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  1. Barnett, the next White.
  2. Take Narnett
  3. Hope Barnett is available for us.
  4. Now we need to draft Barnett. Sorry to see Beenie go, he is a great player.
  5. Now if we can get Barnett in the draft, everything else is gravy. Go Eagles Go!
  6. Go Wentz! Go Eagles!
  7. He can't hold on t passes in critical situations like Celek can. He damn sure whiffs on blocking assignments. So l am not sure how good he really is.
  8. Love me some Eagles
  9. What's the plan? 2017 is a crucial year for the Eagles in free agency and the draft. Their most glaring weaknesses and needs have to be addressed and fixed if they are to have a winning season next year. Those gaps are, in order of priority: Barnett on one side and Cox on the other automaticly make our corners better. That would rush the QB into bad throws and our corners could afford to be more agresive. Should we still look for CBs, of course, you want to improve the team anytime you can. But someone that could make the whole D better now that is a pick.
  10. I am telling you if we don't go for Barnett (beat Whites sack record). That move in itself makes everybody on the D better.
  11. I think we should take Barnett first. Then go to WR, CB, then O.
  12. Go Eagles. Do what is right for the team.
  13. Love Wentz, he can't throw the ball and run down field and catch it. Give him some protection and someone that will hold on to the ball when he puts it in there hands and you will see great things happen with our Eagles!!!!
  14. Let's go Eagles take Barnett