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  1. I don't think it's going to be that relationship. This is Wentz's team. Wentz will never be benched if he plays poorly, only if he's injured. I get a bit angry when the Eagles fans who are going to die young from a stroke scream, and whine that Wentz was a "flash in the pan" after three games. Wentz's production dropped because his right tackle was suspended for ten games, and Wentz found himself more on his back than standing. That forced Wentz to make quicker throws, and the results were ints. Nick Foles is not going to steal Wentz's job. Any sane Foles fan from the Chip Kelly era knows who's the #1 QB. They don't hold grudges as fans who are too fascinated with scrambling QB's.
  2. I'm convinced that if you send a QB to the wrong team, he will die on the vine with a head coach who is obsessed with defense. Foles did that in St. Louis. Foles was successful reuniting under his first NFL HC in KC. I would rather have underpaid tall QB with stature, and toughness who's played a few games vs. overpaid undersized QB who's barely played a game. Knowing Foles background, he's going be fast friends with Carson Wentz. This is Bob Griese, and Earl Morrall with the Dolphins in an era many of you never lived through. Only leftover Vick fans, and McNabb disciples would question this QB tandem.
  3. I know many Eagle fans won't read this but this is how Danny Snyder's mind works. When either Frank Herzog was fired, or retired (?), Larry Michaels is now the play by play man in the Redskins booth for radio broadcasts. He's also a VP of something important in the Redskins front office. I guess if you had to melt down the title it would be public relations. I can't believe a team that has a fanbase that has goes back decades with ancestors who fought for the south during the Civil War, are taking this well. The Redskins have become the government controlled media of a former eastern bloc country. If the Eagles hired Merrill Reese as the Eagles PR representative, while doing play by play on radio, the fanbase would lose their collective minds. That's why the Eagles have Dave Spadaro. That article is very disturbing for any Redskin fan with a pulse.
  4. A bit ironic isn't it? I've known Daniel Snyder was not Jack Kent Cooke since he bought the team in 1999. There's plenty of evidence since 1999 that does not reach the threshold of hyperbole. The comparison to Trump is just desperation to cling that Snyder is as unbalanced as the current POTUS, as comfort food, since these Wapo comments are people who hate Trump (hyperbole). So I won't use the words "lunatic", but every action Daniel Snyder has done since he's been owner is to create chaos. The only stable period Snyder had as Redskins owner was rehiring Joe Gibbs, yet even he couldn't take it after Sean Taylor's murder. Daniel Snyder is who he is, and he's not a great NFL owner. Does that pass the non hyperbole threshold?
  5. You're kidding, right? Do you really follow the Redskins? Donald Trump doesn't have a history of employee turnover in the front office that Daniel Snyder has achieved since he bought to the team in 1999. On the outside Snyder may act like a normal person, and Trump acts like a lunatic. Yet if you can still find Sally Jenkins Washington Post article on Snyder, she claims 120 of the 143 employees hired by Snyder between 2008, and 2013 left their jobs under the Redskins. They "left", they weren't even fired. You're right, don't make this political, because it's obvious the owner of the Redskins is a complete lunatic. So when I read a Redskins comments page about Snyder on the Washington Post website, and how they want to connect him to Trump, it's just a whistle through the graveyard of desperation, that the Redskins owner is truly nuts.
  6. It doesn't matter whom Dan Snyder hires. When I read the Wapo comments, many compare Snyder to Donald Trump. Donald Trump is a much more stable individual than Danny. Danny is probably the worst owner in the NFL, and completely insane as in Howard Hughes post 1950's insane. The way the Redskins handled the Scot McCloughan situation was not only insensitive, but tragic that the owner of the Redskins shows he has a heart of coal. The way Jeff Lurie treated Andy Reid's "situation" ten years ago was with kid gloves, and let Reid go through it., was infuriating but understandable. Though to the football fans Reid was distracted and the Eagles as a team suffered. Yet Snyder's approach to the best player personnel person he ever hired since 1999 was just chucked out the door. Well now the Redskins have nobody to draft talent later in April. Asking Mike Mayock to become talent evaluator this late in the NFL draft season is like asking David Chase to rewrite the last episode of the Sopranos, in six weeks.
