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  1. Oops someone already posted. Anyway, scumbags.
  2. Play end ala Fletcher Cox?
  3. Ok. How can I be blamed for understanding that just because something happened before does not guarentee it will happen again?
  4. The majority of giants fans in my area thought they would run through the playoffs. The reason was the last time the defense got hot they won it all. I tried explaining while it was certainly possible it doesn't really work that way and I was labeled a hater lol.
  5. For what's it's worth I nailed my Eagles prediction.
  6. You think?
  7. Keep your idiot comments between you and your 4 Facebook friends.
  8. I never understood how if there is no whistle how someone does not just pick the ball up or fall on it?
  9. Wow Rainey lol
  10. Yeah. It's demoralizing to a defense when you just keep ripping off positive runs.
  11. I love this about green bay. When the run starts working the will run over and over again until it's stopped.
  12. Actually he probably did catch a cold in pre game warm ups.