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  1. cunninghamtheman writes, "Graham proved that he was held back and ready for a bigger role sooner once we saw how he flourished as the starter. That's what I worry about at times. That an MS2 isn't getting enough opportunity because of a Barwin. Or that a Grymes isn't getting to the next level because we are forcing a McKelvin as that vet starter." Those thoughts have crossed my mind too. Each of the past couple of years there have been players that stood out in the Eagles pre-season, only to be put on the practice squad or cut, so that certain "high salary" picks or vets could play (poorly) instead. In the past two years I've actually felt that the Eagles regular season team wasn't as *talented* as the promise the team showed in the pre-season. For example, Steven Means stood out in the pre-season last year, but didn't play much, except for special teams, where he excelled. Barwin played instead, and was only average. The same was true with MS2, who looked like he took to Schwartz's scheme extremely well in the pre-season, & yet Smith was given little opportunity to prove himself in the regular season. So, I can't help but ask myself, do the Eagles really need to spend a high draft pick on yet another edge rusher this coming week? When between Means, Long, Curry, Smith2, and McCallister, surely they can find two very good starters? And particularly so, considering this team has so many other important needs to fill--especially in the defensive backfield, which played so poorly last year that *no one* should be surprised to see the Eagles take 4 DBs!! in this year's draft, in order to be certain they can solve the problem. (Because right now, the 2017 season would probably be lost if Jenkins got injured.) CB Aaron Grymes similarly stood out in the pre-season, and yet was cut--so that McKelvin and Carroll could play poorly instead. C.J. Smith likewise showed that he had some real athletic ability in the pre-season, & yet he spent the majority of the season on the practice squad. (I believe Smith played only one snap in 2016!) CB JaCorey Shepherd also probably wasn't given enough of a chance. And of course, WR Paul Turner proved again and again that he was the most sure-handed receiver on the team, and could get open, and yet the coaches chose instead to play our three regular "night-clubbers"--Green-Beckham, Agholor, and Treggs--who dropped balls, couldn't get open, and were among the least productive receivers in the NFL. Indeed the Eagles had done the same the year before when they let WR Rasheed Bailey go--who was impressive in the pre-season--only to start a terrible group of WRs. Not to mention the gigantic blunder!!! of trading CB Eric Rowe at the opening of 2016, in favor of starting CBs that got burned repeatedly throughout the season and essentially cost us a winning season, and were one of the primary reasons why the Eagles didn't make the playoffs. I've said it before, but it sure looks like this organization repeatedly has trouble recognizing who their best players are. Which doesn't give me a whole lot of confidence heading into this year's draft. Yet, as always, I remain hopeful.
  2. mateagle2 writes, "Lattimore is the only one worth the value at 14" One thing that I think people are forgetting about in relation to this CB group is that a good number of the prospects are very young--only about 20 years old. That's one of the reasons why it's such a big group this year--with 12 CBs expected to go in the top 75. So when the critics suggest that Marlon Humphrey, for example, is a great, hard hitting tackler, but may be lacking in other areas, they're talking about a very good 20 year old athlete that will undoubtedly continue to develop and improve! Sidney Jones is also only 20 years old, etc. So the Eagles have to now decide whether they're going to focus on acquiring two of the most 'ready to start' CBs--i.e., the most complete players in the draft, or whether they're willing to be more patient and add two or three of the most talented, promising ones--such as Adoree Jackson, for example, and be willing to throw those players to the wolves as they did with Jalen Mills last year, knowing that it will be a learning experience and won't always look pretty. Those are two different draft scenarios, as I see it--though I suppose the Eagles could opt for a combination of the two. The first strategy means that the Eagles will take the best CB on the board at #14--whether that's Lattimore or Conley, and also use their high 2nd round pick to take another of the most 'ready to start' CBs on the board (such as maybe Kevin King, who's impressive). Given that the Eagles have more or less traded away their early 3rd round pick (for Timmy Jernigan), that would mean the early rounds of this year's draft would be exclusively about CBs. Which makes sense, since the Eagles have *no* starters