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  1. See, what I would do for the conference championship games and the Super Bowl, is I'd have a coin toss with the coin toss winner determining if they want to kickoff/receive, or defend a particular endzone. Then I'd have a kickoff, and play the game as normal until a winner is determined. This idea would be worlds better than every other idea which seems to turn the game into something it's not.
  2. I'm not against taking corners at all. I just believe the key to this team's future is the success of Wentz, and that side of the ball needs to be as loaded as possible.
  3. I think they should do a kickoff. Kind of like how they start the game. Then play as normal until a winner is decided, or OT runs out after 1 15 minute period. Whichever comes first.
  4. CB is an issue no doubt, but since this team is not ready to compete for anything significant yet, I would rather they make the offense around Wentz as good as possible. Give him every advantage possible so that he's as ready as can be when/if this team is ever ready to be serious competitors.
  5. Yeah, I think Carolina has a bounce back season as well. It won't be easy for Atlanta, especially if they allow this loss to get in their heads.
  6. Chip also said he wasn't the GM, which in essence, he was. Never go strictly by what a coach says.
  7. It's still a glorified version of horse. Teams should never be restricted by a number of plays.
  8. That'd be cool seeing the Eagles with 20 or so wins in a season while everyone e else has the normal amount. Would help with the persuit to the #1 seed.
  9. I like Spuds as much as anyone, but I also understand his limitations, which makes the concept of this section kind of pointless. Dave can't give inside info obviously, even if he had any. He doesn't follow college, so getting his opinions there is out. The fans can vent frustration here, or elsewhere, but Dave can't do so publicly. This forum is great for giving Dave greetings, or asking to see if he has time to meet up on road games. Aside from that, it's a secondary TATE.
  10. You're essentially playing Horse with NFL OT. That's a horrible idea. Teams should not be forced to get out of their main offense if you have a common quick strike team, and one grind it out team.
  11. You may also have to wonder how much of a possible distraction this may be, if it constantly gets brought up during their season next year. It's likely going to be a hot topic for area reporters during OTAs and maybe TC.
  12. Not having looked up the data, I would bet most teams get at least 1 possession anyway. Especially since the OT change several years back. I just hate when people bring this stuff up when the outcome doesn't go how people wanted. Like last year in Dallas, we went to OT, and we won with a TD on the opening drive. How many were upset Dallas didn't have a chance to answer? Same thing happened in reverse this past year. Dallas drove down on us and ended the game in one drive. I hated that we didn't get a stop, or force a FG attempt to give us a shot to tie or win, but I never wanted another rule change because of it.
  13. Sure it is. Arizona beat GB on a sack/fumble return in the WC round in 2009. GB beat Seattle in the 2003 WC with an OT pick 6. Strahan had a pick 6 against us in 1999 in OT. I believe some years back, Chicago won an OT game in Tennessee with a safety. Offense is not the only way to score in football.
  14. Good article, thanks for the info. Makes it a little more clear.