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  1. Well, the crazy thing is that Hernandez, from what I've read, had a pretty good childhood. His issues started in college and when he went back to his old neighborhood. The thugs he ended up befriending used to kid him about the nice life and upbringing. It's almost like he needed to prove to scumbags how tough he was.....
  2. It always makes me wonder what makes a guy turn to crime when he has so much going for him.
  3. How in the world do you come up with "he's not a good QB"??
  4. The snap count is entirely on the offense, so there is no unfair advantage.....a defender's leap has to be timed just right, clear the lineman and make the block without hitting the kicker. There is absolutely no advantage to the "leaper". It's a super athletic play that has a much larger potential for failure than success. Again, you're ignoring the fact that leaping happens all the time, with guys moving a lot faster than over a center. This rule is ridiculously inconsistent with the other things going on in the game. When a RB is running a DB dives at his legs, he leaps and everybody declares how great it was. Sometime the DB gets a foot or a knee to the head and nobody is whining about it. The rule is inconsistent and stinks of some idiotic reason that somebody got in their head and then hiding behind the "player safety" nonsense.
  5. What valid reason?? Nobody has been hurt doing it. There is a penalty in place if you make contact with the lineman. I can't believe you said it's an injury waiting to happen....just like every play I mentioned before? Leaping tacklers, diving over blockers, goal line dives by RBs and goal line defenses? Give me a and the NFL are looking for injuries that haven't happened and the play is no more dangerous than what is going on already. You're defending this despite no injuries being caused but somebody can IMAGINE an injury. Are you kidding me?
  6. All strategies come with a gamble.....And I guess we'll just disagree, I see absolutely no reason to outlaw it.....player leap over other players all the time....RB and WR have done it, pass rushers have leaped over blockers, RBs leap over a goalline scrum with linebacker leaped to stop them......But a defender leaping over the line to block a field goal is somehow more dangerous? Again, these rule changes are ridiculous and narrow minded because somebody got a burr under his saddle.......
  7. That's pretty funny. I understand completely why teams don't want kaepernick......the guy is a lousy QB.......1-2 look guy who gets happy feet. Still can't read defenses, gets confused and makes too many mistakes. Not to mention if I owned a team, I wouldn't want a guy who disses the flag and the country while representing my football team.
  8. Pros are the highest level......and rule changes like this are simply an effort to appear to make the game safer, which is really doesn't. There is a rule already that if the leaper touches a lineman, it's a penalty. Instead of making the leap illegal, strengthen the penalty. Create a bigger deterrent instead of eliminating a strategy and falsely claiming player safety. In my opinion, they have moved in the right direction by moving the extra point back and making it a strategic decision to go for 2. Losing on a FG, which has a relatively high percentage of success, should be made harder. Make distance a scoring factor.....with the changes in pass defense penalties, it makes it too easy to get into field goal range. But, that just another opinion......probably will never happen.
  9. Has any kickers or placeholders been injured during a play like that? I honestly can't remember any......
  10. You've got to be kidding me.......dangerous? Have you ever played football? The whole f----- game is inherently dangerous. These idiotic rule changes are ruining the game. How many guys have been hurt leaping over somebody? this is the kind of bullsh-- that people say, "safety sake", that cause rule changes that don't change a f---- thing except make it appear that "something is being done". the game is being changed for the worse....... These rule changes are made to make goodell and the owners look like their "concerned" for player safety and the media pressure lessens. They're going to ruin this game in about 10-15 years because of the ridiculous rule changes...... Sorry about the rant........too much coffee today.
  11. Interesting question......because head coaches have so much influence on the performance of a QB, If I were taking a guy in his prime, it would be Peyton Manning because he was an offensive coordinator on the field. Or Steve Young.....because it's likely he would have to scramble alot, and he did so much out of the pocket. But, since offenses take longer to develop, I would start a team on defense, so I would take Ray Lewis.......his talent and his leadership inspires others to overperform. His passion was infectious......He would bring swagger and identity to a new team.....
  12. Prescott is the real thing. Plus Garrettt is a very good QB mentor.....he'll continue to bring Prescott along. Prescott is in a great position for a young QB. Good line, good RB, good WR.......I don't thing prescott falls flat...the only thing that could hamper his development are injuries and some injuries to that line. But every QB has to deal with that.
  13. If Mayock is a serious candidate......he should demand top dollar to deal with that atrocious organization......
  14. I think Foles would be a perfect backup for Wentz......and cost less than Daniels. Obviously, Roseman has some things up his sleeve, maybe this is one of them.....
  15. It doesn't mean all that much depending on the offense the runs and the level of talent around them. An idiot could have run the steelers offense in the 70s when you have a HOF RB, 2 HOF WRs and 2 HOF linemen. Not to mention multiple HOFs on defense and all you have to score is 12 pts to win a game.