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  1. Genetic-freak writes, "Stop it with the get this guy in this round n that guy in the later round. That putting your wish/want above whats realistic..." Well, I'm trying to be realistic. But the fact is we don't know who Howie Roseman might trade or give up (such as very nearly Malcolm Jenkins recently), if he wants a player like Fournette or Foster badly enough, prior to the Eagles 14th pick. Look at how we got Wentz last year. Roseman is hard to predict. I also find it very difficult to project what rounds players will go in, as that seems to change on a weekly basis. For example, before the Combine, CBs Kevin King and Chidobe Awuzie were projected to go in rounds 3-4--where I thought they were a steal, and wrote as much. Now, however, it appears they're expected to go in the round 1. So, it's difficult to pin this stuff down. Although I do think we can still try to separate players generally into early, middle and late round picks, & hope to have some degree of accuracy; which is what I was trying to do when I wrote that the Eagles should be able to draft CB Ashton Lampkin in later rounds. I hope that's realistic, because the Eagles need CBs and he's one heck of a football player. But who knows. Maybe Lampkin will go in the middle rounds.
  2. Genetic-Freak writes, "Drafting 2-3 RBs be a bit overkill dont you think??" I wish it was, but no, I don't think so. Barner is gone, RMatt is injury prone and will likely get released (if they draft well), Smallwood, Marshall, and Watson haven't yet proven they can be a #1 or #2, and Sproles will be retiring in 2018. Nor have the Eagles signed a single RB in FA. Therefore, as I see it, they have no choice but to rebuild the RB group via the draft. Most fortunately, the RB class is very good this year, so if the Eagles draft well--i.e., 2-3 RBs, they should be able to find their #1 & #2 RBs. Granted, if they were somehow able to get Fournette in the first round then, yes, they probably wouldn't need to draft 3 RBs. It would be great to see the Eagles get Fournette in the 1st and Perine in the 4th, as those two players could secure the backfield for years to come. But, even so, they would still need to find Sproles' replacement for 2018 (& there are several good candidates in this year's draft).
  3. The Eagles could probably "trade back" in the first round and still pick up Humphrey or King or T. White--but I'm not overly keen on White myself, since I have doubts about him working out as starter for 2017. It could also prove a risky move to make. If the Eagles are still planning to find a CB in free agency, it looks like they'll be scraping the bottom of the barrel at this point--since who's left now? So, I think they'll have to draft no fewer than 3-4 CBs in this years draft, in hopes that two of them work out as starters. In my opinion, they should draft 4 CBs (including Ashton Lampkin in the late rounds), just to be sure--because if they don't adequately solve this huge weakness, it will negatively impact their entire season. In addition, obviously the Eagles can't "build something special" with their revamped offense, without a top #1 RB (or two) in the backfield. Nor can they fully rely on Sproles or RMatt to be their #1 in 2017 either, each for different reasons. So again, if they don't manage to pick up a first rate #1 RB in free agency--with Eddie Lacy, Latavius Murray, etc. now gone--they'll have no choice but to take 2 or 3 RBs in the draft: in hopes that 1 rookie will work out as their #1 RB for 2017. As I've mentioned before, I think Perine or Mixon, and Connor +/or Cohen could get the job done. But Fournette or Cook and Perine (or Mixon) would be an even more exciting combination.
  4. To my alternative draft scenario below, I wanted to add that the foot speed and quickness of WR Whitfield (& maybe WR Treggs), RB Sproles, and RB Cohen, along with their (difficult to tackle) small sizes on the field, at the same time, for long enough, would eventually exhaust opposing defenses. What a nightmare those three players would be to cover in combination. It would be impossible to consistently cover all three at once. Together, they'd be too fast and quick. Then, when the defenses are totally worn down, simply have Alshon Jeffrey or Torrey Smith go vertical! & afterwards, put more speedsters back out onto the field. The opposing D's will go numb.
  5. Here's another potential draft scenario: 1. CB Marlon Humphrey 2. CB Sidney Jones (for 2018) (or CB Kevin King, if still available.) 3. DE/OLB Demarcus Walker (who may drop to the 3rd round after his Combine showing) 4. RB Samaje Perine 4. CB Chidobe Awuzie 5. RB Tarik Cohen 6. CB Ashton Lampkin 7. WR Kermit Whitfield--the Eagles need more speed (& Whitfield and Cohen will give them that). 7. S Jordan Sterns--an underrated safety. We need more than Watkins as back up. (or LB Jalen-Reeves Maybin.) Undrafted--WR Trey Griffey, either S Orion Smith, Xavier Woods, or Tedric Thompson, if any go undrafted, RB Terrell Beckham, WR Rodney Adams or WR Keon Hatcher, LB Ironhead Gallon, and G Kofi Amichia or G Isaac Asiata, and OT Connor McDermott, if he doesn't get drafted.
