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  1. Flex scheduling refers to moving games in and out of the scheduled Sunday night slot. Afternoon games have always been able to change between 1 and 4:00 kickoffs.
  2. Those happen to all teams eventually, but I get your point. I want to see improvement everywhere also.
  3. Pretty much how I feel. I have low expectations this season. It's why I don't care how how supposedly tough our schedule is. I don't care if we draft 2 corners and put them in the starting lineup right away. My biggest hope is significant progress in the performance of the team, and Wentz especially. Next year, it's time to start seriously contending for the division, if not, a deep playoff run.
  4. He seems like he may Hernandez himself when the Giants get a 1st down.
  5. Sometimes I can't figure out this guy's desire to start trivial threads. To listen to a Giants fan call into a NY sports talk station, hear him comment on a scheduling issue he does't like, and then think to himself: "I can't believe this! They have all got to know this happened!!!"
  6. New thing to cry about?
  7. That would include a missed FG attempt by San Deigo, and not much else.
  8. Please delete this immediately. We may still need a receiver by then and I'd rather people not get ideas...
  9. Haven't read much on this. Was he forced to or was he asked and agreed to? I realize at times they can be one and the same.
  10. This is definitely a sad story, but the only other big NFL story is Hernandez offing himself. Hardly depressing news. He did his last good deed for the world.
  11. Second time they're losing their team. Their frustration is well understood.
  12. I think I remember the comment Joe made in the Eagles game. It was after the Dawkplex and he started whining it should be a 15 yard penalty.
  13. Between him, Witten, and Demarcus Ware, hated them all as Cowboys, but of what little I pay attention to players off the field, all seem like good dudes. Was happy for Ware to get a ring in Denver, and now that Romo is no longer a Cowboy, I wish him well at CBS and any other future endeavors. Sorry Witten, looks like I have to wish you failure and misery for a few more years.