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  1. He was just w****** for wedding gifts Seriously. Those are the empty boxes of wedding gifts he got from r-words fans.
  2. Yeah, yeah. It's been rough very recently. But not so rough that I'm jealous of 2 playoff wins in 17 years however
  3. Ohhh.... lol, yeah. I remember that one as well. That whole "sorry for benching you last week" extension really blew up on them in a front office PR way. Too bad it was structured in a way they could cut with no financial ramifications.
  4. I remember that. (assuming you mean the 2013 opener) Their climax was when R3 ran on the field and planted the redskins flag. The "OMG, THIS IS IT! SUPERBOWL" vibe was tangible. Then reality sunk in
  5. Well, yeah. He's been retired for 6 years
  6. Not if it's Dallas, DC or NYC. In those cases, I encourage it.
  7. If you have time to kill,and I'm talking like a week, I can point you to a thread on another board that is epic. It covers 1 year (2006) of the r-words and is just over 300 pages full of ES homerisim (and it blowing up in their faces), epic FA fails, a DTC "invasion" (that gets quickly b****slapped and causes them to run for the hills), etc etc etc. (That was the year they squeeked into the playoffs the previous season and barely won a playoff game. They were almost forced to dismantle their team due to cap issues but there was a huge increase in the cap saving them, loaded up on a ton of high priced FA's, them praising Gibbs (and the two new coordinaters in saunders\williams) (and I mean litteraly making a religious figure out of him), crying because the rest of the world hated their off season, thought they got the next jerome bettis TJ Duckett.... and then flopped on their way to another 5 win season) If I need some Schadenfreude to cheer me up, its a go to for me
  8. Me every time this thread is bumped by Jon or Blah
  9. ok. Thanks. I literally skimmed the thread twice and did a Txt search for mcnabb and came up empty. Like McNabb in the superbowl
  10. Wait... hold up. This went right over my head. Lil help?
  11. Agree 100% The non sudden death rules lend itself to longer overtimes. This rule change will only result in a lot more ties. Be prepared for 4 to 5 ties a year, minimum. Terrible rule change. I fail to see the reasoning or benefit
  12. First 2 Last one
  13. No, but he did think having talented players was just a luxury
  14. While he did say more, spot on I mean, RG3 said he "proved a lot of people wrong" after the season ended. Then he pulled a McNabb and said something to the effect that there was a list of teams he would be interested in playing for in 2017
  15. What about the patriots? That Brady guy always seems to be getting in trouble.