  6. Unfortunately, there's no way the Eagles can afford to "forget RB". If the injury prone Matthews goes, the only *proven* RB they have on the roster is Sproles, who retires in 2018--that's just around the corner in football time. Also, Smallwood gets tackled too easily. He doesn't struggle enough to stay on his feet. Which means that Smallwood will have to improve a good deal in 2017 in order to become a viable #1 or #2 NFL RB. I'm not averse to the idea of acquiring the Packers' RB Eddie Lacy on the cheap, with a $ incentive in his contract that he achieve and maintain a lower weight (maybe 225-230)--and with a provision that if he doesn't, we can part ways with him & his contract in the pre-season or regular season. Right now, he's much too overweight, & that extra weight slows him down and makes him less quick. Before signing Lacy, however, the Eagles should first have him meet with our team nutritionist, who could help him change his diet (cut sugar out & lower his glycemic intake), so that he could more easily lose the weight. That way the Eagles could get a better sense of how serious Lacy is about earnestly changing his eating habits (& training habits?)--for the sake of his NFL career, and for his future well being. (Does he still care enough?) A revitalized, leaner, faster Eddie Lacy, Sproles, Samaje Perine, and maybe James Connor or Terrell Watson could get the job done for the Eagles in 2017. (Though with those players, we might not even need Lacy.) I really like GreenbleedinFL's mock draft below, especially the first four picks: "1)Humphrey-CB-Alabama 2)Demarcus Walker-DE-FSU 3)Chris Godwin-WR-Penn 4)Perine-RB-Oklahoma" If the Eagles could acquire those four players, it would be a great draft! You seem to be the only other person here that likes DE Demarcus Walker besides me. What I most like about Walker is his versatility--that he's quick enough to play OLB, along with DE. So, if Means, Smith, or McAllister were to prove they can more than get the job done at DE in the pre-season (& I think highly of Means), the Eagles could easily switch Walker to OLB, where we might actually need him more in 2017--especially if we were to trade Kendricks. Walker may even be more suited to OLB in the NFL anyway. But, unfortunately, I doubt Perine will last to the 4th round. If he does, he'll be the steal of the draft.
  7. Unfortunately, it looks like the Eagles have waited too long to acquire 1-2 cornerbacks in free agency. Gilmore & Bouye are gone, and Cooper signed with the Bears on Saturday. Now Webster has signed with the Rams. That's disappointing, because CB is where the Eagles are weakest. Among potential 1st tier corners left are Claiborne in Dallas, and maybe Fuller--a former round 1st pick that the Bears appear to have given up on. So, it doesn't look like the Eagles intend to acquire 2 CBs in FA. That'll mean they have little choice but to take 3 cornerbacks in the draft, in hopes that 1 or 2 will work out as starters in 2017--because without 2 CBs acquired in FA, one of the drafted CBs (and possibly two) will have to be able to start in their rookie season: 3 CBs—As I see it, the most promising draft choices are: Marlon Humphrey or Marshon Lattimore (or Kevin King or Fabian Moreau?) in the first round; Fabian Moreau, Kevin King or Cordrea Tankersly in the 2nd round; Chidobe Awuzie in the rounds 3 or 4, and Ashton Lampkin in rounds 5 to 7. I'd be excited to see the Eagles get some combination of (1) Humphrey, and (2) Moreau, King or Tankersley, and (3) Awuzie or Lampkin. But choosing White in the first two rounds would be a big mistake, IMO, since I don't think he's ready to start in the NFL. It also looks like the Eagles will have vacancies at the running back position too--with Barner leaving, and R. Matthews probably on his way out. That means the Eagles will have to draft 2 RBs—in hopes that 1 will work out as a starter in 2017. (Though they may still try to acquire Eddie Lacy or Christine Michael from the Packers in FA.) 2 RBs—Ideally, I'd like to see the Eagles draft either Fournette or Cook in the first round. But I don't see that happening, since they'll now be pressed to draft a CB in round 1 (by not acquiring a top free agent CB). In which case I hope they’ll draft a combination of Perine +/or Mixon (despite his off field issues) in rounds 3 or 4, plus one of the following RBs: either Connor, Samuel, Cohen, Mohammad, or Gallman. 1 promising edge rusher--DEs: Barnet, Walker, Willis, and possibly Tpassagnon--in that order. 