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  1. Gotcha! Yeah Reggie was the worst one for me too, but that entire D squad pretty much walked, Joyner, Simmons, Allen, even Keith Jackson and Willie T made me mad they let them walk I agree about Carter, but if he stays in Philly his career might have been over, or worse he ends up dead.
  2. Howie Long was a second round pick by the raiders. Am I missing something ? Or am I just not understanding what you're saying ?
  3. Lol I saw your arse on TV welcoming the birds to Charlotte great job!
  4. I've received all the texts four times lately too lol
  5. Just 1 Super Bowl before I die

  6. The only thing that obviously bust was the condom your pops tried to use, bmt = plain and obvious reason why some people just shouldn't procreate ...
  7. when did shanny get inducted into the hall? skins are not going from 4-12 to a 10 plus win, playoff team.. optimistic or not.. mcnabb is still mcnabb, the skins still have a rookie tackle whos overrated imo, old RB's below average WR's and a TE coming of injury, add in the fact theyre switching to a 3-4 and did i mention snyder still owns the team?
  8. mccoy=rookie that has the ability to get better. mcnabb 11 year vet that has played like a rookie the last 2 games and hasnt showed signs of getting better...
  9. hey man you ready for some football?

  10. Hey I didnt see your message until now, where you watching the game sunday?

  11. hey my dude! long time no speak, whats been good?

  12. check your topic, i left you soom links