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  1. Fun Fact: A young Mel Kiper had a job lined up with Ernie Accorsi in Baltimore before Accosi left due to the owner's Elway trade fiasco. Kiper > Mayock
  2. Stupid public behavior given his history, but Florio went completely overboard with the description of what happened.
  3. How I know that sports reporters aren't very smart: Most believe that the Texans won the Osweiler trade. They simply don't understand what happened.
  4. Is there anything to the Deshaun Watson to NYG talk? Honestly, I hoped there is not. I'm usually more concerned with measurables and things like that, but anyone who dominates Alabama twice in the biggest games of the year can play on my team any day.
  5. Eagles Fan #1 - 30 TD and 2 INT for a season is pretty good. Eagles Fan #2 - Yeah, but he took over for Michael Vick. He's not cool. F that guy.
  6. Dumb quarterback's chances of NFL success are EXTREMELY low. This is one of the only truisms in all of sports. Every year I love seeing people trip over themselves (usually with logic fallacies) to disprove what we all know to be true.
  7. What the Hell is Cousins' problem? They've done right by him since Day 1.
  8. Is Bob Costas a pompous a**, or what?
  9. If the Deadspin article is accurate the guys got what was coming to them. Stop stalking people people just because they're famous. That being said, beating the Hell out of people is a crime.
  10. You do realize that by questioning Owens' raw talent you are implicitly ackowledging that he must have been one of the hardest working, self-made players in NFL history, right? We all know that he dominated many, many football games.
  11. I'd take John Elway 1.1 I have to go QB and Elway is everything you'd want in the most important position In sports.
  12. C'mon, man. You don't believe that. Those two sentences are not mutually exclusive.
  13. I caught that autocorrect error before you posted. Big Fing deal.
  14. Every time I heard John Lynch on a broadcast I wondered how the Hell he could have been good at football. This has nothing to do with Matt Millen. Lynch will fail because he doesn't understand the big picture.
  15. Again? I hadn't seen him play at a high level since his second-to-last year of college. that being said, I hope he recovers and is able to move forward.