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  1. I would take him over Alex Smith no question.
  2. I like the current rules. If you hold to a field goal, you still have a chance. Still makes all 3 phases of the game come into play.
  3. I would take him at a very low 1 salary with little guarenteed money to be honest. A zero risk deal. But I would honestly take almost any skill position guy on that has shown ability in the past on that type of deal.
  4. Jennings and Cruz were part of the multiple "weapons" that was supposed to make the Giants offense one of the better in the league. Ironic to me Giants fans really overestimated the offense, while a lot of us Eagles fans (probably some giants fans too) underestimated the defense.
  5. Probably Rodgers or Peyton.
  6. It would have worked better if the teams practiced together more. I seem to remember the camps were very short. The players didn't look like they knew the plays a lot of the time. Obviously the talent level was much lower than the NFL, but the unpolished look is what turned it off to me.
  7. The rule is fine. Atlanta had multiple chances to put the game away. The defense being tired in OT does not hold water to me, NE's defense had to make stops in the 4th just to give the offense a chance to come back. They didn't look tired. The new format already gives the team that loses the toss a chance by allowing them to give up a field goal and still continue playing.
  8. No surprise here, I though Dak was the clear choice. He may have had the best rookie QB season ever. Always give it to the QB if b it's even close, it's so much harder to be that successful as QB than a RB.
  9. Ryan is playing to his talent level now. Atl may go all the way.
  10. Oops someone already posted. Anyway, scumbags.
  11. Play end ala Fletcher Cox?
  12. Ok. How can I be blamed for understanding that just because something happened before does not guarentee it will happen again?