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  1. this kid seems like he has his head screwed on right, I will be routing for him
  2. key drops especially from Agholar cost them games period. one contested ball he just let the defender have it, didn't even hardly reach for it. youcan call it excuses if you want, but I watched the season, Wentz played really well , 75% of the time. some losses were also on the playcall of the other rookie, Doug Pederson, go for 4th and short a couple times well within field goal range, in one game and don't make it and lose by 1. just sayin. Wentz is going to be better because he has better ppl around him. and it doesn't hurt that he went to the QB guru in the offseason.
  3. Good article Spuds, but you didn't finish.... What is next? I think the Defense is in better shape than most people might think, mainly because the front 4 are going to be in QBs laps all the time, making them pay if they hold on too long to try to get it deep. Yes the corners could improve from last yr, but I believe the front 4 will take the pressure off them quite a bit. Overall, I would be good with the Eagles not getting anymore players, but if they do, they should go CB or LB, but they have some young talent there too to be tested. I think, and hope this is going to be a really good year for the Eagles, should be a ton of fun to watch. GO EAGLES!!
  4. The Eagles really stocked up on weapons on the offense, on paper they look really tough, I hope that translates to the field.
  5. Why would they keep 5 RB's? My guess is, they keep 6 WR's, 4 RB's with 9 O-Lineman and 2 QB's. That's 21 offensive players. Could see 5 and 5 here-just sayin that doesn't count the TEs, and pretty sure they are keeping 3 there.
  6. GL give em what you got.
  7. can't wait to see him on the field.
  8. If he doesn't play at all this year, I still think it was a good pick. I think he is going to be a very good corner in the NFL, and the Eagles doctors are VERY good, they seem to think he should fully recover. speaking of injured players we didn't get to see much of McAlister, or that LB from last yr(name is illuding me atm.. joe walker ?... )
  9. Best draft of all the teams...??? idk about that, but they did have a really good draft IMO. I can't wait for preseason to see what they got.
  10. I don't like RB by committee but it is just what they do , most of the power backs, want a min of 20 touches a game, and often they get better as the game goes on. If they only get 10-15 carries, they can't seem to get in a rhythm, and therefore don't work in that type of system. this year people will look back and say , oh carson wentz got so much better, and oh the Eagles run game got so much better, and it really isn't that ... The WR got so much better, and Lane is in all season. running game will be fine.
  11. I saw Wentz went and mingled with the crowd, and got to see the BEST side of Philly, they are passionate about football, they are passionate about the Eagles, and as messed up as they can be at times, no one screwed it up! They put on a grand show and all went very well, excellent even. Glad to see my Hometown area has class. Hoping, and expecting a good year, GO EAGLES!!!
  12. Yeah,I was just checking it out here Prisco's NFL Draft Grades for all 32 teams: Five earn 'A's and two fall short with 'D's - I think it was a good draft that could turn out to be an excellent draft. Barnett will start, all signs point towards a full recovery for Jones. If so, then the Eagles may have gotten a steal. Douglas will probably start..the 2 WRs have a good chance to beat out DGB and AG, not sure about Gerry, but that DT is a big, athletic boy, and Jim Schwartz can find a use for him(maybe not a big role this year) Building for now and the future, I would give them an A, I do think the Cowboys had a good draft too(BOOOOOOOOO) but would be surprised if the Eagles weren't contending for the NFC east at the least. Overall, happy fan! FLY EAGLES FLY !!!!!!
  13. Not sure about that honestly sure we will have some vet options as insurance but would not be shockef at all to see us go young either.....Smalls,Sproles,Pumphrey, Watson/Clement as the 4th option I do not like those options for 4th and short or goal line. we need another back that can get those tough yards... Or another center that can shove his man forward. Tom Brady can get those third and ones or 4th and ones by himself with their center. The Eagles don't generally have a power run game, for years I wanted them to go one main back , and one change of pace and a back up, but they tend to have 3-4 rotate in ...last year we had Sproles Smallwood, Barner , and Matthews, all splitting reps, and there were a couple more that got touches... well I will keep wanting, they have all these small guys, and none of them are 25+ carries a game guys, except maybe the injury prone Matthews. Don't get me wrong, I love Sproles, I think he is more of a hybrid rb/wr, and hope this new kid can be too, But I don't recall the Eagles having an effective Bell Cow Back anytime recently.(Murry would have counted if he was effective) It just isn't the system they run. :-/ I wouldn't mind seeing a couple QB sneaks like Mcnabb used to do on 3rd and short.(now would expect it on 4th and short with Doug's record for going for it. )
  14. I think it was less of a risk than most fans think. the eagle's doctors are top notch, if they didn't think he would make a full recovery, he doesn't go to them there. Round one talent in round 2, just have to wait for him to get healthy.
  15. I would grade the Eagles with an A 2-3 players that could impact this yr. another that is sure to impact in future years.