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  1. Absolutely take this tour! It was an incredible experience. Seeing the locker room and watching the equipment team placing the jerseys in each players lockers, going up into the press box and suites, and expierencing the same walk and hearing the same music the players hear as they walk onto the field. It was almost like a dream especially for someone like me who has never even been to the stadium before.
  2. Amazing post man. I'm making the pilgrimage to philly tomorrow for the weekend. Looking forward to everything you just mentioned.
  3. Sorry I'm just seeing this, I messaged them on Facebook and they said it's cool to just pay when we show up.
  4. My girlfriend and I have tickets to the Saturday tour at 1200. I think there is one at 1 as well. You can YouTube Lincoln financial field tour to see how it is
  5. I bought tickets in section 235 above the north end zone after reading this thread. Y'all made it sound pretty appeasing! Hope it's worth it.
  6. My plan for my first tailgate is to go with Cavs philly tailgate or the Green Legion. They both offer like a $40 rate for all the food and beer you want. It's perfect for a rookie like me.
  7. Vikings for my first game at the Linc. Mainly picked it because I'm originally from the south and not very interested in any games under 50 degrees.
  8. That's awesome! My girlfriend and I are making our first trip to the Linc for the Vikings game too. NUMBER ONE thing you should plan out is going to ticket and searching Lincoln Financial VIP tour, they take you into the locker room, on-field, press room, sky boxes and everything, for $10, I cancelled my plans at the Art Museum to fit this tour in. We are staying at the DoubleTree in center city because there is rap concert on that Friday night that we want to go to, probably just spend that night drinking and partying. Saturday will be the sightseeing. We will go to Terminal Market for breakfast, then the liberty bell, then the tour and probably one of the tourist cheesesteak stops, I'm thinking Pat's. Tailgating with Cav's Philly tailgate. It's $40 with unlimited food and beer and live music, I recommend it for people like us who may not know a lot of local tailgaters.
  9. Also, thanks for the advice about the stadium tour, I really thought it was just a preseason thing. I just got tickets for that too.
  10. Awesome info! Thanks, I'm planning my Saturday around everything you just mentioned now.
  11. Thanks for the reply. I was looking into a stadium tour but I couldn't find one for the time frame that I'll be there, I assumed it was just a preseason event. So we are staying at the Double Tree on Broad st. Which seems to be in walking distance to a lot of things so it's looking like I'll be able to have that same expierence you did. Right now the anticipation is just killing me!
  12. I have basically become obsessed with planning my trip to Philadelphia on Friday 21Oct16 and I'm looking for some advice from regulars on where to go, what to see and do prior to the game on Sunday. I was born in NJ and lived in Glassboro for a few years, but raised in New Orleans, so I had to deal with that Saint's BS for about 18 years. So I'm finally making that pilgrimage to Philly to. For now the only plans I have are tailgating, which I plan to do with Cav's in Lot N (any positive or negative feedback on their party?) also is there only one way to access the "Upper N" lot next to the 'Jetro' building? and what time do you recommend getting in the parking line before gates open? I'm open to any and all advice. Thanks everyone!
  13. Just like many people here, I agree watching the game at home with friends and family is way more comfortable; but recently, since I've become more financially responsible I've been trying to make at least one live game a year, the excitement to be around thousands of like minded fans is just incredible and unbeatable. Like a few of you, I will be living in VA come this October and I have tickets for the Minnesota game, which will be MY FIRST game at Lincoln!!!! So my answer to the question is that the price doesn't deter me since it's not something that I do every other week, I indulge once a year for a great time; BUT, I would be more satisfied to see this $40 parking fee go down. Although it is astronomically high, I'm still going to pay it for convenience an tailgating.
  14. Got my tickets in hand finally! I'll be there looking for a tailgate as well, if we can't find one then let's just make our own. Can't be that hard
  15. If there is any hope left to get two tickets I'm interested also