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  1. Long should be able to replace or get close to the production Logan had I think.
  2. Still need to hit on 3 of our picks
  3. Should try to work Lames contract down now that he has no guarantee and is under our control for the next few years. Could be a way to free up some more space but at this point , think we are done with signing FA unless it's bodies for a 90 man roster
  4. Should be interesting to see who sticks.
  5. Not sure Id like taking Cook in the 1st if he is there when we pick. Three shoulder surgeries on an area that will get hit a lot and even harder at the next level...no thanks.
  6. If we could land a stud DE to be opposite Graham, that should take some serious pressure off the CBs.
  7. We know we need two starting CBs as I dont think Mills is a answer to one of the starting outside CBs.
  8. Going to have to answer that in the draft at this point.
  9. The defense though looks to need some serious work. We know we need at least 2 CBs, one that can do well in the slot also, DE and possibly another LB. We will see what Wentz is made of in the shoot out type games. Lets see what the draft has in store.
  10. The offense should be really good. Need to find that dynamic RB and we should be set.
  11. Seriously you are going to say Watkins provides excellent depth?!?! What games were you watching last year when Watkins was constantly out of place and not giving the needed help just to watch our CB get burned. Im sorry but we need a good back up safety and two good starting CBs. The defense this year is going to be tough. We know the draft has to bring at least two CB and DE along with probably some LB. Going to be interesting thats for sure. We will be in quite a few shoot out games this year with the current state of the D.
  12. Better player sure, but Daniels has spent more time in Doug's offense so there is no way Wentz knows everything that Doug wants to do yet. As for which one if something happens to Wentz then yea Ill take my shot with Foles.
  13. If Daniels deal wouldnt have been as big of numbers I think Id rather have kept Daniels, just to give him one more year with Wentz. Doug cant talk to Wentz but Daniels can during the offseason. He could have continued to teach Wentz whatever he could have. I know Wentz is super smart but couldnt have learned all there is in the NFL in just one season full season and one off season. But excited to see this team going forward!
  14. Liking the signings. Wonder where we stand with talks with Logan? Heard he was willing to talk a one year deal, so can we get him to one year when we might have more to money to sign him to a longer term next year. Still could depend on what we might want to do in the draft.
  15. Moves I don't think a lot of us saw coming. Got Wentz some weapons and will see how Chance improves the oline.