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  1. I'd be perfectly happy with that to be honest! For me he's got the most potential to be a star shut down receiver. I like both him and Tabor an awful lot... But I like how well rounded he is and think he's a solid player. Think he also has a higher ceiling than Tabor too although I do think Tabor represents a safer pick.
  2. Yeah some do stay up... In fact I quite often watch to the end of the Masters as its the one golf tournament (with the Ryder cup) that for some reason I really enjoy. We don't have Jim Nantz though. But for the football we do have the guys covering the game at the ground and we have the same commentary team because we feed straight in to the US broadcast.
  3. No thanks! It's bad enough that they had to move the game on Sunday because being in the UK it meant either staying up stupidly late (which I don't want to do unless it's the mighty birds), recording it and watching the next day or missing it altogether and I opted for the latter. That said it does surprise me that they don't traditionally use the prime time slot.
  4. It's just another nice depth chart move that makes sense. Add a bit of experience to what is a pretty young core group and that could make a real difference this year.
  5. How does the guy keep getting jobs? You've got to ask serious questions about that team. I mean I was anyway but this is the icing on the cake. My wife who knows nothing about the NFL is a supposed Jags fan... Think I've told the story before about her costing me money on a Niners jersey only to change her mind. Anyway, I showed her this news and her face fell. Even she knows how useless he is.
  6. If you're a lover of football then you have to be pleased with the championship games. 4 brilliant QBs, 2 of which are renewing their old rivalry for about the 1000th time. The other 2 are in such great form that it is lined up to be a cracker. Let's hope they live up to the hype!
  7. I think it's a fair assessment. I think if you are a Giants, Cowboys or Eagles fan right now you can feel positive about certain things. I think the Giants D is really good, it played out of its skin for so much of this year. But the lack of production on offense has to be a concern. Despite the play makers it was a really dour offense. The Cowboys have to love that offense. It's pretty darn special and takes some stopping. But that D needs weapons. Should be the focus this off season. The Eagles kind of split the difference of the two. There's good pieces on both sides of the ball but there's definite improvements needed at real key positions. As for Washington... Well I only they have some nice pieces but what do they do at QB? Because I don't rate Cousins one little bit but what's their alternative?
  8. Quite possibly. I certainly can't disagree with you there buddy because otherwise why else isn't he in Baltimore still? So yeah you're right and maybe that is what happens. But I would like to think that if he does do that, that first he puts the building blocks in place on something special. And from that this team can grow.
  9. I guess my question and challenge to that would be... If that were truly the case then why hasn't he been given the opportunity so far?
  10. Agreed! And at the end of the day I'll still pan Dallas when the time arises just like you'll do the same with Philly. That's what being a rival fan is all about. Doesn't mean we have to hate each other all year around. But that doesn't also mean that I only care about Dallas losing when we face you. And I'm sure it's the same for you. But with all that said... I do hate you!
  11. At the end of the day I can truly dislike Dallas and I really do. But credit where credit is due. And although Dak is a Cowboy player he's not yet done anything that's made me as a Eagles fan truly hate him. Other than he's played well all year. But I don't recall him bad mouthing our team or talking trash about us. So right now I can give him props. At the end of the day I'm an Eagles fan and they are always my focus. But I also love the NFL and when two teams put on a show like they did last night I can appreciate that. But I can say this because Green Bay won. If Dallas would have won I'd be saying that Green Bay made them look ordinary and that they are frauds etc etc. Football is a funny old game!
  12. You can never rule out this Aaron Rodgers led side because he's a magician. But I just don't see Green Bay being able to live with Atlanta in this one. Atlanta have a better offense than Dallas and look at how Green Bay struggled their! And I think the Atlanta defense certainly in the last few weeks has really stepped up and is a better unit than Dallas. And let's not forget they are going to against a QB on a run almost as hot as their own! For me this will be high scoring but I see Atlanta winning it by double digits.
  13. I don't quite see it that way buddy. Douglas is a fantastic talent evaluator and builder of young teams stocked with ability. That's what he has done and that's what he's known for. I don't see a team bringing him in as their GM? I think there's a lot more to the GM role. Now maybe I'm wrong and maybe that's where his ambitions lie? But I think it's a huge leap from where he is?
  14. As am I as I've said on a couple of occasions in my thread that you've quoted. I'm delighted that Dallas lost. My heart was going through the whole game like I was watching us! I was so focused on Dallas losing because that's the result we all wanted. But credit should be given where it's deserved and I think Dak played his part in what was actually the only really good play off game we've had so far. And when Dak was leading that drive that resulted in a game tying field goal I was wishing for mistakes. I was wishing he'd look every bit the rookie that he is. But he didn't. He led that drive brilliantly and really the only criticism you can have of the offense is they did it too quickly. They gave Rodgers too much time even though it was only 35 seconds.
  15. I have to say and this goes to the Dallas guys on here who some if not most of which bring real value and banter to a lot of threads... As pleased as I was about Dallas losing, as much as I really dislike a lot of their players and as an Eagles fan I desperately didn't want to sit back and watch the Dallas train continue. I do have to say that this Dallas team is going to be a real contender in the NFC and especially I hope to us for many years to come. Theirs flaws in their team but what team is flawless? Their secondary was exploited yesterday but what secondary wouldn't when Rodgers is in that mood? Their defense really isn't special but it's solid enough. And for me this off season in the draft they can really focus on that defense because their offense is legit. And as pleased as I was to see Green Bay win, I did feel desperately sorry for Dak. Look he's had a great season and Dallas fans have real reason to be positive about the future with that guy under centre. And because I'm an Eagles fan I was semi pleased to see him falter in his first play off game because I don't want an off season about how much better Dak is blah blah blah. But man he did everything he could in that game. There were a couple of wayward throws and of course the INT wasn't pretty (though really it was just a great read and anticipation play by the Hyde) but he played pretty well. Let's not forget this team was down 18 and then 15 in the third. And this team although maintained a run game did at times ask him to take the lead on drives. They asked a lot of him and mostly he delivered. Were it not for Rodgers magic at the end who knows what happens.