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  1. He's got to be trolling right? I mean how anyone can say that he's still on the team because we have a weird obsession with him is beyond me. He might not be a superstar but he's a player that every team needs. He works for the team and plays an unselfish role. He could do a lot more in the passing game but he's used to block more and he gets on with it. He doesn't moan about not being involved and catching more passes he just does the job required.
  2. Umm I'm sorry what now? What exactly is your problem with Howie restructuring his deal? It's a good thing for the team and it helps us out so I'm struggling to see what the issue is. He's a good player who's actually doing what's right for the team. Where is the downside to that?
  3. I'm not convinced yet that he's not gone and done a Hernandez because this fan called in to complain about the Giants tough schedule.
  4. I mean... We've been complaining about this for years? And every team moans about their schedule for one reason or another. We may have some things on this schedule that go our way but at the same time there's a lot that seems really unfair.
  5. They are definitely a team that you would fancy yourself against on the road if your most NFL teams... Their home record is still what makes them a team likely to make the play offs at the moment.
  6. I mean I guess that organization have to get hyped about something? And right now they can look at the schedule and dream right? At this point that have as good a record as the New England Patriots!
  7. Maybe I'm missing something... But how is this such an advantage? And also... Why do we care? That's the NFC West so I'm not really bothered what goes on in that division except the weeks we play these teams.
  8. Was going to make this point buddy. We all knew our opponents this year and we knew whether we were playing them on the road or at the Linc. We all like to break down the schedule and analysis it. But really it should have very little bearing on the season. If we are good enough we are good enough end of.
  9. I don't understand why you keep going back to Davis? Because at no point have I said that we should draft Davis...
  10. Huh? At what point did I say that I would take a round one guy and have him riding pine? I didn't say that once...
  11. Yeah of course it is. And I'm not saying I'm against that move in fact I've said several times I like Conner. But I'm also not against us taking a RB in an earlier round is what I'm saying.
  12. I'm not necessarily all about taking a RB that late but then I'm also not against it. I'm not all about taking a WR that late but again I'm not against it. I'm kind of happy to see how things fall out although there are some needs that have to be addressed.
  13. To an extent yes... In fact a lot yes. Still think he could do with a young WR to build with. I'm not saying a first round pick by the way. And a young stud RB. But yes so far they've done a really good job of building around Wentz this off season.
  14. Man I've got back and forth on this for so so long now and here's where I'm at: - CB is our biggest need no doubt. If the right guy is there at #14 then we should take him but who's the right guy? They all have flaws that worry me. - I say go BPA in the first and then definitely go corner in the second (if BPA isn't a corner). We can't wait longer than the second round to start addressing the position. But that's the key here... It's just the start. We then need to draft a corner in the third or maybe fourth as well. This draft is loaded with corners, RBs and DEs so let's take advantage of that. But we've got to be sensible, have done our homework and be slightly lucky to pull it all off.
  15. That's exactly my point buddy! CBs need to give the pass rushers more time to get to the QB. Without that it doesn't really matter who you have on the D line you aren't going to get as many sacks as you should. Graham was in the top 5 for QB hurries last year and yet he didn't get a ton of sacks. But at the same time having a dominant guy coming off the other edge would be really beneficial too. In effect, the two go hand in hand.