  7. Is it necessary to beat a dead horse who can't find a coaching job after putting two NFL franchises in complete shambles? It's a shame BronxEagle can't see this. Could you imagine Chip Kelly as a Fox color commentator for the 2017 NFL season? Maybe to rejuvenate his career, Kelly should take an NFL TV job, and see things from the booth. After all, John Lynch now think's he's GM material. So did Mike Millen.
  8. Does Cousins pull a 2005 TO using not much hyperbole that Daniel Snyder is a small man with a Napoleon complex? Snyder had a gifted talent evaluator, and ruined his future by exposing his "problems" to the press. Jeff Lurie NEVER would've embarrassed Scot McCloughan. This order came from the one in the ivory tower, and it's disgusting. That Sally Jenkins article is a must read for EVERY NFL fan. Maybe Eagles fans living in a bubble won't be whining about Howie, and Jeff so much. Daniel Snyder doesn't care about winning, he loves chaos. He's bored with stability, and still able to bilk the most ignorant fan-base in the NFL. "I'm a proud Redkins fan with pride". These fans must have ancestors from the Confederacy. No other teams' fan base in the NFL speaks/writes with this jargon. Read the comments from the pre-Snyder year fans in the Sally Jenkins article, they still think they're fighting the civil war. Only that loyalty from Redskin fans 1930's-1990's comes from fans with ancestors that defended the South from "Northern Aggression" . Which is highly ironic since Washington was the capital of the Union. Yet many Redskin fans come from VA, and stretching into North Carolina. This is the most schizophrenic NFL franchise.
  9. Sally Jenkins of the Washington Post is not usually siding with the Redskins' fanbase, but this in a nutshell proves that Jeff Lurie is NOT the worst owner in the NFL. https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/redskins/tired-of-the-redskins-dysfunction-theres-one-person-to-blame/2017/03/11/2aef60dc-05d3-11e7-ad5b-d22680e18d10_story.html?utm_term=.2af80090ee23
  10. There are much larger problems in Washington than Kirk Cousins. I had to get my info from ESPN Monday that the current Redskins player personnel director Scot Mccloughan didn't appear at the NFL combine. The Redskins excuse is that he lost his grandmother a month ago. Then the ESPN hosts brought up his old "demons" that Scot claimed to have overcome. So what do the Redskins do to counter this; they extend Jay Gruden's contract two years. The HC who barely missed the playoffs twice gets a reward for more failure. What if Danny goes back into "old Danny" mode and fires Gruden next year? All the wasted money Danny has to pay Jay Gruden for a stupid PR move to cover up a real problem. Yet many Eagle fans still believe Lurie and Howie Roseman are the worst owner/GM tandem in the NFL. If those "people" could break out of their Philadelphia-centric bubble, maybe they could see the entire world of the NFL.
  11. He'd be a great addition to that insane car show "Graveyard Carz" on Velocity. I think Chip, and Mark Worman would make a great team.
  12. Whatever the result, if the Eagles did what the Falcons failed to do, there would be pitchforks, and torches at Jeff Lurie's mansion on the Main Line later that night. As many have said, it's the Falcons, and just like with the Braves, they just take things in stride. That's why Braves fans never sold out WC NLDS, or NLCS games later in their playoff run. They just assume the worst. When the Phillies were on that playoff run, you couldn't buy a ticket at face value, they always sold out games. Atlanta is now the new Boston. Boston has officially become the Yankees, Cowboys, and Lakers of the 1970's/early 1980's. They are now the most annoying sports town in America.
  13. It used to be called the NFL Championship. I went there (Pro Football HOF) when I was eleven. While MLB has to correct many wrongs with the Nergo leagues pre Jackie Robinson, the NFL is not going to acknowledge any non NFL/AFL player from the upstart WFL from 1975, or the USFL. Most of those players eventually moved the NFL, and became hall of fame players anyway. When the pro football HOF was created in 1963, it was trying to include the Cleveland Browns, and the other teams that came out of the original AAFC conference. The AFL was seen as the inferior professional conference at the time. I would hope by now after all the multiple mergers that this is an NFL HOF. The official title is simply semantics.
  14. Joe Montana's first SB championship was done with a great defense, and smoke/mirrors on offense, much like Brady. So you admit you were defending the Patriots when it was the Falcons who threw away the SB?
  15. I remember the USFL, Jim Mora was the Stars' coach. Reggie White, Herschel Walker, Jim Kelly....etc. Yet if you dismiss the AFL, Kurt Warner wouldn't be headed to the NFL HOF today.