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  1. Probably. It's still the one game I'd root for San Fran.
  2. I can't say I want them to go 0-16 only because they play Dallas this year.
  3. Wait until the Giants score a TD late in an early game this season to take the lead. Wrestlevessel starts hyperventilating convinced the Giants will have just clinched the Super Bowl.
  4. That would be our luck.
  5. Maybe Cruz can be the next Giants Wideout the Eagles sign.
  6. So Wrestlevessel starts a thread in TATE crying that he believes the Eagles are going backwards, and starts a thread here whining about the NY media propping up the Giants. Yep, football season is back!
  7. Yeah, have to agree. Gotta give them props for this.
  8. I think my biggest issue is what you just eluded to, in that it's going to be a subjective call on what is a good vs dirty take down. The less allowing the league to make judgement calls, the better.
  9. Ok, but even if he THINKS he's a good GM, it wouldn't change the reality of who ran the show, which should place blame on S Jones and the other guy, no?
  10. Not to be a deek here, but haven't you guys been saying that Stephen Jones and the other FO guy, who's name slips me at the moment, have been the ones running the team for a few seasons now? Especially in light of the excitement of Gregory being one of the first round quality picks they brought in last year Now it's back to JJ making the decisions now that Gregory has effed up further?
  11. I believe Lane got suspended after his first occurrence, though I don't recall if that was a PED, or some other banned substance.
  12. An isolated occourance, maybe not. Repeated suspensions, most likely.
  13. The Chargers are 4-5 with Rivers in playoff games. Not great success, but not zero success either.