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  1. It has, but that stupid law complicates the civil suit. Since he is an "innocent man" they cant use his conviction in the civil suit and basically have to reprove the murder to a new jury, plus whatever the defense team can do to complicate it more.
  2. I guess you could say the prison officers found him hanging from the... (•_•) ( •_•)>⌐■-■ (⌐■_■) Tight End.
  3. Much like the New England Patriot way, Hernandez has found a way to cheat the system
  4. This is the same guy who got Casey Anthony off, that's a long 15 mins
  5. Looks like the Skins will have to move on to their second choice. Mel Kiper Jr
  6. The Wonderlic test is just general knowledge questions, and I dont think it really relates at all to how a player will perform. As seen by some of the low scores, they could be dumb jocks but still know how to play at a top level. Or they could get a high score and be smart but not have the talent.
  7. That's what I remember it being. In the CBA I think they threaten loss of draft picks and other things but in the end they just have to pay the difference, really. It's a rule, but with how teams operate anyway it's not something that really is ever an issue.
  8. 4 felonies and one misdemeanor for Revis. Yikes
  9. There's a lot of talk about cutting Vereen too.
  10. Here's the thing about the 89% rule, and it might get confusing, but teams dont have to spend 89% of their cap space, they have to reach 89% by means of cash spending in a 4 year period. Without getting into too much detail and accounting terms, cash spending basically means how much cash they spend in that year. So basically in cash spending, whatever signing bonus they give counts to just that year where as if you are looking at cap space, the signing bonus gets spread out over the length of the deal. If anyone wants to read up on salary cap stuff (exciting stuff, I know!) check out this article which explains the Browns situation and the 89% rule. http://www.dawgsbynature.com/2016/3/8/11181686/cleveland-browns-salary-cap-understanding-the-89-cash-spending With 2017 being the start of the next 4 year period, they dont have to go crazy with their cap. They can sign a few guys, give them big signing bonuses, still have cap to rollover and not have a problem with the 89% rule. The Browns in particular need to be really careful too. While they have an adjusted cap of $218m, next years cap is only projected at $178m, so unless they sign a ton of guys to 1 year deals or have major contracts coming off the books next year, they cant really use up a lot of their additional cap space unless they want cap problems next year.
  11. How does everyone feel about the over/under at 58? Its the highest of any SB. Im leaning towards Under.
  12. A 4 way trade in the NFL makes sense to you?
  13. Probably Wally, but his scenario involved 3 other teams in the deal