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  1. They just did this one so the announcers could go on and on about throwing snowballs at Santa. We know they won't pass up the opportunity to mention it repeatedly.
  2. Luck had zero to do with it.Our FO saw a franchise QB and made the moves to get him.Let's hope that continues It's not often you find one team who is willing to make a trade with you to go get your guy, much less two. So I agree with EOT that there was indeed luck in that aspect of our getting our franchise QB.
  3. Only time will tell what transpires in the future regarding McGloin and the Eagles. But If Daniel can get picked up with little to no game experience . Than there is little doubt in my mind that so can McGloin if an opportunity presents itself.
  4. This is quite a shock. So sorry to learn of his passing. Condolences to his family. May they find comfort in their faith at this difficult time in their lives. RIP sir.
  5. Ironically he was the QB in the game when Foles threw the 7 TD's. Don't remember how he played I was so caught up ( as most fans were) in Nick's performance that game. At the very least he will be another arm during camp. And who knows maybe turn out to be another good trade return if someones QB goes down like last season when Bridgewater went down.
  6. Bradford didn't get that pass? You sir, must have selective memory. Or selective reading habits....possibly both. There were many Eagle's fans posting who defended Bradford's time with the Rams. Just as many did when he was playing badly here with the Eagles. Using his prior recovery as an excuse for his poor play. Yet these very fans who like to trash Foles refuse to accept that he was NOT a 1st rd pick , but a MID 3RD ROUND PICK (88 over all).Who's expectations were not of the same level as that of Bradford ( or any 1st rd pick) .But the kind of trashing that gets directed at him, one would have thought him to be a 1st rd bust! . RTK just has a personal dislike toward the guy. He has hated him from the minute he took over for Vick. Has held a grudge ever since. I would imagine some of the dislike via the Giant's fans . Might stem from the fact that he seemed to play well against you guys for the most part.
  7. I guess we will see. I was just on the record of wanting picks in the top 80 on the last blurb. It seems Ozzie Newsome has the same logic. 74 was possibly Tanoh Kappassagnon territory or a Chris Wormley. Is the one year rental of Jernigan better than the draft position difference? Time will tell. The difference here is that the one year rental already has 3 yrs of NFL experience. Where as the 3rd rd prospect, is just that, a prospect.
  8. My point was that until a player ( picked that high) proves they are not capable of going beyond a certain point,he is allotted every opportunity to succeed. Those who were bemoaning Dmac, did so only after he failed to advance beyond the division title, each time (until the season we had TO) which was never entirely his fault. There will always be fans who want someone else,that's just how some people tick.
  9. I think they fail to remember that Carson was a 1st rd pick of the Eagles. Vick was not! Therein lies the difference . Carson will be allowed to struggle just because of that fact. So they have nothing to fear. If Nick should have to step in for a game or two, it will still be Carson's team when he is able to return. That is what being drafted in the first round and at #2 affords you.
  10. He was a first rd pick for a reason. So hopefully a change of atmosphere will be the remedy that enables this young man to regain his first round draft status type of play, now as an Eagle. Like both of these signings and hope it all works out for them...and us. I like that we can take BPA no matter where we end up picking. Whether we stay put or move back or even out of the first round. We've shored up some of the areas of need via F/A.
  11. Someone told me that they watched both on film. He came to the conclusion that both DGB and Agholor brought their hands up too late, causing most of the drops. This is simply LATE REACTION TIME. It cannot be taught, so there is little hope they will improve that much if he is correct. I did not watch them enough on film to make a judgment one way or the other. Hopefully this dude was wrong. I'm just guessing the person who told you that , has been either a WR himself or a coach of the position. for him to declare that their issue. Hopefully they prove him wrong. They both did have their moments in games last season. Unfortunately they were far and few between. There is no denying they need to improve in order to be of a benefit to this team. Hopefully they will meet up with Carson ( next month) if he still intends to get with the receivers for some work,to get a jump start on building that chemistry with him. Otherwise they may find themselves wearing street clothes on game days.
  12. I don't see that happening. As soon as Howie learned he was a F/A he wasted no time in obtaining him. As he said, " They didn't want him going anywhere else"! Besides they have no one else to back up Carson should he get hurt. A rookie isn't going to give them the security that Nick provides in that role. Nor will anyone else that may still be out there. I do think they will draft a QB to groom for future back up or trade value. Did Daniel get signed to a team yet? How about Cutler? Is Romo staying with the Cowboys? Haven't been on here much the last few weeks. So haven't kept up with all the off season moves.
  13. Welcome back Nick. As Howie mentioned we fans too are comfortable with you in that role. Since we have seen you perform well in it in the past, when you were here before. And congrats on your impending fatherhood. May God continue to bless you and your young family.
  14. I'm sure they will address the DB situation in the draft. As it has been seen as a very strong draft for the defensive side of the ball this time. As soon as they find a better player Watkins will be a distant memory. You can't do everything in one off season . You do most of your building through the draft. But the two Wide Receivers they just signed are still pretty young and could be here for awhile. Patience man... remember Rome wasn't built in a day. Neither will this team be fully built in one off season.