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  1. Yeah Joe, Ertz was part of the problem in the red zone. It will be interesting to see if he can ever be part of the solution going forward. LOL Like to see Celek once again involved OFFENSIVELY instead of holding him back to block With the injuries and suspension on the O line I don't think the coaches had much choice. Ya because the other TE can't or refuses to block
  2. Wow I could not have said it better Joemas
  3. Seems like a brutal on the road schedule.
  4. But this is a CB heavy draft.
  5. Defense and if Barnett is available we would be crazy to pass on him. Would make the secondary better just being on the line.
  6. Plus you have a guy like that makes the secondary better
  7. Yes Barnett, he broke Reggies sack record in collage.
  8. Definitely ran his organization with class and took care of his players. Hence the six SBs. RIP Mr. Rooney.
  9. If Barnett is available I say we go, DE RB CB For our first three picks. We improved our WR situation for now. We lost 7 games last year by a TD or less. If the receivers could have held on to the ball we would have been a contender.
  10. Go Eagles Go!!!!!!
  11. I agree with DWD on the DE position. It is looking like Barnett may be available in the draft. That would be so nice if we got him.
  12. If Barnett is available we should take him.
  13. I really do think we are moving in a great direction and am excited about this year.
  14. That means to me we may take a TE,but it won't be Howard.Think Bucky Hodges would be great here,sitting a year and learning If Howard was taken at pick 14, Celek could be traded or kept until the end of 2017. Dead Cap hit of 1 million if they got rid of him after this year. Celek is a great TE we could use like Dallas uses Whiten, but we just stopped throwing to him.
  15. Sorry ment Barnett