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  1. When I had season tickets, I used to love the half time demonstrations with the Silent Drill Teams. Shame they didn't do those more often.
  2. Can't think of any reason not to like these changes. Rarely do OT games get that deep into OT anyway. There will also be more players available for that 4th preseason game. One more chance to make an impression for their current team or elsewhere.
  3. You mean like all waivers have to happen on the December Wednesday to coincide with the tree lighting at Rockefeller Center?
  4. Don't forget SSNs.
  5. Practice squanders aren't eligible to play in games and they can't make a move to bump someone up without cutting or IRing someone, which no one is going to do for a short term injury.
  6. Ray Didinger has said over the years, that that rule is so teams don't have an unequal number of active players on game day, if one team has more injuries than another.
  7. Had a workout with them. Don't think they signed him though.
  8. I imagine that's possible, but with the size of the lists, I'd think someone at some point would be able to afford what's being offered.
  9. There will ultimately be a good number of people priced out. What that number is, I don't know, but with waiting lists, there's going to be folks to take their spots, until they get priced out, or burned out on the experience, but then more to follow them. As long as there are waiting lists, owners have no need to be concerned.
  10. These are some of the things I don't miss about having season tickets. People coming in late and blocking the view. People who can't watch a punt and need to leave their seats every 4th down play. Among other things I don't miss.
  11. The AFC would be the home team in this up coming Super Bowl.
  12. I just started watching his double murder trial on YouTube recently. If I were a juror, I'd have fallen asleep. It's interesting in some aspects, but an overall boring process.
  13. I remember that. An iceball thrown against a San Diego coach in 1995.
  14. To clarify, is this saying athletes in military schools have to serve two years after graduation before leaving for pro sports leagues?