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  1. Agree! Logan could pursue laterally as well as any DT I've seen; however, his pass rush was mediocre at best. Perhaps Long will revitalize his career - if not, no harm done. Another potentially astute move by Roseman.
  2. I agree with stine - unless the Eagles' "dream pick" is still available, they will move down, in order to get the extra pick for this year or next. It seems as if the Eagles have little "wiggle" room financially to add extra picks this year? And, of course, a LOT of questions on defense!
  3. This was a thoughtful article - and has very little to do with the upcoming draft, which makes it even more interesting. If, let's say, three of these folks really develop, the Eagles will be in excellent shape, regardless of the draft.
  4. Schwartz believes in a vertically oriented DL constantly putting pressure, while containing the run. And the DL did that for the most part, but really didn't get the expected sacks. Good LB is critical, and that is where the Eagles fell short last year.
  5. Regarding Schwartz - absolutely! We can only hope he learns how to compromise (with his less than stellar DL, especially in pass rush) with some creative and wide ranging LB play. I may be crazy, but with improved and creative front seven play, the secondary will be OK.
  6. Where did previous comments go?
  7. Second forevereagles' message. (And if you've learned how to get rid of the ball quickly, without scrambling for your life, you'll be starting for someone again eventually.)
  8. GBFL - Wonder if you're seeing the "forest for the trees" - yes, I agree, if BPA is available, Fournette would likely be a great addition. But.....we do have a glaring weakness, with both starters gone, Rowe gone, Mills a question mark, etc. We HAVE to address this position, hopefully in the "new" Roseman style.
  9. Wow!!! Roseman is incredible. How great the moves were on day one remain to be seen, but NO ONE can question his daring and boldness.
  10. His poise, confidence, and leadership are "Peytonesque", and, with a little more experience, will be unequaled. He's that good. Roseman and Pederson will have had their careers defined by Wentz. We Eagles fans have waited a long time for this!
  11. Great summary article, Spadaro! Hope also that Pederson considers carefully his calling EVERY play, and what that causes deficiencies in minute-to-minute neglect in other critical areas. Why can't the offensive coordinator be more involved?
  12. I have been saying that most of the year....AG is a good route runner and gets open why so many times we seen Wentz go his direction....It is getting past the drops if he does that might be a decent WR....Only be year 3 for AG still a chance for him though most have written him off already. I know I'm just an old time high school QB, and Cosell is a professional media person - but I watched every minute of the 2016 season - and I firmly believe that Agholor does NOT gain separation!!! No, no! What was Cosell watching? His (alleged) mis-perception is why the Eagles continue to waste so much time and effort on Agholor. Enough!!!
  13. It all sounds good......we'll be disappointed if the team doesn't markedly improve - especially in play calling.
  14. Most of us posters of course agree with you! The one really negative comment was from "johnreaves", usually a pretty good poster, in response to my positive Wentz comments. (Thanks for all your defending comments.) Wentz is clearly an elite QB in the making. I wonder what HE was watching last season! What a gift to Philly and us long-suffering fans! (Much like Mike Schmidt during his difficult start in 1973.) It's gonna be fun.
  15. Wentz probably did as well as any all-pro QB would have, given the WRs with whom he worked. And, sometimes, leadership can't be measured by stats. I liked him so much, he wouldn't really have to improve that much to become one of the elite - just needs a supporting cast.