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  1. I'm rather glad he didn't either, because I hate seeing former Eagles go to rivals.
  2. Romo is done. The hit wasn't hard, it was just the odd way Romo landed, and then had the defender coming from over top of him. Foles should've signed with the Cowboys.
  3. He certainly is outplaying Bradford thus far.
  4. Shanahan didn't do much, as he basically rode RG3 to success. He was also too stupid to sit a player that was clearly too injured to play. Shanahan is a big reason why RG3's career is where it's at now. The way Shanahan has thrown players under the bus, I have no respect for him as a coach at all.
  5. I say give him some time. If Sam Bradford can get 6 seasons in order to try and live up to being picked #1 overall, then I don't see why RG3 should only be given 2 1/2 seasons before being given up on. Or do Black QB's not deserve the same fair shot? All of the reasons used for being patient with Sam can be used for RG3. He hasn't played in over a year, he's rusty, he was injured, he was rookie of the year and has potential, blah blah blah.
  6. I do the same here in DC. I'm not a fan of the Nats (or baseball for that matter), but when it's nice out a group of us will usually go to a game, and then hit up the bars afterwards.
  7. I went to an Eagles vs Redskins game once at Fed Ex in Andy's final season. My sis and I went and had the most horrible experience, that it put us off of live games entirely lol. As you know we really sucked in 2012, but that game was the worst because not only did we lose 31-6, but McCoy got knocked out due a concussion, Maclin wasn't playing, Djax did jack, Foles was a rookie at the time, and plus the team had already given up. I had bought the tickets at the start of the season since I realized the game was near my bday. Had I the ability to see the future, I would've just watched it on TV.
  8. I live in VA, and the likelihood of me going to an Eagles game is very slim since I never travel to PA. Plus, I just prefer watching games at my local bar with a beer in hand, while amongst other fans.
  9. Well Smith isn't a great QB, plus he had a truly horrible start in SF, but then rose to become a consistently average QB. What's sad, is that while he's not that great he's still better than Bradford. We are doing the same with Bradford, which is why a number of us fans are unhappy with the decision to keep him around. I think the fact that you have fans here that are still clinging to hope, believing he'll become that great QB he was destined to be, makes some of us anti-Sam fans dislike him even more.
  10. Lol, and the QB they had during that pathetic stretch is our starter. I definitely think they gave up way too much, but who knows, it may pan out for them.
  11. Eh, didn't Fisher already say Keenum was his guy for next year? Well, I think this trade up simply proves they never were that high on Foles, or Case to begin with. Your hatred is hilarious. With that said though, I'll probably dose out the same level of hatred for Bradford this upcoming season.
  12. I could care less if RG3 gets back on track, I just find the lengths that certain sports writers, and former teammates (Cooley, I'm looking at you) go to in order to get this guy blackballed from the league, is sickening.
  13. No it wasn't. And the fact that McNabb played with worse WR's than every one of those QB's says a lot that his numbers are on par, or better. I really don't get why some Eagles fans love to throw shade on McNabb. it's mind boggling. Also, both WR's (Harrison/Owens) were both great at what they did. Both deserved to get in, but yes, Marvin got in before T.O. because he wasn't a bi-polar dope.
  14. Haha those Leon commercials are classic. Yeah, he should've dived, but I can understand why he didn't. With the way it initially looked, it seemed as Denver was going to recover it cleanly, but in reality, he had a very good chance of recovering the fumble himself. I don't think that fumble alone cost them the game, but it certainly put the nail in the coffin. They had 5 turnovers which all contributed to the loss.
  15. Eh, I think it'll all end in a settlement tbh. I'm sure McCoy will have good representation and this will probably never go to trial, unless the cops are hell bent on ruining his life or something. McCoy will probably be suspended for a number of games, and the off duty cops will receive a nice payday. Everyone involved in this brawl is stupid, but it'd just rub me the wrong way if anyone receives jail time. I mean, if a 16 year old from a wealthy family can claim "affluenza" for killing 4 people while drunk driving, and receive no jail time, then an NFL player involved in a bar fight shouldn't get jail time either.