at CB heading into 2017. However, I don't think that's the best way to go with this draft, since it is such a strong draft year--not only at CB, but also at other positions where the Eagles most need help, such as at RB, LB, & DE. Besides, it's not that easy to say who's going to work out as a top starter in the NFL and who isn't, especially with the unusual amount of depth at CB this year. Granted, Lattimore looks to be the most complete player--right now, but he's had some injury issues, and I'm not sure I'd be willing to bet the house that Lattimore is going to turn out to be the best of the group. He may do so, but a number of the other top CB prospects could turn out to be a better in the NFL. Even though I agree, right now, they all seem to have their strengths and weaknesses (often due to their youth). Conley, for example, is great in coverage, but still needs to learn to tackle better. etc. Only time will tell. So, unless the Eagles strongly believe that Lattimore & Conley are *the* standout CBs of this year's draft, and I mean unquestionably so, I think they'd be wiser to trade back and pick up an extra 2nd round pick. Especially with this year's outstanding group of CBs, as there will almost certainly be several top prospects left on the board in the low to mid 20s--such as Kevin King, Chidobe Awuzie, Marlon Humphrey, Fabian Moreau, etc. Nor should getting an additional 2nd round pick in this year's strong draft be underestimated either--particularly for a team that has as many important gaps to fill as the Eagles do. Of course, they could use all three top picks on CBs, and say take the injured Sidney Jones in the 2nd round as well. But I'm not sure that's their best move either, since the Eagles also need to find a #1 RB, another starting LB, and arguably an edge rusher too. Nor am I convinced that the underrated Ashton Lampkin isn't *as ready to start* in the NFL as some of the other more' highly rated' CB prospects in this draft. He's very fast and quick (which shows in his films, and he proved it again at the Combine), has excellent ball skills, and is very tenacious. And, as I've said before but it bears repeating--Lampkin had no problem covering WR Laquon Treadwell in his *junior* year (& actually had an interception against Treadwell), unlike Tre'davius White, who failed miserably to do so. I think that speaks volumes about Lampkin's readiness for the NFL. And therefore, if the Eagles can pick up a CB in the 20s, and another one in the 2nd round--i.e., two top CB prospects for the price of one! (for their #14 pick), and *be sure* to additionally draft Lampkin in the mid to late rounds, that would give them three very promising CB prospects heading into 2017. And!!!, they'd still get another 2nd round pick on top of that--to either draft RB Joe Mixon, LB T.J. Watt, CB Sidney Jones, or maybe even WR Corey Davis (who may go later than expected due to post-surgery complications?). So yeah, I'd take a 1st and 2nd round pick next week for Sam Bradford.
  3. Ask yourself, is it really just a coincidence that the story about Joe Mixon hitting a girl back in high school--which is old news and turned out to be false, since the accuser recanted and has said Mixon wasn't involved in the altercation--surfaced again a mere week before the draft? I seriously doubt it. Obviously somebody is trying to drive Mixon's stock down further (such as an owner like Jerry Jones?). This is nothing but games. Here's what Mixon's accuser recently said in response: "I have recently learned that a comment I made about Joe Mixon on social media a few years ago is now receiving a lot of attention. I want to explain that comment and clarify that I do not believe Joe ever did anything to hurt my daughter” "My daughter went to Freedom High School with Joe, and they have been friends for much of their lives. Once, when they were in school together, my daughter had a minor disagreement with some of her classmates that got blown out of proportion. Like any father would, I reacted emotionally. Unfortunately, I did so before I had all the facts. Now, having talked to my daughter and investigated the whole story, I realize that I WAS MISTAKEN ABOUT JOE'S INVOLVEMENT. I definitely overreacted, and I regret that my words might have given some people the wrong impression about Joe. I know that Joe did not hurt my daughter, did not intend to, and would not do so. "Joe and my daughter are still good friends. Joe is a great kid with a bright future in front of him, and he is welcome in my home anytime." I stand by my previous statement that Mixon is less of a risk than Dalvin Cook. If the Eagles are smart enough to draft Mixon, Perine, and Cohen, their backfield will be set for years to come. On the other hand, if the Cowboy's (or Giants) take Mixon, Perine, or Cohen, in tandem with Elliott, their backfield is going to be a major problem for the Eagles for years to come.
