eagles (season tickets or on the waiting list), just log-in and go to "Buy Packages/Tickets." If you don't have an account, just join the Eagles season ticket waiting list here. That process sets you up with an account and you'll have the same early access season ticket holders have to buy things like the fantasy draft suite, the Spotlight Forums coming up, etc. The Spotlight Forums in July and August, before the public training camps, are well-worth the $18 ($15 + $3 service fee.) You get to park in lot J, don't have to wait in the general admission line, hear some football talk from Eagles alumni, enjoy free donuts (or pretzels), get a couple of autographs, take home a poster and get early entry into the lower level seating on the Eagles sideline. And they also usually do some random prize raffles during these, too.
  15. Yes, but $100 more than last year. $600 for a suite, on August 29th.