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  1. a 3? I mean, you get full credit for predicting that he will be a starter in the league. Had you stopped there, you would have every right to have kept your name and post that silly gif. but no. You couldn't stop there. You went on and on about how he was going to be the greatest QB to come out of college. He would win accolades in his rookie year, he would own records, he would win multiple super bowls. None of that has happened, so let's not pat ourselves on the back all that much.
  2. Well that...and the fact that Kap was the most successful out of the three. That being said, he doesn't bring enough to the table for me to want to inherit the off field issues and attention. He brought it upon himself. He wanted to be known as more than an NFL QB, when all the NFL wants is an NFL QB.
  3. The answer in this forum is always Derek Carr.
  4. At least Marrone was on an upswing. Even if you assume he would have lost that final game against NE, he had at least improved from Season 1 to Season 2. Chip Kelly has never improved his record in the NFL. 10-6, 10-6, 7-9 then 2-14. I get that Marrone isn't an inspiring hire for any team, but Chip Kelly is officially a known loser, whereas Marrone could have an upside. Someone must have thought highly of Marrone enough to have brought over a 25-25 coach from an unheralded Syracuse program. I can't say I watched enough Syracuse football while he was there (or ever) to have really known anything about him...other than the 25-25 record. From a recruiting standpoint, I guess 25-25 would be pretty impressive to some people, and perhaps with Buffalo's recruiting issues, they saw some value in that guy. It'll be interesting to see what happens in Jacksonville. Can Marrone do anything with that sorry franchise...we shall see. The NFL has officially seen enough of the dumpster fire that is Chip Kelly.
  5. Please back this up with something. Chip Kelly is pretty darn unsuccessful. I'm not sure how you've come to this conclusion.
  6. Yes. Yes we do want to fault you for hailing Carr as one of the best QB prospects in a long time. If you had simply hailed him as one of the best QB prospects in 2014, this thread would have been over about 175 pages ago. It still wouldn't be an open and shut case, but you would certainly have a leg to stand on. (no pun intended) The fact that you still believe he's one of the best of all time is what is still getting you in water. He has proven to be, at best, above average. At worst, serviceable. I personally believe he is above average and will enjoy a pleasant NFL career. No HOF, no important NFL records or stats.
  7. I don't think I believe that. I suspect that colleges would be lining up for him. Don't most of the big name college coaches who fail in the NFL, do well when they get back to college? Spurrier had his choice of job offers, if I recall correctly. He would be wise to go back to the PAC1012 conference. I'm not sure his gameplan can survive in the SEC. His style would work best back there where defense is a gimmick. There should be plenty of opportunities in that conference.
  8. Coughlin is done as a head coach. He was making bonehead mistakes with the Giants play calling that a 65 year old Coughlin would never make.
  9. Sick as in whiskey tango for "I love them" or sick like regular English for "I hate them"?
  10. Bortles got more points in fantasy this week. If you're scoring at home, its now Bortles-4; Carr-3; Tie-1
  11. He was supposed to have redefined the elite category in the NFL. I think in his rookie year. (I could be wrong about the rookie year, but by Year 3, Carr was supposed to be a household name for sure)
  12. Look, I won't deny that Carr is a starter in the league. He's just not the guy who's gonna set the league on fire and rewrite all of the records the way this thread has gone on for 216 pages. CarrbageTime has been hyping this guy up for pages and pages with silly GIFs and stupid comparisons that are so biased, he makes Rush Limbaugh look like a flaming liberal. You know this conversation can now go 50 different ways from here. I'll argue Ryan's completion percentage, you argue that he has better players, I'll argue this and you'll come back with that. So far Carr looks like he has a future in the league, but he's not been impressive enough to me to crown him the second coming of Brett favre, Dan marino or John elway. Right now he's right there with a Blake Bortles. He'll look good for some games, And stink it up for others. (See Denver game, another good defense that made him look terrible)
  13. Like Brees and Brady? Matt Ryan has been playing great this season. I'd say I've been impressed by what Matt Ryan has done this season.
  14. So you're telling me we're not getting any GIFs posted from last nights game? I'm pretty sure it wouldn't take all that long for him to post every single completion made last night.
  15. I hope on everything good we have our answer. You told us a lot of things. Most of it was horse...t. If you go back, there were promises of best of all time, rookie of the year, etc. blah blah blah. Right now he's a starter in the league. His stats are not impressive, mind you. You said he'd beat Bortles in fantasy every week, and they're tied up after 7 weeks. I will say, this has been the most fascinating thread in a very gay way, not that there's anything wrong with it...