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  1. 1wrangler - thanks for the seemingly realistic run down on the OL. I'll bet most of us feel the same way. The seeming depth could turn out to be its greatest strength. I live out in San Diego (long ago the home of the Chargers?) and no one out here knows about Mike Williams' back either.
  2. From what I've heard here in San Diego and out west, both the Rams and Chargers will look like home games for the Eagles. Everyone I know seems to be planning to go.
  3. stine: I agree with your "Essiac" posting , as do many of us fellow Doctors. Your posting is a bit confusing, sorting out a deceased fiancee, from a new bride (congrats!), from a successful patient. Totally agree with "Big Pharma" controlling otherwise invaluable research dollars and subsequent possibly invaluable treatment/prevention. Remember Nixon's "war on cancer' 45 years ago? - That's when I become disenchanted with "progress". I don't contribute to the American Cancer Society or others either.
  4. As I have said before, I heartily second that! (As I feel confident we all do).
  5. To clarify the last comment, forget about the mental issues and the off-field nonsense - Agholor simply cannot run patterns nor gain separation. Opponents know this, and almost always play perfunctory single coverage against him.
  6. I'm a bit surprised at the tone of this article. I know a "homer" stance is expected, and even necessary, but it would seem that, if one has a good memory of the past two years, Agholor has NO chance of playing for the Eagles or any other team. It's unfortunate, but let's be at least somewhat realistic in writing such (again, necessary, I know) puff piece articles?
  7. Exactly! He was billed (originally) as a Jeremy Maclin replacement. Boy oh boy was he NOT that guy! Agholor is pretty good when his mind is focused on football. However, as we all found out, his mind was not always on football. DGB is another one that, on paper, is a good WR. However, his lack of motivation and raw abilities have limited his production. If he gets his mind right, he could be dangerous. Both of these guys (Agholor and DGB) should be on notice. They may be getting replaced! I'll bet they're already "replaced" - just having to wait until optimally financial. What a TERRIBLE waste of inherent talent!
  8. What are the timing ramifications in deciding exactly when to release Agholor and a few others? There must be significant money issues on continuing to hold onto him for so long. Certainly it's not his average Junior College football skills and mental approach in squandering his chances? Let's suck up and move on!
  9. I'm a bit more optimistic than most of you. After all, what will preseason really tell us? - Last year, remember we were undefeated....and won our first three regular season games. Soon enough, opposing defenses learned and exploited our weaknesses - which many of us already knew. Barring injury, where are the offensive weaknesses this year? (Of course, we hope for minimal 35-34 games, but if the defense plays as we hope....watch out!)
  10. Maybe.............
  11. I've been away for two days......and they sign Blount?! I'm optimistic every year, but can you all believe this?? At the very least, an NFC title and deep playoff run seem attainable, barring injuries.
  12. Nice article on post rookie camp. I too lament the rules on late graduations of Pac-12 rookies. Certainly affected Seumalo last year. Seems those players are unfairly penalized for maintaining academics from pretty good schools.
  13. From one who lives in San Diego and watched him his whole college career - wow, what a pick! Barring injury setback(s), you won't believe how much potential this guy has. We're in for a treat for the next decade.
  14. rlubrich87 - exactly correct. Hope Jones knows enough not to rush - but fear he will. (From experience), when the walking boot comes off, it will feel "encouraging" - however, don't rush it!
  15. Agreed. It's like when I first met Joemas. I was taken aback by the physical oddities that surrounded his face. I wasn't even sure what gender he was (having a name that could go either way didn't help matters any). Once he started talking football though, I knew everything would be alright. He's been my 39th best friend ever since. Mean spirited - but funny! Both you guys have well-considered, pertinent opinions!