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  1. See TOP does matter
  2. So far confirmed is Jason Taylor and Terrell davis
  3. You should relook at the thread here it was about 50/50 on the laugh/scared on the pick. A lot of that is skewed towards the laugh side because of the tOSU hate on the boards as well
  4. You shouldn't wish injury on a player. We all know the cowpokes can't win in the playoffs
  5. You forgot Brady Quinn
  6. He was a tight end last year and converted to a full back to fit the scheme maybe he added a 7th play
  7. Goto the draft section on this board. Adam shefter thinks next yrs qb class sucks
  8. I like it, only for the fact I was never impressed with him at Ohio state
  9. Elliot is a all around great player. Was easily the best player in ncaa last year but used poorly at times. He can hit the hole hard, rarely goes down with first contact, worked hard on his blocking and is now solid and a great route runner. This guy has all the tools to be a long time threat in the nfl
  10. Lap refuses pay cut and trade
  11. This, I hate that they have been doing this in college for years as well because it negates the point of a touch back. The NFL talks about the safety concerns of kick offs because of the returns and then they go and penalize the team for kicking a touch back.
  12. Problem with this theory is that he never showed any promise in his limited playing time that would make teams want to take a chance on him and he has consistently been acting immature even in college and has not showed an ounce of maturity throughout his college or pro career and no team is going to take a chance to spend QB money on a player who has consistently ignored his coaches and mentors and done what ever he wants, those types of players do not tend to get a lot of chances without elite talent, which Manziel has always lacked
  13. My question is about this play as well. We are always slowed down when we sub because if You sub on offense then the defense gets that chance before the next play can begin. The pats subbed on the play and the bills were not allowed to because the play went so quick and the refs did not hold up the play like they do for us
  14. Davenport here. There is a fair amount of eagles fans in this area and one recently cut eagle
  15. So remember when Goodell said he knew far more about than situation than everybody else and of they had the facts he had they would understand. That smug comment looks foolish now. Jason - Gordon got suspended for breaking the same rule three times, in my book being stupid enough to do the same thing three times should get you banned. Especially when they know you're going to get tested every x amount of months, it takes a special kind of stupid to do that