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  1. Great 24 hours here. My fourth grade eagles won their championship game 30-14, then we beat the viqueens which is the most popular team in this area.
  2. Thanks!
  3. I coach my son's 4th grade tackle football team and the league had eagles as one of the options. I jumped all over it and have converted a couple kids to Philadelphia Eagles fans! This saturday we play for the league championship. Go eagles, big and small!
  4. I am from Hartford SD and am going to the opener this sunday.
  5. If this is true, and sadly I hope it is, the cowpies are going down the drain in a hurry. Can you imagine how nerve-racking this would be if we had drafted him?
  6. I got three seats in section105 row 8. We are from south dakota and this will be my fourth graders first philly trip and he is pumped. Eight hundred and fifty bucks hurts but it will be worth it for the look on his face as we take it all in. Hitting phillies versus pirates the next night. I can't wait to get back out there.
  7. Should we stay at one of the motels by the stadium or in midtown? If I recall, the train ran from downtown almost right to the stadium. Definitely getting a cheese steak at Jim's.
  8. I am planning to take my son to his first game on monday night against the giants. We live in south Dakota and I haven't been out there for 10 years. We need 3 tickets together. I was hoping for a few pointers on where a good area would be. I can't seem to find anything together in the lower level areas. Holy ...p the prices have gone up lately...