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  1. Why has Barnett not signed yet? Just wondering.
  2. Let's hope he keeps doing it to other D's in the NFL.
  3. What is up with Barnett, when is he going to sign?
  4. I so agree TD. If we had one FG in most games we would have won them. We will be better this year, we have improved on the O. The D with Barnett and the boys will get it done. I am really excited to watch and see what our Eagles do this year.
  5. Once again great article Tommy. Fly Eagles Fly.
  6. Rest and heal up real good. Then come back ans kick a$$ next year and show the coaches why you should be here.
  7. Wow we have a small scat back and now a bruiser. This year should be a good one. I can't wait to see the wonderful Eagles hit the field.
  8. Why have we not signed Barnett yet?
  9. We need you Brandon. Let's go get that SB ring.
  10. I hate that they are already labeling him before he has a chance to play a game. This kid may be the next Barry Sanders, no one really knows. Welcome to philly and go get them, show them you are the best.
  11. Come on man! We got Cox on one side, Barnett on the other, with Qualls up the middle. Looks good on paper, now let's go play guys.
  12. Looks like we have some great competition for all positions. This should be great.
  13. Come on Barnett, sign the deal and let's start kicking a$$
  14. Wait, you mean WRs are supposed to catch the ball? Man did we have it all wrong last year!!!!
  15. Maybe Pumphrey is the next Barry Sanders. Who knows, let's just get on with it.