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  1. Do you?
  2. Interesting. Thanks for the explanation. I only heard that one part on ESPN while getting ready this morning.
  3. Apparently, under Massachusetts law, he gets an automatic appeal after X amount of years
  4. I can finally finish my book now. Aaron Hernandez: When keeping it real goes wrong.
  5. I miss Emmitt's fantasy football advise segment on espn. His pick was always a top 5 player going against a bottom 5 defense. I use to play a pair of games with it: Predict his pick Pick someone who is #2 or lower on their teams depth chart at the same position as his pick who will score higher
  6. Agree to disagree. IMO, Joe went from bad to tolerable, but was never good. Phil I feel actually got worse and has been mailing it in for some time.
  7. Some people look for racisim in everything *shrugs*
  8. Just call me racist for pointing out that jibberish he typed and get it over with.
  9. I honestly don't know how to read his tweets.
  10. One more thing on Joe.... I met him on a flight a few years back. My opinion of him was always low due to my fathers previous experience with him. Lets just say he was a bit self absorbed. Anyway he was seated directly behind me. Two things struck me: 1) He saw a woman struggling with her luggage and he immediately got up and helped her get it in the overhead 2) The person seated next to him was a ND fan. Wouldn't stop talking his ear off. Joe the entire time was gracious. Normally not a big deal but this was a red eye from SF to DC and most people sleep on the flight I will say this he strikes me as a gentleman. So my opinion of him has softened