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  1. He looked like he might Aaron Hernandez himself last year when the Giants made the playoffs.
  2. Yeah. I also saw somewhere now they think he might have killed Odin Lloyd to cover up him being bisexual.
  3. Don't let this distract you from the more heinous crime of fraud Eli committed.
  4. Imagine he actually needed the cash lol. He would be the oddest "broke" story ever.
  5. Yeah. I blew it off at first but after thinking about it, it's fairly serious if true. It also makes no sense for him to do's not like he needs a few extra bucks. Maybe he had an obligation and honestly forgot to put aside items during the season? And rather than breaking the contract he panicked into doing something dumb. I dunno. Strange story though, and Eli of all people lol.
  6. Oh haha got it. My Internet sarcasm meter was malfunctioning last night. The most funny scenario is that this bothers Goodell so much he suspends Eli for 4 games. The Giants lose all 4, then Eli comes back, has a season for the ages and wins the superbowl Ala Brady. Not hoping that happens but it would be funny.
  7. Goff has no potential at all IMO. I was terrified the Rams would draft Wentz and we would have ended up with Goff. I will eat crow later if I have too...but Goff has bust written all over him and I thought so from before the draft.
  8. It's funny you used Osweiler as an example. I think the Texans would have been much better last year with Foles. Chiefs would be better as well. All my opinions of course. I have also seen nothing that says Glennon is as good as Foles. Maybe he is better. But I have not seen it yet. Anyhow, I am glad he is our backup. So I am not complaining. He is a guy I could easily see us winning a few games with should Wentz miss some time, which is what you really want out of a backup anyway. In a few years I bet he gets another shot somewhere.
  9. The same 32 front offices make mistakes about players every year. Again I don't think he is this amazing player but I do think he is a better than a bunch of guys that are given chances to win starting jobs. I beleive a talented team that needs a QB could win a lot of games with him as the starter.
  10. I somewhat agree. Where I get lost is I actually believe Foles is better than some of the QB'S who are starting or being given a chance to start. I think he is better than Alex Smith for instance. That's not me being a huge Foles fan or anything crazy, I just think an offense starting Foles as the QB has a better chance of moving the ball or scoring points than one that is starting Alex Smith. I could give other examples but the point is there is a big lack of starting quality QB'S and I think Foles could be one. He needs help around him, no doubt. He is not going to Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers a teams offense down the field all by himself. Is he as good as he looked for Philly in 2014? No way. Is he as bad as he looked for the Rams? I don't think that's true either.
  11. Oh. Got the home and away Mcnabb bobble heads from McDonald's for 15 bucks on ebay as well lol.
  12. I didn't care much for sports cards as a kid. But as a young adult when Ebay first took off I would search for inexpensive, interesting pieces and buy them occasionally. I was and am a huge Mattingly fan and bought some autographed things of his. A hat from his resturaunt, a home plate from Yankee Stadium, etc. I got a whole bunch of cards as well. Nothing really valuable, but always just something that had a unique look to me.