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  1. Couldn't have said it better myself GBFL! This 'current & next year thinking' is part of why the Eagles haven't had sustained success for WAY TOO LONG! I'm sick of having my heart ripped out through my !
  2. I've thought about Oakland's fans & put myself in their shoes as to how I'd feel. I don't know exactly what I'd do but I do know that I'd be PITIFUL!!!
  3. Agreed PhillyRod! And with the Draft being loaded with defensive athletes couldn't be a better scenario for the Eagles' needs.
  4. This here is also a possibility-Will the Eagles trade Jason Kelce and Mychal Kendricks? http://www.bleedinggreennation.com/2017/3/26/15066246/eagles-jason-kelce-mychal-kendricks-trade-rumors-philadelphia-nfl-draft-2017-mailbag-question-answer
  5. You're not a psychic,you're a psycho like me,LOL! The Draft better hurry and get here soon for my benefit 'cause I'm getting more & more mentally unstable with each passing minute! This isn't too far away➙
  6. That's an UNDERSTATEMENT! LOL. But I think it'll come and we'll be more competitive than last season. A better run game & secondary would've helped to turn a bunch of those close L's into W's! I know that the yds./carry in the run game weren't too bad,but the run game was WAY too inconsistent and useless in closing out games,especially those 2 games where there were fumbles near the end of the game. A run game is way more important than some fans think. A better secondary could've helped get a few more W's by stopping the game winning drives and getting the Eagles O back on the field,or better yet by getting a TO to seal it.
  7. I'm really glad that Mr.Lurie isn't interested in featuring the Eagles on the show Hard Knocks. IMO,that creates too many distractions. Training Camp isn't Hollywood!!! It should be an atmosphere of a downgraded military basic training. By saying that,I mean that you want to keep the outside world distractions as minimal as possible so that the players and coaches can focus on the task at hand and the teams' goals.
  8. LOL,you better vote for the Kelly Green or I'll come find you! ☺
  9. Plus he has 4 yrs.of chemistry/silent communication with Jenkins which is a bonus. Just hope that he can stay healthy and have quality production.
  10. I believe the thinking here is more so to help bring the younger/less experienced guys along and teach 'em some of the nuances/tricks of the game. The position coach can help in classroom,practice,and sideline,but not on the field. The biggest thing though IMO is like you said Freak-'more bodies to compete.' Push the young guys to their potential.
  11. Wanted to post this article in case anyone is interested. An article or two ago in the debate of what the 1st pick would be I suggested a DL. I just came across this article yesterday,I wonder if it adds any credence to my hunch,hmmmm? We shall see. NFL Draft Rumors: Eagles will pick defensive line in first round As with any rumor, you have to take it with a grain of salt, but this one just might be worth your attention. Kyle Scott@CrossingBroad had Alshon Jeffery to the Eagles a few hours before the signing was official. He also had inside info on the unexpected Stefen Wisniewski re-signing.……………☟ http://www.bleedinggreennation.com/2017/3/22/15020134/nfl-draft-rumors-eagles-defensive-line-end-tackle-derek-barnett-philadelphia-2017-pick-cornerback-wr
  12. I think that the media sports world is underestimating the Eagles just a smidgen. NFL Power Rankings: Eagles getting no respect http://www.bleedinggreennation.com/2017/3/27/15073228/nfl-power-rankings-espn-2017-eagles-cowboys-giants-redskins-philadelphia-cbs-sports-news-football
  13. I totally agree with that this year. We have 17 OL with the resigning of Wisniewski & getting Warmack.
  14. I also said (either on this article or an earlier one) that i think a DL will be the 1st pick. I know Myles Garrett will be long gone,so if Solomon Thomas isn't there I want Derek Barnett. The fairy tale come true would be if we get Barnett and he's another Reggie White!!!
  15. I'm very weary of Ross's injury proneness & the ability for his frame to hold anymore weight. It's a gamble,but then so is every other pick. i love his speed,even faster than Djax.