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  1. Banner was the accountant. Howie went to law school.
  2. Hey! Let's be fair here. We ran the accountant out a long time ago. The lawyer chooses talent.
  3. No, the Pats are right now.
  4. Call stands. Chiefs can kneel on it now. They win 21-13.
  5. Raiders go from the 1 seed to the 5 seed.
  6. Inches short. Or maybe not. Looks like he got a nice spot.
  7. Raiders turn it over on downs. TMW.
  8. That was a waste of a drive.
  9. Chiefs can help themselves big time if they can just get 3 here.
  10. Nice play to Kelce!
  11. End of 3. 21-13 KC.
  12. Almost a pick on a deflection.
  13. You know what I meant. I already said it in a previous post. I don't think people would go for that tradition, especially since you'd want it on a Wednesday.
  14. I was half paying attention. Didn't notice the snap. My bad. Still funny though.
  15. WTF!? You try a fake from that far away on goal to go?