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  1. Welcome back Nick. As Howie mentioned we fans too are comfortable with you in that role. Since we have seen you perform well in it in the past, when you were here before. And congrats on your impending fatherhood. May God continue to bless you and your young family.
  2. I'm sure they will address the DB situation in the draft. As it has been seen as a very strong draft for the defensive side of the ball this time. As soon as they find a better player Watkins will be a distant memory. You can't do everything in one off season . You do most of your building through the draft. But the two Wide Receivers they just signed are still pretty young and could be here for awhile. Patience man... remember Rome wasn't built in a day. Neither will this team be fully built in one off season.
  3. Doug's and Andy's systems are pretty much the same. So whatever Chase was mentoring Carson on, with Nick having just spent a full season back with Andy I think we can safely think that he will be able to pick up where Chase left off. If there is anything left that he needs to know. The thing that some are missing here is that Nick has proven game winning stats, something that Daniel lacked. If he had that in his favor than there would have been no need to move on from him. The scare of a their starter going down is always at the forefront of every teams motivation when they make moves such as this one. I think some fans only want to remember Nick's season with the Rams. And that he got benched. But they over look the fact that before they benched him he had won them a few games. And against play off teams of the previous season, I for one am glad he is back. because I believe as the Eagles do that he gives them a bit more security with his experience and record than what Chase gave them in the BACK UP role
  4. From some of the reports I read they were seeking a trade for him but nothing come of their effort. He doesn't have enough game day experience to take a chance on as a starter ( which would mean mega bucks). As a back up ( which he refuses to settle on being) his contract was too expensive for that role. So he is between a rock and a hard place. Not seen as a viable starter and not wanting to be a back up. I think he was still bitter over Carson being given the starting role once they traded Bradford. Now they bring in Foles to be Carson's back up. That had to smart I would think given his personality. Nick at least has accepted that he may never be a starter again. But Nick is the ultimate team player. Where Daniel doesn't seem to be for anyone but himself.
  5. "he likes to get sacked too much"? His sacks were up when he was getting no every QB's are when they aren't protected. The Eagles O line in 2014 was in disarray. No Johnson, no Evan Mathis, Kelce also out , Herremans playing hurt . Jason not playing up to his usual standards due to the lack of experience from the guys replacing those two. A 180 degree turn from the protection of 2013 when all five starters on the O took every snap! Which enabled Nick to play well . It's no surprise than to anyone who really pays attention and understands what is happening that his sacks were up in 2014.As were his INT's also due to not having Jackson and McCoy any longer. Two of his key Offensive players. With the Rams, they had one guy on their O line that wasn't a first year rookie. Kind of hard to get protected under those conditions, wouldn't you agree? And no one outside of Austin to throw to. Like it or not Foles is now back with the team that drafted him and is a proven experienced QB who gives the Eagles a better chance of not losing a season if ( and we ALL hope that doesn't happen) should Carson go down.
  6. I think KC is in worse shape than us as far as cap room. They were dead last among all teams with cap space. One report I saw had them with 3 mil and another even less with under a Mil . How they are signing Logan when they didn't have the cap room to pick up Nicks option of 6 mil I am not sure. Unless they were unable to retain Poe. So settled on Logan as a cheaper replacement.
  7. Every QB would like to be a starter . They work hard and give up a lot to make it to this level in hopes of fulfilling that dream. Sometimes it works out for you and sometimes it doesn't. The Eagles have a more experienced and proven back up for Carson in Nick.
  8. This came as a huge surprise to me. I didn't expect this...even though some of the sports analyst didn't rule out his returning when the Chiefs couldn't pick up his option year due to no resources to do so. I too saw Matt Barkley was signed to SF, and wondered what they possibly saw in him, over Nick. Glad Nick didn't let the past with the Eagles get in the way of returning to the team. He is a very solid back up.
  9. I doubt that Foles is overly concerned about the amount of money he is offered. If that was the case he wouldn't have opted out of several million from his Rams contract , to secure his release. Also remember he comes from money. I think he just wants some stability with a team. Even if he has resigned himself to it being in a back up role.
  10. He was the back up that season too. Remember Vick was the starter and went out with a concussion.
  11. I think that something up his sleeve is in getting Alshon Jeffery . Just posted on the home page.
  12. Except the Eagles missed out on that memo ( Daniel is getting more than that). Funny thing is, I see a lot of Foles in Wentz. Just that Wentz has the speed factor, that Nick lacked. That makes him more valuable in today's NFL QB's criteria to owners and coaches. They both are comparable in size and build.
  13. Nick is a victim of their cap situation. They are worse off than we are ... like 3 mil plus under the cap. I doubt they would have declined to pick up the option had they more cap space.Cause he didn't lose them the two games that he was in at QB for them. That is the hope of the back up QB, that teams rely on, when their starter goes down. I don't suppose it is impossible for them to offer him a new contract. Whatever happens I wish him the best.
  14. Did he even play under Shanahan ? I can't remember. At any rate he would still have to develop a chemistry with his new team mates. That doesn't happen over night, as we have learned with Wentz and our W/O's. I know it's been rumored that Jackson and Gargon may leave. But they could still stay put. F/A isn't always a players best friend. Didn't they just franchise tag Cousins for the second time? At least that was reported here in DC territory. So whomever wants him, they would have to meet the tag price. From what I've heard ( due to the increase in the cap) for this season, it is quite a hefty price .I just can't imagine anyone wanting to take on that contract for an average QB , and give up picks to boot. That to me is insane.