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  1. His taxes were getting too complicated with all the payoffs from Jerrah.
  2. The Giants were aware of this, right? 1 year suspension. 5 million dollars a pair of 1st round picks lost That sounds fair to me, or they could just push the fraud up another level.
  3. This is PROOF of criminal activity. There is no interpretation needed here. He was not generally aware of crime. He was the ring leader. Sexual Assault (Peyton at Tennessee) PEDs (Peyton's miracle comeback fueled by obvious linkable HGH) Fraud The Manning Legacy is now complete.
  4. Those 6 guys ( line + Witten) played together a bunch since 2014. In a league where spoiled players fought to block practice, O-line reps are precious.
  5. Except every time Dallas goes 12-4, Leary is playing in most of those games.
  6. Prescott set the rookie record for passer rating. I think he beat out RG III for that record. It can all go very fast at this level. At least he did not lose 40% of his O-line... oh, wait! Maybe Dak needs a logo?
  7. He is going to be on the national game about 10 times and he will have playoff exposure. He also goes from Brees to Brady which is not really a step down. I think he will be ok with this.
  8. Was he drinkin' with #5?
  9. Lawrence Taylor would not last 5 years in today's NFL Drugs Drugs Drugs He would be Aldon Smith
  10. Reggie White The guy had 22 sacks in a 12 game strike season. The guy had 16 sacks at age 37 I will never forget the play vs the Saints where he domino'd the TE into Ironhead into the RB for a loss on 3rd and short. He was an absolute beast.
  11. It depends on how creative people want to get on a deal. If they want to give him 2 million and a chance for much more next year then he should stay home. The first QB that goes down means someone is begging him. (see Sammy Sleeves 2016) If a team wants to give him say Chase Daniel money with some incentives for playing time and an opt out, he should probably grab that. The only bad team he should consider is SF with Shanahan in a role he could grow into this year and have a chance to win next year and onward.
  12. Cooks is a legit star #1 WR I doubt you can come up with many WR in NFL history with 1100+ yards and 8+ TDs in years 2 and 3. It took JaCCpot 6 years to have 2 of those seasons. It took Antonio Brown and Julio Jones 5 years. Fitzgerald took 4 years. FYI, OBJ did it in years 1 and 2. I am not saying he is better than any of those guys (except DJ because 20+ WRs are better than he is) I am saying that WRs are not usually that good that fast and trading him for a handful of beans is pretty pathetic.
  13. Tampa has shown interest already. The Rams, 49ers, Jets, and Browns should not bother because no QB can thrive with their collective lack of talent. The Texans(Savage?!?), Broncos(2 stiffs), Cardinals(37 and falling), or Vikings(Sammy Sleeves) should consider him as a starter. Teams like the Giants(36), Saints(38), Steelers(beat up 35) , and Patriots(a spry 40) (if they trade Garoppolo) should consider him as a backup to be groomed to take over in a few years. I think the Jags might be ready to take off with him as an upgrade over Bortles. None of the rookies this year are anywhere near the prospect that Foles has already shown in the NFL and he is still only 28. The Eagles, Cowboys, or Redskins would be smart to upgrade their backups (Romo is cut, Jerrah is just too stupid to know it yet) I am biased though, I like QBs who can perform well and win when that is even the slightest possibility.
  14. They should make it a 4 way deal and add in URLACHERZZ!!! No one is giving value for the right to inherit a brittle 37 year old who has the same number of collarbone snaps as winning seasons in the last 7 years. Then they get to pay him 14 million for 1 year.