  4. I'm looking forward to next week. As I see it, this is a make or break draft for the Eagles--since it looks like it's going to be a great year at the positions where the Eagles most need help--such as CB, RB, LB, and DE. After somewhat focusing on the offense in free agency--except for the Jerningan trade (& the Long & Robinson pick ups), I expect the Eagles will now focus more on the defense in the draft--except for RB, where they have little choice but to draft 2 RBs in order to find a long term solution at #1 RB (assuming they let Matthews go)--since they didn't do so in FA. Clearly, the 2017 season will be in jeopardy if they don't also find 2 top tier starting CBs and add more promising depth at both CB & S. Therefore, I agree with Malcolm Jenkins who said that the Eagles must draft CBs in the first two rounds, since they can't afford to wait & lose out--not with this promising group of CBs, who will likely get heavily picked over in the early rounds (that is, unless one of the players projected to go in the top 10 unexpectedly remains on the board at #14--such as Foster or Fournette). I wish it wasn't so, but that's the hole the Eagles have dug for themselves by foolishly trading away CB Eric Rowe last year. The Eagles could also use another LB or two, especially if they plan to use Kendricks as trade bait. In addition, Tulloch recently announced his retirement, so the Eagles must now find a new back up behind Hicks as well. For me, all of the above concerns are more pressing than finding another edge rusher, since some combination of Means, Curry, Long, and Smith (& perhaps McCallister?), should be able to get the job done at DE. Although of course, like others, I too would love to see the Eagles draft one of the more promising edge rushers in this year's draft. Which is why choosing Demarcus Walker in the 3rd round makes good sense: since the Eagles can solve both DE & OLB deficiencies with one pick, being that Walker is an exciting edge rusher (& solid run stopper), and yet is quick enough to play OLB too. That would give coach Schwartz an attractive flexibility heading into training camp, as well as free up our first two picks to address much greater needs. The Eagles should also consider T.J. Watt as well, as a possible LB pick, if he lasts beyond the 1st round, along with possibly LB Jaylen-Reeves Maybin in rounds 6 or 7 (and what about LB Ironhead Gallon as an un-drafted pick?). As for the Eagles' CB picks--I most like Humphrey, K. King, and Awuzie (& maybe Conley, Lewis, & Moreau), and think Tankersley, Jackson, & Lampkin show strong developmental potential. As for RBs, I'd actually take three RBs in this year's draft!--Mixon (who's arguably the most complete back in the draft), Perine (who's arguably the most difficult bruiser to tackle after Fournette), and Cohen (who shows the most impressive combination of speed & quickness, along with excellent ball skills, and IMO, is the most promising back to become Sproles replacement in 2018). However, in order to draft all three RBs plus 2-3 top CBs, the Eagles will have to trade back in the first round in order to acquire an extra 2nd round pick. If they don't do so, and end up missing out on Mixon and/or Perine, the focus should then switch to James Conner in the 4th round (& Cohen). It doesn't get talked about much, but this team could really use more quickness & speed at RB & WR (& CB)--especially with Sproles retiring--which is why drafting Cohen is a very good idea. They should also be considering one of the 'late round' speedsters at WR such as K.D. Cannon, Kermit Whitfield, and Victor Boldin Jr., as well as possibly RB Khalfani Mohammad (as a un-drafted player?). Though hopefully the acquisition of Torrey Smith in FA will give them some of the additional speed they need (& Treggs will show improvement too). As for Corey Davis, if he's not working out by now, as promised (after his unnecessary 'rushed' surgery), I think there's a good possibility that his surgery wasn't a total success, as was expected, and that Davis may be damaged goods--at least for next year. Being that this is a super strong draft year, obviously the more picks the Eagles can acquire the better--especially when you consider how many important gaps they have to fill in order to become a more complete team. Which is why I think it would be a smart move to trade back in the 1st round for an additional 2nd round pick (unless Foster is available at #14), and also make a trade to get their early 3rd round pick back, which they lost in the Jerningan trade (by trading JMatt or Kendricks?). As I see it, the 2nd & 3rd rounds are the heart of this year's draft, as there are an unusual number of players expected to go in those rounds that could arguably be 1st or 2nd round picks in other years--especially with such players as Sidney Jones, Joe Mixon, and Corey Davis (if there is indeed a post-surgery problem) likely going in the 2nd. I also think there are going to be some great picks (& values) to be had in the mid to late rounds, for the team that is smart enough to spot them--such as Samaje Perine, Demarcus Walker, JuJu Smith-Schuster & Chris Godwin possibly in the 3rd & 4th rounds, and Tarik Cohen, K.D. Cannon, ArDarius Stewart, Amara Darboh, Carlos Henderson, Keevan Lucas, Xavier Woods, Orion Smith, Isaac Asiata, Nazair Jones, Jaylen-Reeves Smith, and Ashton Lampkin, etc., in later rounds.
