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  1. Why would anyone call into the Francesa show, on a Friday, complaining about scheduling after the bye weeks when everyone already knows that the cowboys suck?
  2. After looking over the Seahawks 2017 schedule, I agree...the cowboys suck.
  3. First, let me preface this by saying suicide is NOT funny. Period. However. The thought of someone sloshing around on a soapy floor, in prison slippers, with a sheet around thier neck is pretty Farrelly Brothers funny.
  4. The REAL question is...what color uniforms will the Eagles be wearing when they play them?
  5. The Tampa Bay Bucs. http://www.sbnation.com/2017/4/18/15344152/buccaneers-hard-knocks-hbo-2017-nfl-season-jameis-winston
  6. Just because you hang yourself in a prison cell, that doesn't change the fact that the cowboys suck.
  7. Will he still be allowed on the bus?
  8. And who do you mean by "some people"?
  9. That one doesn't count.
  10. TL;DR = "Thanks for the one playoff win in 14 years."
  11. I hope he gets the help he needs so that he doesn't commit another felony and have to watch yet another Super Bowl from a jail cell.