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  1. Wow way to much on Wentz for our close game loses.....Lets neglect the fact that Wentz had plenty of plays taken away because of dumb penalties or just plain drops by our skill positions in those games that would have extended drives or given us the lead....Or that Wentz had us a lead and our RBs fumbled two games away......Wentz was by no means perfect and needs to improve but not everything was on him in those close games It's just not the truth, BG93. I record every game and then watch them again a few times during the week. Not one thing you said is true. No dumb penalty ever was an issue at the end of any of our close losses. Which games did our RBs fumble away the game late? The Smallwood fumble vs Dallas? We had a few possessions after that and still had the lead (they tied it at the end of regulation). The Mathews fumble vs Detroit? We had the ball at the end with plenty of time and only needing a FG to win and he threw an underthrown deep ball on first down that Agholor had no shot to come down with. Things were on him no more or less than on any other QB. If he made a good throw and it was dropped, or he was under extreme pressure and had no chance to make a play that would be different, but that was never the case. We did need big upgrades at WR but the guys we had never had a chance last year in those late game situations. I realize that's not the perception around here but it's the truth.
  2. Me too. I think he, and a few other guys (C.J.Smith and Aaron Grymes in particular) deserved (for the team's sake) more of an opportunity.
  3. Wentz was not the problem. One man cannot do this on his own. You keep saying he did not make plays. To whom? Everyone kept dropping his passes. Give the dude some slack JR. Wentz will not be the problem this year if they falter. Go back and watch the games. Never once...not once, did a WR drop a ball late in any of the 7 close games we played. Wentz never put the ball up to even a covered receiver in those situations to give him a decent shot at winning a jump ball. The one time he tried, which was a terrible decision anyway because of the situation (late in the Lions game when we needed maybe 40 yards, with plenty of time and TOs left, for a game winning FG), it was badly under thrown which gave Agholor no chance. I'm expecting (hoping, actually) CW to be much better, but the truth about last year is what I've said. QB play was not the problem in 2015, and despite the fact the WRs needed to be upgraded the play of our QB was why we didn't win 10 games at the very least in 2016. There's a lot to like about Carson, but to ignore how bad he was with the game on the line repeatedly is just blind optimism based on nothing. The fact is he needs to be much, much better in these clutch situations. It was only his rookie season, but instead of getting better as the season when on and he gained experience, he got worse. That is concerning, but hopefully not very meaningful. We'll find out.
  4. We've made a ton of upgrades, particularly on offense, but the Blunt truth is the biggest concern remains the QB position. Even with our lousy WRs and instability on the line with LJ's suspension and lost games by two other starters (forcing two rookies to play before they were really ready), we had six losses that were there for the taking at end but our rookie QB just couldn't make a play in any of them, except the Ravens game perhaps (which he made with his legs, not his arm). He was unable even in the one close win vs the Giants to secure what should've been an easy win. It took Eli and our defense, especially Jenkins, to put that one in the win column. What a contending team needs is a QB who's at his best at the end of close games. That's when Wentz was at his worst. He was only a rookie, but that needs to change more than upgrades anywhere else. Hopefully it will.
  5. We 'ate' more clock than any team in the league last year. I hate to say it, but the Blunt truth is our biggest problem last year was our QB play. CW was a rookie, so hopefully that will improve a lot in 2017...especially at the end of close games when you need your QB to be at his best and Wentz was at his worst.
  6. The team has surrounded Wentz with veteran talent, while bringing in young talent to learn from and develop behind the older players, and hopefully to eventually replace them. It's good for everyone and makes us a contender next year, as well as down the road, but only if Carson becomes elite. He was far from that last season, and being a rookie or blaming his failure to make plays on the talent at WR or anywhere else, late in every close game (except the Ravens game, perhaps) are lame excuses.