  5. I'm very high on both players, but unfortunately Stephen Tulloch has decided to retire, so now the Eagles must find a new back up MLB behind Hicks--yet another gap to fill going into the draft.
  6. I think there was a big frustration with Agholor for dropping so many passes & for making a series of 'hard to excuse' mental errors--one that cost us a game. That was a lot by any standards. Agholor's outings to strip clubs, etc., didn't help his mindset on the field either, or I expect make him more admirable to Eagles fans, since no athlete plays up to their full potential when they become involved in such poor lifestyle choices. WR Chris Carter was terrible in Philadelphia too, for similar reasons--though I don't know if Agholor was likewise involved in drug and alcohol abuse, as Carter was. Yet what I think upset Eagles' fans most was the stubbornness of the coaching staff to continue to rely so *heavily* on Agholor--on such hugely critical plays--for another entire season, as their #1 or #2 starting WR. Especially when a receiver like Paul Turner had proven that he could get open and catch everything thrown in his direction, not only in the pre-season, but in actual NFL games (with 6 catches!! in one half in the Washington game). I firmly believe that if Turner had been relied upon more than Agholor last season--rather than the other way around, the Eagles would have won more games. My impression now is that there is a general consensus or resignation among Eagles fans to wait and see what Mike Groh can do with Agholor--since Groh may be able to turn him into a better receiver. Also, let's see what Groh can do with Green-Beckham too. But!, if the ball drops and mental errors continue next season, at what point do you cut your losses? As for Smith, I agree there were some encouraging signs last year. The question with Smith is the opposite, however: it's more about whether the coaching staff is willing to play Smith more frequently, to see if he can reach a higher level? So far, under Pederson and Schwartz, the answer to that question has been no. The Eagles are even rumored to be looking to draft another promising college DE prospect in the coming weeks.
