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  1. I am really interested to see McAlister , and Walker, injury took them out before we could find out much. It would be nice if they turned out to be good help at DE and LB respectively.
  2. Did you even read the article?about the foles I remember... I was mad when they traded him. 14-4 in his last 2 yrs as a starter in philly. the only place he really struggled was with the Rams, and they continue their struggles. Foles is a far cry better than Daniel, and cheaper. He makes a great back up, in a system that is fairly familiar. "Foles served as the backup to Alex Smith. In three games (one start) with the Chiefs, Foles was 36-of-55 for 410 yards with three touchdowns and no interceptions, and a 105.9 passer rating." so KC was a little foolish to just let him go if you ask me... that sounds like a pretty effective back up QB.
  3. I don't see chase landing a starting gig anywhere, but he made some really good money for mentoring Wentz. He shouldn't be too disappointed.
  4. I saw Matt Barkley get signed, and was thinking"Foles is a ton better, WHY?" well, I don't care why now, GREAT to have him back in Philly as a solid back up(More solid than Chase, if you ask me) He had a decent amount of success with the Eagles before Chip gutted the team. ( I literally was going to buy a #9, a #25, and #10 jersey before the start of the next season) Welcome Back Nick !
  5. Just plain AWESOME !!!!! :-D I don't know what else to say, the Eagles have made great moves 2 yrs in a row, and are not even done this yr... tough division or not, I think the Eagles are primed for post season play.(need some CBs though)
  6. Carson Wentz has to be smiling from ear to ear. One beast RB away from a complete offense. I know this is working out better than I envisioned. Top need now is CB, and that is a good thing, because the draft is DEEP in CBs. I really expected a quiet free agency from the Eagles, with the low cap room, but they pleasantly surprised me.
  7. Howie, and company just shock me how good they have become... now... do they pick a CB first in the draft, or go for one of the young stud RBs. I think the CBs are deeper, but either way the Eagles are looking better moment by moment . I am a very happy Eagles fan.
  8. This is a Huge bummer, but I knew it was going to happen. Thanks for everything Conner. I wish you luck, just not against the Eagles.
  9. @ 5 mil a yr, I think he will be worth it. I still expect the Eagles to pick up a WR in the draft, but maybe not 1st round now.
  10. I hope that they can move Barwin(love him, but he don't fit the system) and get one of the more needed positions filled. Chase would also open up some cap room. I think they can fill most of the holes with a draft that is deep in CBs, and RBs... and semi deep with WRs. After seeing teams scramble this yr to try to find a QB(not even a franchise one) I am very glad the Eagles reached(yes I said it... they reached) for Wentz last yr. They need the top WR they can get, then might even move around some with second pick and that 4th rounder from the vikes to go up and get a better CB too. I don't see many good deals in FA, so ROCK THE DRAFT HOWIE !!! GO EAGLES!!!
  11. This RB Ben Cunningham from the Rams, sounds like what the Eagles need at that position, then they can focus on WR, and CB in the draft... As far as Drafting a QB every yr. I wouldn't unless you trade Chase, then it would be smart to, and maybe pick up a decent vet back up too.(like nick foles)
  12. I am on the fence on CB or WR first, FA might fix that, but in the meantime, I think they are both big needs for the Eagles, and I think CB is a little deeper in this draft,
  13. There were several play calls that were questionable, most I understand why, usually confidence or momentum, but when those plays fail, it goes the other way, Bold calling has it's time, but should not be placed ahead of smart calling.In all fairness though sometimes it was the right play and not executed properly. Moderation is the key, kind of like trick plays, if you use them a lot they lose value. With the Lane suspension, and starting a new QB, along with a few injuries, and some unexplainable drops, I would give Doug a B- ,I would like to see him bring that grade up this yr. Howie Roesman gets an A+ , he would have a hard time impressing me more with how everything worked out with the draft, etc, getting Wentz, and getting back a round 1 pick(which was huge because it is in Philly this yr) I think the Eagles are closer to post season or better results than most people think. Really looking forward to the rest of this offseason, with FA, and the draft, and even more so, seeing the Eagles soar next yr. FLY EAGLES FLY!!!
  14. last year , statistically, (w/l) the Eagles had the toughest schedule in the league, and something that went unnoticed by many, they faced 3 teams coming off the bye week, 2 of them division rivals if I remember correctly... might have to fact check myself. along with the very early bye week , I don't think they could possibly get shafted as bad as last yr, so I look forward to seeing the actual schedule.
  15. going back and reading these comments, ARE YOU PEOPLE NUTS, Carson Wentz is very good already, and could be great. One of his picks, because he dares to throw the ball down field, was intended for N/A Nelson Agholar, he didn't even contest it and the defender had an easy pick...Yes EVERY QB throws a bad ball once in a while, but if it's not even contested, WTH. Dropped passed, some poor play calling by the rookie coach, and they could have easily won 3-4 more of those games. If you think he had poor QB play , then you haven't watched the games,.. not perfect, has plenty of room to grow, but is far better than many other QBs in the league. I also expect him to make a leap, this kid doesn't let success slow him down from getting better.