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  1. The question for me is... Does he get to pick the personnel around him? If so get ready for a lot of Oregon additions.
  2. No no more to the point... He was really good at talking utter nonsense... So he'll fit right in!
  3. WR

    The offense is much improved with a few new weapons for Wentz... And let's not forget that in Blount we should have a player that can help extend drives and give the offense more plays and more opportunities!
  4. OK firstly... It's not just Irving is it! And OK let me be a little bit vague... Cowboys players just can't seem to stop getting suspended can they for whatever reasons! But yeah I agree it is ridiculous how players can't seem to watch what is going in to their bodies.
  5. I mean... Has there ever been a team with a bigger PED issue than the Cowgirls? Seems every week there's another player on that team suspended.
  6. And I'm sure he's going to because that's what he does so well. And in this scheme with the RB options we have it should be RBBC and so we should keep him fresh for those situations.
  7. I couldn't believe the stats I saw in terms of how bad we were on short yardage situations. There's no way in my mind Blount can't help with that respect. And providing everyone on the O line is healthy and available then we could argue Blount is going to play behind the best O line he has in his career...
  8. And this I'm completely with you! I can't wait for things to get started again. I have a feeling this is going to be a really fun NFL season.
  9. Great point about Denver. That's one tough tough division! And yeah OK fair point about Carolina. I still think they are a better team then the one that was so bad at times last year. But I also don't think they were ever as good as their 2015 record suggested. A lot for Carolina is going to come down to whether Cam can get back to near where he was in that 2015 year and how creative they can be with McCaffrey and Samuel.
  10. Hmm... I certainly agree that the LA Rams are going to be right down there. SF too although probably not as the worst team. But the Colts I think will rebound to some extent and so too will Carolina and Denver. Chicago to me are going to be the worst team because right now they are the only team that I can say I don't think improved in the off season at all. In fact they got a fair bit worse. Of course at this point it's so hard to tell! But ultimately this year for those teams that are expected to struggle, it's all about scam for Sam right?
  11. And it's those kind of characters that will dig in and dig deep when the going gets tough which it's going to get at times this year and really in his career. Having that heart and character will really stand him in good stead.
  12. Good to see Douglas get off to a good start and Jeffery making an early impression. Of course it's very early days so we shall have to take this with a pinch of salt. There will be days of struggle ahead for Douglas, even if it is just in practice.
  13. And if that's true and that's how you feel then there should be a lot of players in this league that you want to see the back of then!
  14. I think this is a really good point. Because aside from adding one of the very best RBs in this draft (which we prioritised other positions) we obviously didn't feel that the other guys were the right fit for this team. So instead we've added a short term option and given ourselves another year.
  15. Never liked who? Kaepernick? Why does he not have any class? And if he doesn't have a lot of class then there's a hell of a lot of other guys that applies to as well. I see Seattle is now touted as a potential destination for him... Think that would be a good move for him actually.