  7. EaglezInPhila writes, "I'm coming around on Joe Mixon, though I think what he did makes him a total scumbag" When Mixon arrived at Oklahoma in 2014, by his own admission, he was a pretty mixed up kid. He was an 18 year old that had a lot to learn and needed to grow up. Though I agree, of course, what he did was disgusting & reprehensible. You never hit a woman. But it looks like that negative incident (& its aftermath) has changed this young man's life & for the better--and I hope in a big way. I admire that Mixon has actively sought out hundreds of hours of counseling in an effort to become a better human being, and that he showed a genuine contrition & remorse for what he did in his 'apology' press conference in late 2016. That takes strength of character. Yes, he's a work in progress, as are we all, but if he succeeds, and I hope he will, I'd be proud to call Mixon an Eagle: in fact, I think this organization would be a good place for him:
  8. Now here's a man that knows what he's talking about! Why don't the Eagles use Greg Cosell in making their draft picks? or do they? Joe Mixon--Yes, I totally agree that he's the "most complete back" in the draft. And he fits the Eagles well, at least as well as, if not better than any other back in the draft. Which is why the Eagles need to get an extra 2nd round pick (by trading back in the 1st +?) so that they can acquire Mixon *and* a top CB together in the second round, and by doing so solve two of their most pressing needs. (I've written extensively about what I think of the 'off field' incident that occurred in 2014, so I won't comment on it again here. But, at the very least, I see Mixon as less of a risk than Dalvin Cook.) The Eagles should also make every attempt to draft Samaje Perine as well, because he and Mixon compliment each other perfectly. Throw speedster Tarik Cohen into the mix (the "quickest" back Mayock says he's ever seen), as Sproles replacement for 2018, and the Eagles' backfield is all set for years. John Ross--We have too many other needs to take Ross at #14. I say focus all efforts on drafting WR Courtland Sutton next year. JuJu Smith-Schuster--He reminds me a little bit of a young Pierre Garcon. Is that stretching things? I think he's a good fit for the Eagles, especially if he goes as late as the 4th round. Isaac Asiata--I suspect the Eagles are going to try to draft Asiata. It makes sense, that is, if they feel they still need more depth at guard--which I would question right now. However, if they were to trade Kelce that all changes. Then, they will need Asiata, since either Wisniewski or Seumalo will move to center. Taco Charleton--Here's where I disagree with Cosell. In no way is Taco Charleton a faster or quicker pass rusher than DeMarcus Walker. He's clearly slower. Just watch the films. Reuben Foster--I totally agree that he's one of the 3 best prospects in the draft. And if Foster's there at #14, I'd have to reconsider my idea of trading back. I can't imagine he will be though. Kevin King--Yes, not only does he move "really well" for a 6'3" guy!, but he also has very long arms (good reach) and very quick hands. So King would make a great addition to the Eagles secondary. I think some critics have underrated his potential. If the Eagles do trade back in the 1st (to the 20s), King would be one of the CBs that I'd most like to see them take.
  9. The negative about Adoree Jackson is that he may need time to develop in the NFL. At least, I'm not sure he's a viable starter in his first year. But he is an exceptional athlete, and that kind of athleticism usually, eventually asserts itself. So he could turn out to be a very good pick. Nor can the Eagles afford to solely rely on 3rd & 4th round picks to fill their pressing need for two starting CBs this year, *and* added depth at that position. They should listen to Malcolm Jenkins, who said that the Eagles need to be actively picking CBs in rounds 1 & 2. They can't afford to lose out--not with this group of promising prospects. The most talented of which are probably Humphrey, Lattimore, K.King, Awuzie, Jackson, Lewis, Moreau, and the injured Jones, IMO. I also like Ashton Lampkin a lot in later rounds. He's tenacious and very quick & fast--exactly the kind of player Coach Schwartz likes, yes? As for Cam Sutton, to me, he only looks like an average athlete in the "Meet the Prospect" films. But I strongly agree that Demarcus Walker is being "a bit overlooked". He's a dynamic, 'big play' DE who's quick enough to play OLB, if need be. Given that many teams in the NFL can suddenly find themselves short in the linebacker department due to injuries, Walker makes a great choice for the Eagles, who presently don't have ideal depth at LB (especially if they trade Kendricks). In fact, Walker may be more suited to OLB than DE in the NFL. Though I'd very much like to see him play on the Eagles D-line, opposite guys like Jerningan and Cox. That would be a lot of fun to watch. Other 'off the radar' D players I'd like to see the Eagles consider--S Xavier Woods, and possibly LB Jaylen Reeves-Maybin.
  10. Stine--I realize that--which is why I suggested they wait for Courtland Sutton next year, who will likely be one of the best WRs in that draft. But, just curious, do you you think there's a better WR prospect than Sutton next year? Even though I like Corey Davis, I have no problem with the Eagles *not* taking a WR in this year's draft. As mentioned, they have too many other pressing needs right now. & I would assume (& hope) that's partly why Roseman & co. focused so heavily on WR in FA--other than the obvious reasons (the poor past performances of Agholor & Green-Beckham). Plus, I've said it before, Corey Davis may possibly be damaged goods now. Is he working out for teams yet? He said he would be back & doing so in April, and it's now the 13th, with less than two weeks until the draft. I hope he's okay, but until Davis emphatically proves his unnecessary surgery went without a hitch, I see him as a potential risk.
