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  1. For Mark Sanchez? Yeah I'd call that decent. But let's not get carried away and say that decent is good or great. Decent is he put up OK yards and pretty much threw as many TDs as INTs.
  2. Chip Kelly got decent play out of Sanchez in his system! So not so he has done nothing in the NFL without Foles is complete BS! To be honest both were fortunate to have each other. Foles was fortunate to come in to the team under Kelly when that system was red hot and firing. Kelly was fortunate that he had a competent enough QB to run a very simple system. Nobody is calling saying Kelly is anything like Belichick. He's out of a job for the second year in a row and rightly so. He shouldn't get another crack in the NFL because he's obviously not good enough. But those numbers in his first year and a bit cannot be disputed! That offensive system worked and teams at first couldn't handle it.
  3. You understand that's Australians? See now you're just being racist!
  4. Normally I would agree with you... But this is a really good draft for corners and I think that we have to take advantage of that! Usually yes I'd be all for us giving Wentz weapons but in this scenario given the corners available I think we have to go corner and at some point RB too.
  5. Where did I claim them to be facts? Oh wait no I didn't so get back in your box and pipe down you melt. Foles isn't a good QB and for that reason I and I stress the I here... Would not want him back and this whole freaking love in that some fans have for him needs to stop. He wasn't the guy from the start and that's been shown at every team he's been at.
  6. But see what hurt this team more than any other last year? Because I'd say it was the offense more than the defense. And despite their problems the corners outplayed the WRs. But that said... I'm on board with going corner at least twice in this draft.
  7. Ah see no no! No no my friend! What I'm saying is if they lose Cousins they then have to go and find a franchise QB. I'm not saying that they would get it right but it gives them an opportunity to and that I don't want. Just the idea that they could find a guy that goes on to be their franchise QB for years is an idea I don't like. Let them keep Coupons.
  8. Am I reading this right? Two first round picks for Cousins if he leaves? Really? Of course he does! $34.5 million and a team littered with weapons that inflate his numbers and make him look better than he is? Course he wants the tag. He'd be a fool not to. If Cousins leaves I actually think that's bad for the Eagles. I know he's had our number for the past few years but he's not a good QB! And yes in the short term maybe that would hurt Washington who could end up with a worse QB but it would force them to find a franchise QB and that in the long term would make them better. Plus the money that cousins seemingly wants is going to screw whoever he signs for. I'd rather that he Washington and we'll see what he can do next year with potentially no Garcon or DJax!
  9. What more talented QBs failed in that system buddy? If you mean Bradford and Keep then I would argue that it was because by the time they played in the system teams had worked it out. Obviously Foles isn't completely hopeless because he set a lot of records in college and he started his NFL career well. But I think you are right his huge numbers in the NFL were lightning in a bottle. Bottom line he's just not a good player.
  10. Oh come on... He failed in Philly because he isn't good enough despite a system that helped his numbers. He failed in LA because he's not good enough and that team is a joke on offense. And he failed in Kansas because he wasn't good enough to beat out the all mighty Alex Smith. People need to cut the excuses. He's not a good player.
  11. It doesn't happen often Buddy... So let's make a note of the time and date... But I'm with you here. Nick Foles is not a good QB. That's why he didn't last here, that's why he didn't last in LA and that's why he hasn't lasted in Kansas. He's a journeyman and that's all. He might be a starter for a desperate team that won't take a risk on a QB in this draft but it'll be a short term thing. He was a product of Chip Kelly's offense and that's why he started his career with such good numbers.
  12. Someone is going to pick up Foles I'm just not sure who right now. There's lots of teams who need a QB but whether Foles floats their boat is another matter altogether. I'm not surprised the Chiefs cut him either. He played OK for them when needed last year but I think they see Smith as the short term with a guy being brought in soon through the draft?! May even be they pick up a guy in the years draft to develop behind Smith.
  13. And this time last year we'd have said the same of Bradford after another year of mediocrity... I'm not saying it happens I'm just saying with Jones you never know.
  14. Nobody else think that Jerry Jones is one of the owners who could actually do for this?! I do! I think he could look at Garrett who's the best player in this draft, see that it's a position of need, see the player wants to go to Dallas and just get carried away. After all this is Jerry Jones! I'm not saying its the right move but I'm just saying it could happen. Especially if they can get good value for Romo which given some of the QB needy teams they could.
  15. Yeah there was no way I was turning off because I always had this thing in the back of my mind that if anyone could adjust and come back it would be the Pats.