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  1. Wow, talk about jettisoning talent. He may have had his problems, but I wasn't comfortable with his being GM over there. Guy knows how to put together a roster. In one season, the Skins manage to lose their GM, their OC, two talented starting receivers and will either lose their QB or bring a very unhappy QB back to the team. Am I missing anything on this?
  2. You make a good point - but the plays you mention really are the exception rather than the rule. In any event, in each example, you have each team having at least one possession in the OT.
  3. The OP does have a point. Football is not like hockey where either team can score during sudden death OT. In basketball, they play an extra 5 minute period. In baseball, each team gets an inning. There is something inherently unfair about a team being able to lose without ever getting the chance to even touch the ball on offense.
  4. This is a real estate deal. The new LA Stadium when completed will need another tenant besides the Rams (unless of course Wallyhorse has a better answer)
  5. You're right, it is odd. The sad answer is that the Chargers probably couldn't fill up a bigger stadium, and the league would not want to show them playing in an empty stadium.
  6. I stand corrected Wally. Thanks for pointing this out.
  7. You and fans of most of the other teams no doubt feel the same way.
  8. See decent shows, go out in the desert, go to the mountains, go to a zillion different casinos, etc. Do you really have to ask that question. You're thinking short term instead of long term. Only for a couple of years. After that, the new stadium will have two full time tenants.
  9. Raiders moved in 1980. Don't you remember the Eagles losing the SB to the LA Raiders which at the time, had a very small fanbase because of the move.
  10. Exactly. It could actually be a boon for Vegas among the football faithful. Many fans would plan a Vegas vacation around their team's road game against the Raiders.
  11. Same thing every year in Miami. Try going to a Jets game, an Eagles game, a Giant game, Steeler game, Bears game - it's a home game for the visiting team. Will likely be that way, at least for a while, in LA as well.
  12. That doesn't mean other people would not want to go Would be really cool if they had a casino in the stadium - although I don't know if the NFL would go for that