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  1. Fake news. Has to be. guy is a multi-zillionaire.
  2. No. Because the QBs are lame in this year's draft. That team goes nowhere without a true franchise QB.
  3. We're gonna have to score some points this year because the defense suddenly looks weaker...
  4. Would love to see Nicky back in the fold. Get us another HOF season...but as a backup this time!
  5. Great article Tommy!
  6. Also why the heck was owner Blank on the sidelines for the entire 4th qtr.? did that put pressure on the team to have the check writer breathing down their necks? He started celebrating before the game was over.
  7. Stop knob slobbing Brady. Falcants ran the ball to a two score lead to start the game.
  8. New England will destroy Atlanta. Brady is more motivated than I've seen him in years. And that's trouble for any team. No one has gotten to Ryan in the playoffs because they were exhausted and beat up by the time the games rolled around, especially GB, who normally gives the Falcons fits. Book it, Belicheck will focus on getting to Ryan by first stopping the run. Hit him, pick him off, frustrate him and he folds like a house of cards. Otherwise, there's no way you beat ATL and if you let Matty Ice play catch with Jones all day, you're done.
  9. This guy has a great reputation. If he can become Fipp-like and turn this unit from dreck to gold, and help us bring in a star in FA, we can focus on OL and DB in the draft.
  10. What he can do that Wentz hasn't shown yet is the ability to put the team on his back in clutch time.
  11. His game has definitely been affected by something besides a **** o-line.
  12. Probably waiting for the Tenn. job to open up. He has a major man-crush on Mariota.