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  1. I think the NFL needs to make a rule change so that Mark Davis is required to always walk around with an oversized lolipop
  2. Washington casting a wide net in their GM search. Last time I remember the phrase "casting a wide net" in regards to washington was during a head coach search. Which netted them Jim Zorn. Who they just hired as OC but were forced to promote because everyone else dropped out because they got tired of them dragging their feet. Even Jim Fassel told them to take a hike
  3. Oh dear lord.... have you guys ever read Snyder's profile page? I think Kim Jong Un's PR guy wrote it
  4. There's not a lot of wildlife inside any city. But (bald) eagles do nest in the less populated areas. Hell, I saw a bald eagle flying along a highway outside of St. Louis a few years back.
  5. I still have a bunch of my old starting lineup figures. Wish I kept them in the box
  6. That's what I thought, making the topic moot.
  7. I collected baseball cards. I actually used them to learn players histories (Teams, stats, etc).
  8. Fired GM Scot McCloughan wasn’t that essential anyhow, according to Redskins TV show
  9. Were they able to? When the Browns went to Baltimore and then a new Browns franchise started, there was some sort of stipulation\agreement\etc that all the name\records\history\etc would all stay in Cleveland for when the Browns returned. I'm not sure the same applies for Houston.
  10. Yeah.... Talking about how he got his "dog" back. But he got them a few pick 6s. Now in Washington, he was only notable for his contract
  11. Sorry, you are correct. At least you know im doing these by memory
  12. Oh man, this one should be obvious for us: David Boston with the Chargers
  13. Hugh Douglas with the Panthers. And then again with the Eagles
  14. Pretty much 9 out of every 10 Washington FA signing since 1999, really
  15. "Lets name the new stadium after JKC in honor and memory of him" 2 years later Snyder buys the team and sells the naming rights to Fed Ex But he's a fan of the team and just wants to win really, really badly!
  16. This took me a second. Well done.
  17. It's been 7 years, it's time for an update\part 2 of this article
  18. Did someone say mistakes?
  19. Chris "Dan Snyder Mouthpiece" Cooley is now "speculating" it will be an internal hire. Take that FWIW.
  20. You can still like him. This reeks of "We (washington) did something horrible, so lets throw out a sensational name to divert the headlines to something positive"
  21. Man, if Mel turns it down, Little Danny Snyder will be forced to do the job himself. He'd hate that!!!
  22. I agree. I was just surprised by the current number. They tend to be pretty measured in their spending.