1 LB--or 2LBs, if they trade Mychal Kendricks--I think the Eagles should seriously consider drafting DE/OLB DeMarcus Walker in rounds 2 or 3 and using him as an OLB. Of course, it would be great to draft LB Reuben Foster in the 1st, if the Eagles could get him. But I don’t think that’s going to happen, since Foster is one of the best players in this year’s draft & will go early. That leaves T.J. Watt in the 2nd, or possibly Jalen Reeves-Maybin as a potential late round steal. 1 S—It’s important that the Eagles get a promising back up safety too. Unfortunately, they won’t likely be able to acquire one of the impressive top safeties in the early rounds, due to more pressing needs elsewhere, but it may still be possible to get a player with good potential in the later rounds—such as Jordan Sterns, Orion Smith, Xavier Woods, or maybe Tedric Thompson. 1 WR—If the Eagles don't draft a safety, I hope they'll choose the best WR on the board in the mid rounds—unless they decide to take Davis or Ross in round 1, or JuJu Schuster or Dede Westbrook or Chris Godwin in rounds 2 or 3. The WR depth is very good this year, so they could probably get a terrific WR in rounds 4 or 5—maybe K.D. Cannon, Damore’ea Stringfellow (if his off field issues don’t scare them away), Keevan Lucas, Noah Brown, Amara Darboh, ArDarius Stewart, Keon Hatcher, Carlos Henderson, Isaiah Ford, etc.
  8. Nick Foles is a great pick-up. I've been suggesting reacquiring Foles as a back up QB on this forum for a year and a half now (repeatedly), not long after that lousy, clueless Rams organization benched him as their #1 starter. I think Foles makes an ideal #2! Maybe the best in the NFL. If Wentz goes down to injury, Foles definitely has the talent & skills to keep the Eagles winning and on track for the playoffs. He has proven that in the past. Foles is also a 'big game' player, who can definitely win a playoff game for us, if need be. However, the bad news is that it doesn't look like we're going to save much more than 1 million on salary cap. As we're still going to owe Daniel a big chunk of change, yes? Ugh! I really hope there's a way around that. As I had thought the idea was to replace Daniel with Foles, and with the money saved in salary cap, acquire a 1st tier CB (or two), or a very good RB in FA, or pay the salaries of all 8 of our draft picks in 2017, etc. Anyway, welcome back, Nick Foles! I'm super excited to see you back with the Eagles, where you belong!
  9. I don't know if the Jenkins trade rumor is true or not, but is it so out of character for the Eagles of recent years (& Howie Roseman) to give up one of our very best players for a player of lesser quality, or in an unfavorable return? (I've been bracing myself for yet another bad trade this free agency period.) After all, each of the past two Super Bowl champions has had a former Eagle *starting* for them, who was given to them prior to the beginning of the season for next to nothing, and in positions that the Eagles, as it turned out, proved very weak in--O-L in 2015 (Evan Mathis), and CB in 2016 (Eric Rowe). So, if true, the deal appears to be part of the same pattern that needlessly squandered away (or let go) McCoy, Jackson, Murray, Foles, Mathis, Macklin, Rowe, etc., creating gaps that have proven very difficult to fill. The truth is Malcolm Jenkins was one of the chief reasons why we won games against some of the better teams we beat last year. Without Jenkins, our poor CBs wouldn't have been able to adequately cover the likes of Antonio Brown in the Pitt game, etc. etc. I wonder if they were thinking they could draft a S/CB in rounds 1 or 2 to replace Jenkins? Well, good luck with that. Once more, it shows how this organization has trouble seeing who their best players are, or fully appreciating how difficult it is to replace those players. That's why Bill Belichick remains so friendly with the Eagles. He names the players he wants, and we give him those players for next to nothing. For example, you'd think the Eagles would have had enough savvy--when Belichick came calling for Eric Rowe, offering us a future fourth round pick for a recent second round pick--to realize it was a terrible deal. It should be an unwritten rule that when a hall of fame coach like Belichick wants a player off your team, that that player should probably be starting on your team. I mention this because I hope this pattern of mistakes that have cost the Eagles so dearly in recent years, will recede far into the past in 2017.