  7. NO,we drafted the future,this was an effort by the FO to buy us a years time for these young guys to develop,so call it a stop gap if you like,but there is a possibility those 1 year players get re-signed,but for the most part even if they DONT we will still be fine next year and beyond Oh I agree. Just the Title is misleading. "Offense is Complete" Would you say it is a finished product for the next 3-5 years? that is my point.... No,nothing is ever finished,it's a constantly moving target.Players come and go,get injured,get suspended,so IMO nothing is ever really :finished" You just hope you can keep things together long enough to win a SB,but once we DO that,we can compete annually like the Pats always do Oh there is no doubt that every team is constantly upgrading at positions or replacing players due to FA. But you expect 10-20%, not 30% or more. We have 5 on the offense alone if you include the center position. That is assuming Pumphrey can take over for Sproles. We still need to address the LB position, DT and one CB position. Well, maybe Jeffrey works out and decides to stay. Maybe we have a Tackle on the roster that can play on the right side after Johnson moves to the left. Maybe we have someone to replace Kelce on the roster. HR has done a tremendous job filling in the holes this year. He most likely can do the same next year, but I still feel we need some more long term contracts at the Skill positions before we can say "I am feeling good for the Future". We have the potential to do real well this year. I feel we are much better on both sides of the ball. I am anxious to see how Doug does with a "Complete" Offense. He now has a RB that can get a 1st down 70% of the time from inside 3 yards. His play calling will benefit from this. At least I hope it does. Blount does not get a FD 70% of the time on 3rd and 3 or less, and Doug's offense and was very good last year. With the exception of that three game stretch in late November against Seattle, Cincy, and GB, no one stopped our offense all season. We didn't have a deep passing threat or a break away RB but when Wentz played well we were pretty much unstoppable. Pederson made some play calls I'm sure we'd both agree were bad at times, but there weren't many and that'll be the case with any coach. I love Wentz, but he's the only reason we didn't win 9 or 10 last year, not Doug or the running game...or even the lousy play of the WRs. Hopefully, he'll be much improved in 2017.
  8. Who cares which guy has the most carries? Last year only nine teams ran the ball more than the Eagles and six weren't in the playoffs. Of the three who did make the post season, two (Dallas and Houston) were one and done. We were 11th in rushing yards and only one yard shy of 10th and only 11 yards from 9th. We were tied with Tennessee for the 10th most rushing TDs, and four teams had only one more rushing touchdown. With a QB who had the 20th best completion percentage and 26th best QBR among starters, we led the league in time of possession. There never was a problem with the running game, anyway. Blount brings his experience and size to the position, which are both positives. Worrying about which back plays when, and how much, is a waste of time. We need to pass to win, and be able to do it late in close games. The running back position is deep, multi-dimensional, and will be fine no matter what.
  9. It's all about Wentz. It has been, and still is. We're as good as he is. Last year he was below average and so was our record. This year, with all the added talent, it still comes down to how improved he is...especially late in close games.
  10. Hard to put this all on Schwartz. It was his first season. He was teaching and implementing his defense. I just don't think it would have helped if he went completely off script. I'm sure he has plenty of wild cards but this D wasn't ready to implement them. The pass rush wasn't up to snuff(see 2017 NFL draft). He also had zero corners. ZERO! What do you want a DC to do? Pass rush and coverage rule the day in today's pass happy NFL. We had neither. I'm with Schwartz. Just stick to installing your D so that a few years down the road everyone knows their role. That way you also know who comes up short. Remember, the defense jumped to the middle of the pack in every category last year, after being at or near the bottom in all of them for quite a while.
  11. Power rankings mean as much as the mock drafts the "experts" put out. I'll wait to see the product on the field. You're concerned about the power rankings? Before the season starts? Aren't they composed by the 'experts'? We're not trying to win a debate. As bad as our WRs and QB was last year, no one really stopped our offense outside of that three game stretch against Seattle, GB, and Cincinnati. The defense was pretty good overall, despite an inconsistent pass rush (at best) and terrible CB play on the back end. Everything, except perhaps the CB play right away, should be even much better. We'll win from 9 to 11 games and contend for the division title if Wentz improves at all, which is a good bet to happen.
  12. He does everything but helps the pass defense, which after signing Jeffrey and Smith, is all we really need.
  13. Barnett for Wookie of the year.
  14. Very good point. With him, and Treggs too, they should emerge from August with an enormously improve receiving core now, and a few players for the future. WR is now maybe the most exciting part of the team, after a couple years of it being the least exciting.
  15. I share the viewpoint when Tommy describes here completely about what it takes to win in the NFL but he left one thing out, maybe because it goes without saying: the QB has to not only be great but needs to be at his best at the biggest moments of games. The great teams are almost always defined by great plays made by the QB, and that includes Eli Manning and Russell Wilson even though defense was the real strength of the championship teams they played on. The RB position was addressed pretty much exactly as I expected. It's not that a Cook or a McCaffrey wouldn't be great to have but the position is fine and doesn't need these guys. What they did need to focus on was improving the passing offense (WRs) and the pass defense (improve the rush, solidify the CB position once and for all). When Wentz takes off so do the Eagles. It's what I've been saying in comments about numerous articles here and on other sites.