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  1. With a good couple of drafts and FA periods, they could be in the playoff discussion in a couple of years, but winning it all will probably need a really good QB to finish off the roster.
  2. For the fans, I think I'd prefer the Browns solution. If a team moves, the name, colors, logo, history, and stats stay behind for any team that starts or moves into that city.
  3. This was the guy who hooked me on football back in the day:
  4. While I can't fathom Dallas getting the #2 overall pick for Romo, anything is possible in the National Fixed-Ball League, especially when Jerruh is involved.
  5. They won because the Hoodie is innovative and uses a combination of the latest technologies when putting together his defensive game plan: Here's the kind of tech he uses: Just kidding. The Patriots rarely make mistakes and they almost always capitalize on their opponents' mistakes. That's why they win.
  6. I guess that ipad wasn't locked after all.
  7. Looks like a long time San Fran reporter accidentally took Kyle Shanahan's backpack containing the Super Bowl Game plan. It was missing for about 30 minutes. Only in a game against the Patriots does this happen...lol !! Here's a link: http://sports.yahoo.com/news/falcons-oc-kyle-shanahan-loses-playbook-for-30-minutes-during-media-session-034207019.html
  8. T.O. came in a rare trade in 2004. The last time the Eagles drafted a prospect who clearly was hyper-talented, was the 1987 supplemental draft in which they took Cris Carter. TOP WR prospects are hard to find. If you're picking in the 20's you can essentially forget about getting one that year even if there is one in that draft class, because they go early. If a team already has their QB and identifies one is there and within reach, you don't forego that player in favor of any other position or you may be waiting another 15-20 years to get one. JMO.
  9. Those Cowboys fans would've been insufferable if the pukes would've won. Thank goodness.
  10. The universe is still in balance. Dallas still sux. it was an exciting game though.
  11. When the collaboration takes place in the first round, the final decision must be top shelf WR help for Wentz. That help is currently in Western Michigan.
  12. Just win...and Happy New Year!
  13. Bottom line. This team needs to add true impact top shelf players at a number of positions. The list is actually quite long, but I hope they start at WR and CB.