  10. Not sure who our starting guards will be--that's a good sign. As I wrote on these threads in early 2016, our O-L won't be a top NFL line until we can't guess who the starting lineup will be heading into the pre-season. It looks like we've reached that point. All that remains now is to find Jason Peter's eventual replacement at OT--hopefully, Taylor Hart will work out in a big way, +/or draft a promising prospect in 2017, or possibly Vaitai.
  11. If Jeffrey can stay healthy, we've finally got our #1WR!!! That's great news (& a surprise). From here, the Eagles need only use one of their two fourth round picks to draft a super promising WR--for extra depth. Which looks very possible with this WR class. (Maybe the guy from USC, or K.D. Cannon? There will be a sizable group to choose from.) #1--Alshon Jeffrey #2--Torrey Smith Slot--JMatt & Turner & now competing for bench status (or possibly the #2 spot or slot) and to stay off the practice squad, or avoid getting cut--Agholor, DBG, Bailey, Treggs, Johnson, Watford, Williams, & one or two very promising rookies (drafted in the mid to late rounds). The WR situation has definitely improved. It now looks promising.
  12. DE Taco Charleton at 14? I hope not. Charleton doesn't look nearly as quick or fast as DE DeMarcus Walker (in the films), who after a less than stellar showing at the Combine may even slip to the 3rd round. But, I don't care about the Combine in Walker's case (as maybe he wasn't 100%?--since he didn't run the 40, why not?), because Walker can play football (& OLB), and has the potential to be a great DE in the NFL. The Eagles' 1st round choice now depends on whether they can still sign two starting CBs in free agency or not. Is there any money left to acquire Marcus Cooper and Kayvon Webster? If not, the Eagles will have no choice but to take either Humphrey or Lattimore in the first round (or a comparable CB that they believe is ready to start in the NFL). Otherwise--if they do acquire Cooper & Webster, they'll have the option of taking Fournette, Foster, Cook, or Barnett at 14, and adding CB depth in later rounds. I'd love to see Foster or Fournette on the Eagles. Although, on the second thought, maybe they think they can get two CB starters in the rounds 2 to 4, with this year's exceptional CB class. ?
  13. Good. I like Wisniewski for his versatility, since he can play both center & guard. That's valuable, considering how many players get injured through the course of a season. As for CB Marlon Humphrey, he's been my #1 pick for the Eagles for months now (& in my mock draft earlier in the thread), that is, unless a few players are still available that I don't think will be at 14 (such as Fournette, Foster, Barnett, Cook & maybe Davis). Of all the CBs in the draft, the two that are most likely ready to start in the NFL, IMO, are Humphrey & Lattimore. I prefer Humphrey because he's such a fierce, hard tackler--the guy isn't shy about hitting, and that translates well in any league. I'm fairly confident that Humphrey and Cooper or Webster could get the job done. But, I also think Kevin King might be able to start to in the NFL too, and possible even Chidobe Awuzie, Jourdan Lewis, Cordrea Tankersly, and Fabian Moreau, and believe it or not, Ashton Lampkin, who really impressed me. It's a great CB class, so if that's what the Eagles are thinking, I get it--as it does make a certain amount of sense, & especially for 2018.
  14. Coach Schwartz's 4/3 defense and the move to DE hastened the end of Barwin's time with the Eagles. He was/is a LB, and a great one (hence, his deserved high salary). I'm sorry to see him leaving. I had wished we could keep Barwin at OLB, with a restructured salary, but in the end, it became all about re-distributing money & filling gaps. I wish him well. A true Eagle.
  15. "I dunno,Alshon will take most of our FA loot,then we would have to rely on 2 rook CB's(catch 22 lol)" True. But they may think that some combination of Humphrey, Lattimore, K. King, Moreau, Awuzie, Tankersly, and Lampkin are ready to start in the NFL. (And/or, they have more confidence in the progression of Jalen Mills than I do.) After the Combine, I'm actually more open to seeing two rookies start than I was before. Though it's not what I want to see. Hopefully, they'll get CBs Cooper & Webster too. I don't think Bouye is likely. Gilmore is gone. As I wrote yesterday, I didn't think the Eagles would get Jeffrey, Cooks, or Stills. In my view, it was between Jackson, Britt, Cruz, and Smith. Now we have Smith. Jeffrey would come as a big surprise.