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  1. I think they are tattooing "Green Bay Packers were here" on his posterior.
  2. He is obviously to busy for OTAs
  3. I wish Cox had gone. He makes an ish ton of money, is the best player on defense if not the team, and should be looked upon to be a team leader. He is still relatively young also. But it's not really a big deal. I have no problem with Peters not attending due to his age and experience. I doubt he gets much out of it anyway. I would have thought with the boat thing and the bad game in Green Bay Odell would be trying to do everything possible just for appearances.
  4. And this is the guy who helped pick those 9 players, and counting.
  5. The Rams got 8 players for RG3, didn't work out for either team.
  6. it me or do you want to change almost everything about football?
  7. He looked like he might Aaron Hernandez himself last year when the Giants made the playoffs.
  8. Yeah. I also saw somewhere now they think he might have killed Odin Lloyd to cover up him being bisexual.
  9. Don't let this distract you from the more heinous crime of fraud Eli committed.
  10. Imagine he actually needed the cash lol. He would be the oddest "broke" story ever.
  11. Yeah. I blew it off at first but after thinking about it, it's fairly serious if true. It also makes no sense for him to do's not like he needs a few extra bucks. Maybe he had an obligation and honestly forgot to put aside items during the season? And rather than breaking the contract he panicked into doing something dumb. I dunno. Strange story though, and Eli of all people lol.
  12. Oh haha got it. My Internet sarcasm meter was malfunctioning last night. The most funny scenario is that this bothers Goodell so much he suspends Eli for 4 games. The Giants lose all 4, then Eli comes back, has a season for the ages and wins the superbowl Ala Brady. Not hoping that happens but it would be funny.