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  1. He's not an Eagle anymore, so...guilty.
  2. I mostly collected them so I could learn how to spell the names of cities.
  3. The only good thing about the redskins, is they're not the cowboys.
  4. Oh, are you still mad because you fell for the old "it's just a large cleethorace" joke...again?
  5. You sure do ask a lot of questions. You writing a book, or something?
  6. Exactly. That's why he gets it.
  7. Bynum on the Sixers.
  8. Nick Foles in Kansas City
  9. This doode gets it.
  10. That might be a great argument if you were on the cowturds message board.
  11. No doubt. Darren Sproles is awesome. Good to see you recognize greatness.
  12. Bills WR Marquise Goodwin is going to the 49ers.