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  1. Oh. Got the home and away Mcnabb bobble heads from McDonald's for 15 bucks on ebay as well lol.
  2. I didn't care much for sports cards as a kid. But as a young adult when Ebay first took off I would search for inexpensive, interesting pieces and buy them occasionally. I was and am a huge Mattingly fan and bought some autographed things of his. A hat from his resturaunt, a home plate from Yankee Stadium, etc. I got a whole bunch of cards as well. Nothing really valuable, but always just something that had a unique look to me.
  3. They still have a baseball guy that has a lot of say in personnel decisions so I'd say no, the will not.
  4. I actually forgot Taylor was on the Jets so I pick him.
  5. I don't think it's that odd. They have a 2 time superbowl mvp qb that's nearing the end of his career. They are throwing it all out there, trying to get 1 more with him.
  6. I agree. Our line was average last year and above average when Johnson played. Could have used a bruiser at guard to help with the run game.
  7. Birds must know they have a market for Chase Daniel.
  8. My question was now those guys left, does the line have depth in general?
  9. Your post is confusing. Do they have good depth on the o line or not lol?
  10. I talked to Mike, he said tell that EMB poster thanks and that hearing that he misses me means a lot.
  11. How is the Cowboys depth on Oline looking with Free retiring and OLeary leaving?
  12. Alshon Jeffery. If I couldn't get him, probably Torrey Smith or maybe a guy like Chance Warmack.
  13. I thought I was crazy but yeah, for some reason the Smith signing had me more excited than Alshon did.