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  1. Are you thinking of the 2003 Colts vs. Falcons game: http://www.espn.com/nfl/game?gameId=231214011 Falcons RB T.J. Duckett scored and proceeded to spike the ball and crip walk despite being down 31 to 6 at that point.
  2. Yeah, him or Josh McCown.
  3. You're not wrong. Although, it's not uncommon for me to have an oz. after I re-up from my dispensary. Then again, it's always sealed shut. Circumstances are different obviously.
  4. 20 grams isn't much. Must've been the baggies that did him in.
  5. Cousins gets a bad rap because his record against good teams are crap. Overall he's 19-21-1 as a starter, but 5-13 against teams with 8+ wins.
  6. I wouldn't be mad if he left the division. He's an Eagle killer.
  7. Didn't realize he still played. I figured his knee gave him too many complications.
  8. I can't wait for the sophomore slump.
  9. Now that Kaepernick is a FA it's between Gabbert and a jugs machine.
  10. It's all about interpretation these days...
  11. The Colts have attempted to help Luck though: TE Coby Fleener TE Dwayne Allen WR T.Y. Hilton RB Donald Brown WR Donte Moncrief WR Phillip Dorsett Traded a 1st for RB Trent Richardson. Also signed WRs Deion Branch, Darius Heyward-Bey, Andre Johnson, RBs Frank Gore, and Robert Turbin. But yeah, all that and not much show for it. And now Luck is rehabbing for next 6 months because the line can't block anyone.
  12. So will the Rams be switching to 3-4 or does Wade keep it 4-3?