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  1. Just like his hands 👍
  2. Carson and I at Christmas in Bismarck,ND 17 years ago. My hockey stick present to him getting ready to tape it up for him. He was a very good player in his younger years
  3. What town would that be?
  4. If corn harvest was done here in North Dakota I would of went. Have a good 2 weeks to go. My mom and brother and his wife are going.
  5. Yes that was my ugly mug.
  6. Vikes aren't missing the playoffs with that defense.
  7. I'm proud to wear it. I do have another that is framed.
  8. I had the gold Bison signed number 11 jersey on and my buddy had a Eagles Wentz shirt on.
  9. I suppose I could get another one but like I said I will not profit off of Carson.
  10. I will never profit off Carson. Period. He only played his senior year in High school as a QB. Was only recruited by one D1 school and that was Central Michigan. As far as transferring it never crossed his mind. He was going to be a Bison no matter what came along.
  11. I'm not his cousin. He's my sisters son. Unfortunately I'm done taking autograph requests. I get way to many to please everyone. That and he won't signanything until the seasons over. Sorry bud.
  12. Well aware. Like I stated before I have thick skin. Being a coach of the game of hockey for over 30 years I have to.
  13. I've heard the name but do not know any Kahlers.
  14. Ah no it doesn't. Truthfully I didn't think of Prescott when I created my screen name and yes Dallas does suck. Right up there with Green Bay in my book.
  15. I can get others signed since I am his uncle. But I would never profit off my nephew. Wouldn't seem right.