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  1. I was twice liked from a post I made two months ago that CK would end up behind a TV camera. Wrong network, but wasn't this obvious after SF? I can't wait for Chip to brag that PSU runs his offense, yet it's half Bill Bradley, so their offense is more complex than what CK ran in Phiily, or SF.
  2. As a rookie Wentz has proven he doesn't throw "worm burners", and he can add touch to a pass on a twenty yard pass on a scramble. Compared to Ron Jaworski, and Donovan McNabb, who's left? Randall Cunningham had major knee reconstruction in 1991, and broke his fibula with the Eagles two years later, which forced him into early temporary retirement. Norm Van Brocklin? Sonny Jurgenson? The bar is not very high when one writes about Carson Wentz compared to his prior contemporaries.
  3. Cleveland may for once be correct by waiting to draft Kizer. The Bears bought into the hype of Trubisky, and paid a hefty penalty to move up one pick. That was unwise. Trubisky's handler's/agent probably put out the connection to Carson Wentz for media hype, when there is none. I sense a short career. The Chiefs giving up so much for Pat Mahomes. You might as well play blackjack at a casino.
  4. Jon Gruden ruined Bobby Hoying's career. When he left for Oakland, leaving the Eagles with no real OC, the 1998 season was screwed. I know in the PC ESPN world they would've questioned Lurie's ideas on "race", but I would've fired Rhodes prior to the 1998 season, and promoted Gruden to HC so Oakland couldn't sign him.
  5. That's true, when Rhodes cut RC, he went back to Las Vegas to work construction. I remember seeing RC out of football before 1998, cutting tile at a construction site. When Randall was given his second chance in Minnesota, not to mention throwing to a rookie Randy Moss, that's when he finally showed maturity.
  6. Cleveland can rack up as many draft picks as they want, but they had the choice to take the same risk as Chicago without the penalty, and get a QB #1. It's a shame that Cleveland had to live vicariously through the Ravens since it's the original Browns franchise. This reboot is clueless.
  7. Now that the NFL has four games in London, and one game in Mexico City, are we really surprised? It throws off the balance of teams who play in the US. So it alters the schedules of other teams, which has a ripple effect. The only break the Eagles get is that they don't have to leave the west coast between Seattle and the LA Rams. The NFL wants to end it with conference rivals in every division to end the season. That's the only positive, for the months outside of December. The early schedule for many teams is nuts.
  8. The real reason Jim Nantz is the golden child is because the inner circle of the Augusta National golf club has embraced him as one of their own. He is untouchable, because CBS can never lose The Masters to another network. It took CBS decades to finally get permission to broadcast the final two complete rounds with the top eight players. The BBC had the same issue. If you hate golf, you'll never understand. As for for the NFL, Nantz want's to pair with the novice Romo instead of sending him to third string covering a Cleveland game. Just make sure Romo isn't near a Dallas game this coming season, which is going to be impossible. Bad move.
  9. How many years did it take to get used to Phil Simms? Now I have to listen to a QB who has done nothing with his career take over the #1 color commentator spot with Jim Nantz? Has CBS lost their minds? At least Phil Simms won a SB. I'm making this prediction now, Tony Romo will be replaced before the end of the 2017 NFL season on CBS. Seriously, if CBS thinks Tony Romo was qualified for joining the #1 NFL team on CBS, why not try him with the Masters? Do you know why, because Jim Nantz would've left the broadcast booth. This is going to be unbearable. I miss Pat Summerall, as does Jim Nantz.
  10. Cousins' has the same "yips" as Tony Romo. When it's crunch time late in the season, or if the playoffs are on the line, Cousins' breaks down. That's why the Redskins don't want to give him a long term contract. So the Redskins hold a gun to Cousins' head for a another year, and paid him a decent salary. Cousins' signed the deal. How much incentive does Cousins' has to play for a team that doesn't want him long-term, but holds him hostage over money? We all remember how the TO soap opera ended in 2005. Congratulations to the Washington Redskins for signing a franchise tag QB at market value only for him to daydream the entire 2017 season. Cousins' must have Tony Bennett on his portable listening device. When a player doesn't want to be in their current location, they usually half-a** it, and will not put up the previous numbers in past seasons. Washington would be smart to deal Cousins' now, to avoid embarrassment during the regular season.
  11. While many Eagle fans accuse Jeff Lurie of putting an Eagles team "just good enough" to put people in the seats, Daniel Snyder is completely insane. Snyder loves chaos, and it's obvious he's in the wrong profession as an NFL owner. Great NFL owners love consistency, long term coaches/GM's, and a progression to winning more games under stability. Snyder just can't pull that off. The only head coach who tamed Snyder for four seasons was his "idol" Joe Gibbs. Yet even Gibbs knew this wasn't the old days with Jack Kent Cooke, and Bobby Beathard as GM. Sean Taylor's murder was a convenient way of Gibbs leaving the Redskins a second time. If I were McCloughan, with a former drinking problem, I wouldn't blame him for falling off the wagon under a Snyder regime in Washington. Daniel Snyder is George Steinbrenner without championships.
  12. Are they all dead? They didn't look healthy 35 years ago. Twenty years ago they looked "old".
  13. When Joe Theismann broke his leg in 1985, his career was over. Next season he was doing color commentary for CBS NFC games. One of the first games he covered was his former team playing the Eagles at the Vet in 1986. It was the most insufferable broadcast I've ever heard. This was Buddy Ryan's first year so the Eagles were supposed to lose, but during the first half they were holding their own against the Redskins. In the second half, the Redskins emerged as the better team, and all I could hear from Joe's mouth was "see, here's what the Redskins do, they do x and x and do it very well". Joe became a cheerleader for his former team. To his credit Theismann became a more neutral color commentator as the years past. He also criticized the Redskins many times after Snyder bought the team. If they have Romo do any Dallas games against the AFC, there should be a conflict of interest clause during the first year of a new color commentator.
  14. The Who had a song called "Don't let go of the coat". It was about spiritual leader Meher Baba, but in this case it's about a troll who can't let go his hatred for Nick Foles. Yet this was so 2014, the rest of us have moved on. We are Carson Wentz fans.
  15. "Wash, Rinse, Repeat". Done.