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  1. We're banking our 2017 season on the idea that history repeats? Dave needs to grow some hair on that head, I think his brain is freezing.
  2. >>>But now the key for Ertz moving into 2017 is the same as it’s been the past few seasons – finding ways to improve enough to make that jump into the echelon of elite tight ends in the NFL, carrying the previous year's momentum into the new year. He’s taken steps to get there. In 2016, there were only three teams in the NFL whose leading receiver was a tight end – the Eagles, Chiefs (Travis Kelce), and Panthers (Greg Olsen). Kelce and Olsen finished one and two, respectively, in the league in terms of tight end receiving yards. Ertz finished fifth, <<< So the lesson here is make sure your TE is your leading receiver, if you want to go home early.
  3. Oh heck no! You have to go with Marcia, she could catch balls with her face........what?!?!
  4. Yeah, but you get more breaks...when they stop the game for geese landing.
  5. Joe Douglas is going to be a big part of this off season. He is an excellent talent evaluator coming out of the Ravens camp. He should make an excellent addition to both the draft room and free agent pursuit. Hopefully he will work well with Howie, they should compliment each other well.
  6. Actually, the least of our worries is the cap. While I often question Howie's talent evaluation, he is clearly one of the top capologists in the NFL. If he is willing to come here, Howie will get him under the cap.
  7. Yeah,, nothing like old news. How does Bleacher report and ESPN continually scoop this site on its own team? Anyway, it would be very nice to think this is a precursor for a concerted effort by management and ownership to bring AJ here. Otherwise we have a coach who is great at handling grumpy, greedy receivers, but we have no idea how he does with clumsy (NA) and lazy (DGB). In any case, even though I respect Greg Lewis, and wish him the best; he did seem a little overwhelmed by this crew of under achievers. Maybe Groh will have better luck getting some game out of them.
  8. Conditioning is only part of the equation. Risky plays, teams played, scheduling gaps, and just plain fate all pay a hand. You have seen a ton of Green Bay injuries because you follow the Pack. I am sure Giant, Jax, San Fran, Chargers, Bears fans and last years number one injured team (Dallas!!!???) all have stories of how injuries have snake bit them over the years. Not to mention, in the NFL timing is everything. With that said, Green Bay has had their share of bad breaks and that's undeniable.
  9. Adam Caplan tweeted #Eagles are expected to hire Mike Groh (last season #Rams passing game coordinator/WRs coach) for WRs coaching job, sources said. And so it begins
  10. Yeah, I think it would be clearer if they defined their criteria for success. DT's Since 87' Jerome Brown, Leonard Renfro, Corey Simon, Mike Patterson, Brodrick Bunkley, and Fletcher Cox; I'd say we had pretty GOOD luck at the position, so "stunner" would be my word as well.
  11. Pederson had some serious bad breaks coming into this job, but that doesn't explain some of the bonehead moves he made during the season. For me it all comes down to this...if he has gotten the experimental calls out of his system and a good plan for approaching what may technically be his first REAL season; then God bless. However, if we get treated to another year of negative yardage plays, bizarre fourth down calls, and questionable crunch time decisions, it may be time to bail.
  12. CB is an obvious need. We need more than one though. No doubt it seems like a consensus of top CBs being stacked in the range where we sit. Three or four CBs being talked about at 14ish so you get the feeling they could have their choice or preference guy available. It's a rebuilding team so you have to stick to the board as much as possible. How much to trade around the draft? I couldn't say. It seems like a no-brainer to grab a CB on the first round. I believe we should take one on the second round too. This is the draft class that offers us the opportunity to fix the man coverage once and for all, after all these years of being awful and trying to address it through free agency (DRC, Asomaugh, Samuel, Carroll, Maxwell), ever since Lito Sheppard and Sheldon Brown. Those two, by the way, were both chosen in the same draft (in 2002), along with Michael Lewis at safety. Given both the need, and the exceptionally strong CB rich draft class this year, it's time to do it again: take corners in both the first AND second rounds. Get a WR in free agency and draft one, maybe, on the 3rd round. Eagles could go that route coz they had Vincent, Taylor n Harris at the time. People seem to forget that part. Not sold on the CB first round.Defense is great to have unless your team can't score.Wentz needs weapons unless you plan on winning or losing games 3-0.We know CB is a need,but see no reason to go hog wild here.Also some semblance of a pass rush would help the DB's.I thought it interesting CBS has the top 3 as DE's(sorry don't see that) Amen, Amen, AMEN!
  13. Can't find any definitive explanation as to how a third round pick on the line gets declared non-entity. What did Miami see? Somebody give this guy a seat and a cup of coffee. That may be all he is here for.
  14. After turning the draft on its side last spring and jumping all about to get Wentz, then recalculating the QB situation days before the season starts; I believe it would be a major mistake not to address the quarterback support situation out of the gate. The WR and RB woes are well documented and it appears by the shape of the draft, prospects would offer the most gain from those two positions. Cornerbacks are deep and we could get one or even two solid prospects later in the draft. Combine that with a experienced free agent and we have a winning solution. Right now we don't have enough picks to fix all our holes in the draft, but a productive draft and free agency could combine to close a lot of them. I'm going to go with Davis first on this one.