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  1. Hey UK, just seeing the terrorist incident, is that near you, are you okay?  

  2. I'm now excited to see what this offense is able to do next year. A legit play maker in Jeffrey, a deep threat in Smith and Wentz in his second year where you'd expect him to make his biggest leap forwards. Plus Lane back in the line to protect him, Warmack to bring some competition and a new RB in the draft! And that assumes we don't draft a WR at some point too. That's exciting for sure! Yes there's still work to be done. Yes Wentz needs to improve and his mechanics need to be a lot better at times. But he showed enough last year to make me think he can make a real step. He's going to have players around him who can go and make plays for him. Jeffrey is a guy he can throw the ball up to and watch as he comes down with it. It has the potential to be very very exciting and really really good too! Let's now see how it all players out.
  3. Until they start drafting quality I'm not going to start thinking anything! They've proven in the past that they are capable of making what others consider to be smart moves... But they are yet to back that up in the draft. Until they start doing that they can make all the "smart" moves they want, they aren't going to improve.
  4. I'm not sure they've put an actual window on it but yeah I think they could be looking at a few years at best so they want to maximise their chances of succeeding. It would certainly explain the acquisition of Cooks and of Gilmore plus the DE from Carolina. That means their first pick in the draft is now like 76 or something!
  5. My thoughts exactly! I think they want to really maximise the Brady window and I think that's a window that could shut any year now. They've made some big big moves this year and I think they are planning for Garrapolo to be moved on so they can make some even bigger moves. This is a team that realises it has a couple of years left with arguably the best QB of all time to get back to the Bowl and more than that... Secure that 19-0 season!
  6. He's a bit of a dimwit to say the least but then again I guess a lot of players are to be fair. It's just a sports jock thing to be a bit of a bone head unfortunately.
  7. OK we don't know how good or great Wentz could go on to be. Or maybe he's going to be a bust. Who knows and this is going to be a really big year for him. But even if he doesn't go on to be the QB that us Eagles fans hope he will there's still no doubting that the WRs were horrid and were to blame.
  8. I think he could have... I just don't think that he wanted to. He obviously thought giving up our first or giving up our second plus players was too great a price to pay. And instead he went out there and shocked us all by bringing in Jeffrey as well as Smith. And to tell the truth I have no problem with that. Jeffrey has every tool to be as good if not better for this team then Cooks (and I'm a big Cooks fan) and we didn't have to give up any picks to get him. That means we can go pretty much any way in the draft and that's great!
  9. All I can say is... Damn!!! This just makes an incredible really really good team even better and that's bad news for the NFL. Some uncharacteristic moves by NE this off season so far... But that just says to me that Bill Belichick is really wanting to squeeze everything out of the Brady era. He realizes that Brady is still playing lights out but that at some point he's going to decline and that he might not have that ready made replacement in Garrapolo when the time comes. He's going all out to get back to the Bowl again in the next couple of years and I personally just don't see anyone in the AFC stopping them...
  10. I mean personally I think it's going to come down to how he feels in this offense, how his relationship builds with Wentz and of course what kind of contract we offer him next year! Unless of course we tag him. He strikes me as the kind of player who isn't completely all about the money but that's certainly a huge driver in his decisions.
  11. Just make sure you stay around long enough to help bring one to the city then! Don't leave after a year to the highest bidder. This team will look after you and will pay you very very well so there's no worries there. Just ask a certain Vinny Curry!
  12. I'll be honest... I'd be lying if I said that I wasn't a little disappointed. Not because we went out and got Jeffrey because talent wise that's such a great move for us. Not because I think Washington have gotten the better deal as that isn't true either. But because I'm a huge Pryor fan so 1) I now have to dislike him as he's part of that disgraceful franchise and 2) let's make no mistake, Washington have just signed a hugely talented guy who's going to help their QB!
  13. I really do wish him the best at his next destination (as long as that's not an NFC East rival though I don't think he'll do that). He seemed like a really good guy who was a great professional and who loved playing for this team and in this city. It's a shame he had to move on but ultimately that was the right call I think. For what he was able to do in this scheme he was far far too expensive! And that would have been the case even if we'd restructured to only a couple of million $'s.
  14. Exactly... And if he just gets his head down, does what's needed of him on the field then he's going to get paid big next year! He's going to probably get the biggest QB contract in NFL history from the Niners. He's sitting damn pretty.
  15. He probably knows that the best and easiest way out of this that does his image the most good (or least harm) is to play out this year in Washington, make the best of it and then next year he can go where he wants.