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  1. I disagree. He didn't last here because of Chip Kelly. He hasn't lasted in KC because they already had a starter, and they may be looking to move on from Smith if Tyrod is available. Also, when was the last time the Rams had a QB worth talking about under Fischer? He was the main reason why Foles didn't have success there. I sometimes agree with RTK, but when it comes to QB discussions I pretty much never do.
  2. Honestly, I don't know why Reid wouldn't just roll with Foles, and simply trade/cut Smith. You can draft a potential future starter in this years draft, and just see how things with Nick play out. I wouldn't waste anymore time on Smith, he's not going to get them anywhere.
  3. I simply never watch the super bowl, or even the playoffs anymore. I watched about a half of the GB vs DAL playoff game, and that was it for the entire playoffs. I just don't have the same level of passion for football anymore. I watch Eagles games, and that's it.
  4. Honestly, the rules are fine as is. If ATL would've held them to a FG, they could've gone down and scored a TD to win it. Like others pointed out, they had a 25 point lead and then became stupid. They didn't deserve to be bailed out by helpful rules, they lost, fair and square.
  5. I didn't watch a single play.
  6. Pays to cheat... Wish Reid would've cheated in our super bowl loss to the Pats.
  7. Officiating is one of the main reasons why one shouldn't get too emotionally invested in NFL football. Seriously, cheer when your team wins, and go do something productive when things are bleak.
  8. True, but then maybe things go differently than they have the past 2 seasons in terms of success. We might have had more success had Chip addressed positions that needed attention, and not just cut good/great players from critical positions. He'd also probably still be our coach if he wasn't his own worst enemy. Also, who knows, maybe it's us that drafts Dak instead of the cowboys?
  9. Foles looked great due to having playmakers in McCoy, Jackson, and Sproles. Our OL was also better during his magical year than it is at the moment. Chip shouldn't be credited with making Foles look good, it's the players he had that made Chip's system look good.
  10. Exactly. They're just hung up on these protests, and want to make the NFL great again. It's why they keep making it a bigger issue than it is, and point out how they're so unhappy about all of it. We all know the protests play some role in the drop off, but it's impact isn't nearly as big as they claim it to be. Just get over it already.
  11. As a kid, I would watch any football game I could throughout the week, but now, I really only watch Eagles games. That decision has nothing to do with players protesting, the league being silly about celebrations, or streaming content. However, It does have everything to do with the fact that I'm just getting older, and simply don't care to waste a whole day watching football.
  12. Eh, the situation in Philadelphia at the time was terrible, so I don't fault the guy for backing out at the last minute. Plus with the way some players get blindsided by trades, I can't be mad when a player sticks it to a team for once.
  13. You've been arguing against the "movement" (BLM) the entire time you've been in the thread. I think you actually need to get over yourself. I've already said I'm neutral on the protest during the anthem, and just think it's petty to ignore an entire game over seconds of having to see someone kneel, or have their fist in the air. I'm not saying it's dumb to be offended, I just find the extreme reactions by fans that are, stupid.
  14. Again, as I said I don't agree with all of their actions, but we'll agree to disagree about it being a racist movement. And I agree, I watch football to enjoy a few hours away from everything, but anyone dropping out entirely over seconds of someone kneeling, or raising their fist just seems like a very intolerant person. It's not like you have to sit and listen to any rhetoric about the movement. Also, why can't someone just go into the kitchen, or change the channel until the anthem is over if it bothers them that much?
  15. Nothing wrong with voicing your opinion against what the players are doing, or BLM for that matter. I've simply said from the start that I think it's dumb to not watch the games over players protesting. Also, if you voice your opinion and have an anti-protest/BLM stance, then yeah, I'm going to debate with you because I think you're wrong.