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  1. Amazing that he's been 100% on 4th down attempts as well. My favorite thus far was the TD run by Mathews on the fake jet sweep in Chicago. Creative design and well executed.
  2. Vikes already debuted their stadium against the Pack on Sunday night. They do seem like a safe bet to pick in suicide this week.
  3. Very pleasantly surprised by that. Can't think of a "WTF was he thinking" moment yet.
  4. TD Falcons.
  5. She's cute, no doubt. I like Erin better though.
  6. TD Saints.
  7. I can't help it. I've got a weak spot for women with dark hair and blue eyes.
  8. Never had a chance to watch NFL AM much, but I did like Erin Coscarelli.
  9. Tough call. I'll go with NO, but I don't plan on seeing much of the game.
  10. You might cry too if you picked a fight with a field goal kicking net, and the net fought back. And had it caught on camera.
  11. I think the Niners play Dallas next week, so for one week only, I have to make this a love Chip thread. GO CHIP!
  12. Yup. Not staying up for this.
  13. TD Dallas.
  14. 1st and goal Dallas.