  11. I agree that the Eagles need to abandon picking a WR in the first, second, & third rounds. They made some strong moves at WR in FA, and now its time to focus elsewhere, particularly at CB & RB--which are their most pressing needs. (Also, coach Mike Groh may be able to make something special of one of our past ball droppers, & Paul Turner or Rasheed Bailey.) IMO, they have no choice but to focus largely on defense in this year's draft. Plus, I think there are some excellent WR prospects that will go later in the draft: such as K.D. Cannon, the all but forgotten Damore'ea Stringfellow (who unfortunately has off field issues), Amara Darboh, Ardarius Stewart, Keevan Lucas, Carlos Henderson, and maybe even the two speedsters Kermit Whitfield & Victor Boldin, Jr. in the 7th round? (or the potentially un-drafted Trey Griffey or Rodney Adams?), etc. Besides, don't forget, arguably the #1 WR in this year's draft was going to be Courtland Sutton, before he decided to stay in college another year. So IMO the focus should be *all* on Courtland Sutton *next year*, as much as I like Corey Davis, Mike Williams, and several others. Next year, the Eagles should to do *whatever it takes* to get Courtland Sutton. (& the thought of putting Sutton together with coach Groh is an exciting one.) I also agree with Malcolm Jenkins, and others, that the Eagles have *no choice* but to take CBs in rounds one and two. Stine made an excellent point below--can we really trust an organization that didn't even see the starting value of CB Eric Rowe (or ask themselves why a coach of Belichick's stature wanted Rowe)--on a team that was extremely weak at CB--to be able to identify the best hidden CB prospects in the mid to late rounds of this year's draft? (of which there will no doubt be several). I think that may be expecting too much of this organization. As Jenkins said, the top CB prospects are going to get heavily picked over in the first two rounds (with lots of teams very eager to pick up a CB from this year's promising class), and therefore, the Eagles *must* also be there picking in the first two rounds; otherwise they could end up with insufficient talent, and they simply can't afford to lose out, not with this year's CB class--since the Eagles not only desperately need two starters, but also added depth. Of course, with that said, if they do follow Jenkins' advice, we can only hope they'll be able to choose wisely in what will likely be a 'turkey shoot' on CBs in the first two rounds. Yet, if the Eagles do decide to go in this direction, it probably doesn't make a lot of sense to use their #14 pick to get a CB. Not when they can trade back to somewhere in the 20s and still pick up one of the top CB prospects there. Therefore, if they can make a deal to get an extra 2nd (or 3rd) round pick in this year's draft by trading back (and if need be, give up one of the players they're already looking to trade), I think they should do so. That way they could get a non-CB in round 2 (or 3)--such as RB Joe Mixon, LB T.J. Watt, RB Samaje Perine, DE/OLB Demarcus Walker, etc., and still be able to pick up two of the very best CB prospects in the draft--some combination of K. King, Humphrey, Awuzie, Jackson, J. Lewis, Moreau, Jones, etc. That's a solid move, IMO, maybe not a great move, but good moves shouldn't be underrated here, not with this team's many weaknesses. It's nice to see a bunch of players on my mock getting touted here. Yes, I'm all on board for drafting two of the top CBs, DE/OLB DeMarcus Walker, RB Samaje Perine, RB Tarik Cohen, CB Ashton Lampkin, S Xavier Woods, WR K.D. Cannon, and possibly RB James Conner & DT Nazair Jones too, if need be. I hope the Eagles are too. I also like LB Jaylen-Reeves Maybin in the late rounds as well. Though I'm not as high on CB Gareon Conley as others are, since I think the Eagles can do better.
