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  1. You are welcome.
  2. And? Everyone knows baseball sucks so who cares what they do.
  3. I prefer the way Barry Sanders celebrated.
  4. Other then legal prostitution what cant you do here that you can do there?
  5. Don't forget about turnovers Philly - 26 Giants - 25 Washington - 21 Dallas - 20 Or yardage allowed Giants - 5435 Philly - 5484 Dallas - 5503 Washington - 6046 Or how about First Downs Allowed Giants - 298 Philly - 300 Dallas - 330 Washington - 368 Washington was very bad last year on defense and was the worst in the division. Dallas has a pedestrian defense that is sheltered by a very good offense.
  6. Of course some are tuning out because of the protests. What people, like myself, have been and will continue to argue is that the drop in ratings had very little to nothing to do with the protests. They really had very little impact on that. The two biggest factors were the election (which there is a precedence for) and the fact that ratings are down on almost every single facet of television and this is pointing to a change in American's viewing habits. It has nothing to do with politics and the dumb labels that people are trying to place on each other. I swear this country has completely become brainwashed by those in power who have forced down the throats of the American public that Conservative and Liberal are dirty words and should be used at all times to put down those that do not agree with ones view. We are all Americans not some stupid label.
  7. I just read up on this. If this actually comes to fruition and we can use the Philly zip - I am so gone and using this service.
  8. Vue is better because it does not use your Local IP to dictate the channels you get. With Vue, as long as you sign up online, you can choose Philly for your local market and you will get all the local channels. Also it seems to me that the quality is better on Vue. With that said, I am now looking to go back to Directv and probably keeping Vue. It was great to pay only 40 bucks a month with no rental fees or other nonsense, but they just cut all the Viacom networks, which means no more Nickelodeon, which means not very happy kids.
  9. When dont they hold?
  10. Liberal or not, it is not the protests. Not to the level that 'protesters' want to make it out to be anyway.
  11. So this poll was based off of 841 people that actually answered their phone to do a survey? All these 841 people who actually picked up their phone to a private number and actually stayed on long enough to answer a survey. This is why I hate survey's and they should never really be used in something like this. They are all skewed in one way or another to get an answer. The one question that they forgot to ask is - Do you watch football or have you ever watched football? If you have watched football and stopped, what is the reason why?
  12. It wont be because of game 5 of the World Series, especially if one of the teams are up 3-1.
  13. You have to add it to your favorites and then go to your favorites section and select the game from there. You can pause, fast forward, rewind, ect. However, if you do it on live TV it only buffers for 5 minutes or so. I completely dropped cable all around and now all I have is Vue, Hulu and Netflix. Between the 3 I get everything I need for a much cheaper price then what I was paying before.
  14. JaMarcus Russell says hi. Let's put it like this - he is so terrible that he wrote an open letter to all 32 NFL teams saying that he would play for free and nobody even looked in his direction.
  15. Here is a quote directly out of there - Digital Era Continues to Grow: The 2015 college football season continued the increasing trend of fans watching games through means other than just their televisions. ESPN’s streaming service, WatchESPN, saw per game increases of 54 percent in average minute impressions, 38 percent in total unique viewers and 53 percent in total minutes viewed. Factoring in both the regular season and bowl season, seven of the top 10 most-streamed college football games ever occurred during the 2015 season and all 10 have occurred since January 2015. The second CFP National Championship, presented on multiple streams through the ESPN Megacast, ranked as the best game ever on WatchESPN across all major metrics, excluding the 2014 FIFA World Cup. The game experienced increases of 23 percent in average minute impressions, 38 percent in unique viewers and 32 percent in total minutes compared to last year’s inaugural game. The NFL is missing out on the change of viewing habits of Americans and that is why the ratings are dipping. MLB and the NBA have known this for years and provide packages directly to their customers for that. The ratings dip has everything to do with how we are watching TV now. Does the NFL take into account games streamed on Verizon Wireless? Playstation Vue? SlingTv? I doubt it.