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  1. Really? I guess you didn't watch games against Cleveland, Pittsburgh, and Atlanta.
  2. With Agholor out of the lineup, drop passes were reduced.
  3. Why? Because out of 30-40 play calls during a game he made 2-5 bad calls? Every head coach in the NFL including Belachick make bad calls. It happens. He's a rookie head coach, with a rookie QB installing a new system, with depleted talent at WR and RB. The Offensive line is being reshuffled again this week. But hey, it's all Doug's fault.
  4. Glad you are not Jeff Lurie. Jump off the bandwagon. Pederson has done an excellent job to date with the players that he has. This is a rebuilding year. Did you think the Eagles were Super Bowl bound?
  5. The Eagles are 5-4. Worst play calling you can remember? Good thing you can only remember a couple of plays.
  6. Paul Turner is small and slow. If the Eagles feel he is the best option they will bring him up. I don't know if he's ready to play yet, that's why he's on the practice squad.
  7. The Eagles do not announce trades until they are approved by the NFL and become official. Given that there was plenty of discussion about the trade before it became official.
  8. All of the home games, homey. Season ticket holder!
  9. Wentz and Smallwood. F the cowgirls.
  10. My guess is the NFL will want to give LA the most media exposure it can for the new team. Hope I am wrong.
  11. Great hire by the team to strengthen the front office.
  12. More great moves by Jeff and Howie to strengthen the front office and bring in real talent evaluators. I see a top defense in our future.
  13. Howie said these things have a way of working themselves out. I guess he was right. He's back. Now the plan is back on track. Wentz will learn the entire Playbook while Bradford tries to win the division. Go Eagles!!
  14. Yep. Dave's going to tells that he's hired before it's posted on the Website.
  15. The Eagles can protect themselves with the player contracts. Taking a risk on these guys is going for talent over character. A change in philosophy. If one or two make it and turn into players it will be a victory for the Eagles.