  12. That's a question more easily answered after the draft. Since it depends entirely on how well the Eagles pick this year--apart from the obvious answer, which is that Wentz must show significant improvement or at least greater consistency in 2017, in order for the season to be a huge success. But I'd like to see WR Paul Turner come into his own as one of our best & most dependable wide receivers (maybe in the slot)--as he certainly showed signs that he could do so last year (with 6 receptions in a single half in one game), and RB Terrell Watson prove a dependable short yardage guy (& more)--though neither player was an actual draft pick. I'd also like to see a surprise or two at cornerback--since virtually everyone thinks it's the Eagles' biggest weakness heading into the 2017 draft & season (& everyone can't be wrong, can they?). It would be great to see C.J. Smith, and/or Aaron Grymes prove that the glimpses we saw of their athleticism last year were indicative of future pro bowl potential. But again, neither player was in the 'official' draft class. I'd also like to see LB Joe Walker & CB Jalen Mills prove the same. Finally, it would be terrific to see Taylor Hart show that he can be a capable starter at OT--especially with Peters in the twilight of his career. Yes, I know, only two of those players mentioned were in the 2016 draft class. I suppose the truth is, excluding Wentz & possibly Seumalo & Big V--if they work out, I don't think the Eagles drafted especially well last year (though I don't go by Ray Rhodes definition of finding 3 starters in a draft--for me a great draft would be to find 4 or 5 capable starters, including 1 or 2 star players). Which is why its so important that the Eagles get it right this year, especially at CB. But I'd love to see several players from the 2016 draft class prove me wrong.
  13. I'm bummed about the Beau Allen news. I thought Allen came into his own last year, and played well for the Eagles. & I hope the injury wasn't due to Allen attempting to increase his workouts, after receiving the news that a player of Timmy Jerningan's quality is set to become his new competition at DT.
  14. LB Reuben Foster is a great pick for whoever chooses him, IMO. I agree he's going to be a big-time player in the NFL, and think he's one of the best players in this year's draft. There's also a good chance that he's the best player left on the board at #14. So, it will be interesting to see what the Eagles do, if that happens.
  15. GreenbleedinFL--I think you're mock is great (& it doesn't hurt that 6 of those players are on my mock too!). I can only hope the Eagles do as well as your list. My only concern remains cornerback (& maybe LB--though Demarcus Walker could be moved to LB). Will Moreau or Awuzie, Sutton, and Lampkin be enough? I like Awuzie best of that group, and think Lampkin has real sleeper potential. But two starting corners is a big need to fill. I read yesterday that Robinson played "terribly" for the Colts last year (with multiple injuries)--so that's not exactly encouraging. & Mills is going to have to show significant improvement this year, to be a viable starter--since he got burned *way* too many times last year. So they can't afford to miss at CB in this draft--they have to at least get that part right. As for RB James Conner, he's been on and off my mock. I agree he's a terrific prospect, and he potentially fills two needs for the Eagles--a #1 RB and a FB--in one player. But I hate to say this, cause I feel for the guy, his cancer history scares me. That dreaded disease tends to come back--from my experience. Look at what Lance Armstrong went through. Granted, it can take years to return, & sometimes it doesn't come back at all. So maybe Conner is worth the risk. I don't know. As for Davis, if he's 100%, he's a great pick, but his recent surgery concerns me. My understanding is that it's not normal for an athlete to get surgery for a high ankle sprain. It sounded to me like Davis was desperately rushing things, opting for an unnecessary surgery so that he could play next year. But with any surgery comes certain risks. Sometimes it goes without a hitch & an athlete returns a 100%, and other times there are lasting complications & problems, which can diminish an athletes' performance, even if relatively minor, it can make a difference. I've seen it with pro athletes. They can also end up having to undergo multiple surgeries (spread out over a number of years), when all they really needed initially was a good period of rest to recover from the original injury. Athletes are so impatient these days--there's too much money at stake, it's not always a good thing. Anyway, I hope the best for Davis, he seems like a good kid, and he's super gifted.