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  1. Lol I saw your arse on TV welcoming the birds to Charlotte great job!
  2. I've received all the texts four times lately too lol
  3. Just 1 Super Bowl before I die

  4. we have a puerto rican as our defensive mastermind. enough said!

  5. lol never mind, thought you just said something just now because of my post

  6. The only thing that obviously bust was the condom your pops tried to use, bmt = plain and obvious reason why some people just shouldn't procreate ...
  7. when did shanny get inducted into the hall? skins are not going from 4-12 to a 10 plus win, playoff team.. optimistic or not.. mcnabb is still mcnabb, the skins still have a rookie tackle whos overrated imo, old RB's below average WR's and a TE coming of injury, add in the fact theyre switching to a 3-4 and did i mention snyder still owns the team?
  8. mccoy=rookie that has the ability to get better. mcnabb 11 year vet that has played like a rookie the last 2 games and hasnt showed signs of getting better...
  9. Can't wait to get this regular season started!

  10. hey man you ready for some football?

  11. Hey I didnt see your message until now, where you watching the game sunday?

  12. Whats up..Eagles fan here in North Myrtle Beach.

  13. not much, man. been pretty busy. got a promotion at work and have been up to my knees in new responsibilities. doesn't help that on sundays i spend the rest of my day or night drowning my sorrows thanks to the eagles. :'(

  14. hey my dude! long time no speak, whats been good?