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  1. The only thing that's guaranteed is that my Cowboys won't win the division. That's just how the NFC East works. Hopefully they're a very good wildcard team. As of now, they're about a 9 win team at best, until I see some nice changes to the defense next week and early in camp.
  2. Sounds like I hurt your feelings. You're the only one in here that sounds like an uneducated cry baby.
  3. Maybe you're just a gigantic wussy. Seriously...they open against the Giants again. Sure it's at home, but is that really an advantage as an opening game? Most fans would rather play New York early when the weather isn't a factor. And we have 3 of our last 4 games on the road. @NYG @Oak, Sea, @Phil. We start off with 2/3 on the road. vs. NYG, @Den, @AZ. I'm pretty sure if Jerry had any input, none of that would happen. We'd play a cupcake team to open the season and have more home games to end the year. Give it a rest already. You play who you play. Ratings are always the MAIN factor in scheduling, not Jerry.
  4. I counted about 11 wins last year. I count about 9 this year. Had to recount so I could give us 10. But the schedule is brutal.
  5. Wentz will start his sophomore slump week 2.....or maybe it'll be Dak
  6. Fricken A man. Some freak accident like that can happen to anyone. I'm always worried with my 2nd child because she's the type to take risks and be independent. She'd probably run across the driveway too. My first kid was so safe and paranoid about everything. Feel so bad for the Heap family. Can't imagine.
  7. Grammar*
  8. Hey hey, 2 playoff wins, one against your Eagles...don't short us now.
  9. You really didn't have to defend Romo against his stupid and ridiculous post. Think that's why everyone was just ignoring him.
  10. Yea it is crazy that he takes over the #1 spot so quickly...I mean surely they would have had to bring him in, if possible, during this passed month or so and see if he at least had some natural ability. But maybe they're banking on him being an overall likable guy with a decent personality. Imagine if he botches and chokes on words during the game winning play for the SB....
  11. Doesn't CBS do the TNF games tho?
  12. Read a great article on ESPN actually. For being undrafted, Romo was an overachiever. Expectations were high because of guys like Warner and Brady that basically have a similar story, but were actually winning Super Bowls. Romo was compared to those guys and paled somewhat because lack of big, playoff wins and championships. Kinda sucks, but that's the way it was. Doesn't change the fact that Romo was one of the better UFA to play QB and now days, it's pretty darn rare to find a gem QB late in the draft or undrafted.
  13. Bummer. Even as a Cowboys fan, if he went to Houston or Denver and won a SB against any other NFC team not named the Cowboys and stuck it to them, I'd be happy. Jerry should've started building the team he did in 2014, 10 years ago. Marion Barber's big contract, bad draft picks, letting Ware go, trading for Roy Bum Williams. Oh yea drafting Barbie Carpenter...some bad moves with Romo. Romo has to take fault too, but I believe he did the best he could. Had some terrible luck too.
  14. Eli Manning Chargers Not really. I'll say Hardy with the Cowboys. F him.
  15. True. I guess it doesn't matter if she ended up showing them, but she's not too bright. She had some $$$ lined up had she played the victim and never showed them. I guess technically, she still can go after $$$ if she wanted to. I think it'll blow over, but it's another mark against Zeke. He's such a moron.