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  1. R.I.P. Mr Rooney! Perhaps Mr Lurie can learn a thing from Mr Rooney and keep Howie out of the draft room?
  2. ONLY if Howie and more importantly Lurie has learned their lesson and thus Lurie tells Howie to keep his mouth shut! I'll believe it when i see it!
  3. Go Steelers! 1. Hate Cheaters 2. Dallas hate/jealousy with Steelers. Steelers winning another SB wont sit well with alot of Cowboy fans! 3. From PA like my Eagles. 4. I REALLY don't want the cheaters ( Patriots ) to share bragging rights for most SB wins etc.. Them and baby Brady can suck it!
  4. Need top shelf WR, OL, and CB. Just firing the WR coach is not it and Howie sure as hell better not think that is just the solution to our WR problem either. Mr Wentz needs weapons and added protection. THAT is first priority!
  5. Get a top notch wide receiver and i'll believe Roseman. Next is another linemen ( we saw the importance of this when Lane was gone ) and lastly a cb who can defend the backfield which is gonna be a must with the emergence of Dallas etc.
  6. And he shouldn't. That OL is vital to the success of Wentz and our running game! We saw the difference without him! We should find another to back him and sure it up along with getting a top notch WR. Then on D side some help is needed in the backfield at CB.
  7. WITH Lane in sure but without? We ALL saw them get exposed and watched in horror as Wentz took a beating. We NEED more OL talent. Wanna win the SB? Give Wentz a top shelf line along with a deep threat WR and some CB help on defense and watch it happen! Thus the short of it.
  8. The offseason will tell it all. ALL know what this team needs and thus a deep threat WR ( Besides Jackson ), CB, and OL help so we never have to go through what we did when Johnson got suspended. A good OL is a MUST HAVE for Wentz and this teram to be successful! Lurie better spend whatever it takes to have the best guys to get those pieces we need come FA and draft day! Howie better get wheeling and dealing! NO MORE EXCUSES Mr Lurie!
  9. For the sake of Wentz i sure as heck hope that doesn't happen! We MUST build ( via the draft ) around Wentz with some additional WR help, line help and a little help on the D side with a CB for starters. The LINE is the most important piece of the puzzle that needs to be dealt with first! Need a deep threat and JACKSON IS NOT IT! You hear that Howie? Need to draft a top shelf WR and if you can also get Jackson on the cheap then fine.
  10. I thought Dak did decent all things considered! Looks like we may finally have a more competitive east again down the road! Our division has sucked for too long!
  11. . Says the punk fan of a franchise who hasn't been relevant in 20years! Lol
  12. Baby Brady lost! Suck it! Lol
  13. If from PA then you also have that going! That and the hate with the girls is why they have been my #2 go to team!
  14. Agree that I to am glad we have not made a similar deal but at last check they do own a SB ring unlike this embarrassment of a organization who has NONE! So let's be careful with the trash talking about those who have won it all TiLL we can do the same!